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CSS3 Font variants Font-variation detailed

If you want to describe it in one word, you can call it a font variant (font variants), and the corresponding CSS property is the font-variation-* property, which includes the connection (ligatures), upper case (caps), number (numerals), and

CSS font attributes

Author: jorux/bluecssr posted on: September 11,200 6 filed under: web design comments: 18 responses keywords: CSS, tutorial fontsize: + increase-decreaseeditThe previous section mainly introduced CSS's control over color and text attributes. This

Conquer advanced CSS Selector

CSS is one of the most powerful tools available to web designers. Using it, we can change the interface of a website within several minutes without changing the tab of the page. But while in fact, each of us realizes that it is useful, CSS selectors

CSS text, fonts, links

CSS Text properties Define the appearance of text.With text properties, you can change the color of the text, the spacing of characters, the alignment text, the decoration, the indentation of the text, and so on.Indent textIndents the first line of

How to use CSS to set page fonts in Frontpage2003

css|frontpage| Web page in the design process of the Web interface, many people think about what graphics and colors to decorate the Web page, or add any animation effects on the page, but the font of the page is not too much attention. The results

CSS font style settings

CSS font style, attribute time: 2014-05-08 21:49 Source: I love learning Web | Author: I love learning Web | This article has affected the 68353-person CSS font style (font style) is one of the indispensable style attributes of a Web page, and with

Teach you 13 steps to create elegant Web fonts

The printed font is static, and the page font is sleek and malleable. Designers must anticipate the end result of Cross-browser and end-user, not just learn how to achieve a particular visual appearance. In addition to mastering the simple rules,

CSS font style (font style), properties

CSS font style (font style), property CSS font style (font style) is one of the indispensable style properties of the Web page, with the font style, our web page can become more beautiful, so the font style attributes have become the knowledge that

CSS font styles

CSS Font style propertiesCSS text styles Serial number Chinese description Markup syntax 1 Font style {font:font-style font-variant font-weight font-size font-family} 2 Font type

Web page fonts in the Frontpage2000 production of the Web page to explain

Using HTML, we can make simple changes to the font size and shape, but we have to use CSS to control and create special effects. It allows you to more effectively control the appearance of the Web page and expands the ability to specify exactly

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