how to make social networking site from scratch

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Site Building from scratch (vii) the perfect WordPress site

1, WordPress website front and back end commonly used language introduction and the operation processUsually a website is built in a way that requires a lot of technical support, especially in many computer languages. The construction of the site is

Jiang likun: Details on resource cooperative promotion

Jiang likun: One of the resource cooperative promotions I haven't written articles or updated my blog for more than three months. Many friends have asked me if I have exited the arena. In fact, I have not become lazy. On the contrary, in the last

5 Favorite open-source Django packages

Django builds on the idea of "reusable applications [1]": self-contained packages provide reusable features. You can assemble these reusable apps and build your own site with the specific code that applies to your site. Django has a rich ecosystem

Pycon 2014: Machine learning applications occupy half of Python

From year's Pycon was held in Montreal, Canada on April 9, and Python has been widely used in academia thanks to its rapid prototyping capabilities. The recent official website has released videos

Web project management tool selection (bottom)

Original: Web project management tool selection (bottom)In our previous article, we have introduced six tools for code management, task management, payment tools, data logging, Dashboard Analytics, customer support. This article describes the

Email subscriptions in useful web design

In order to communicate with users in a timely manner, let users leave email in your website, and then when the site has any preferential activities, the latest updates, or some game activities in time to send a letter to tell your website users,

Want to learn about website operations? I'll teach you! On

Transcend Dry:How the website operates, how the traffic is pulled, and how the clickthrough rate is obtained, seems to have arisen from the day the Internet was born. But the answers to them are always being updated. Today, traditional media

Internet-related jobs: where is the way for Internet workers

Article Description: Where is the people's road to the quasi-Internet products? I have been engaged in Internet-related work since my graduation, from the web design to front-end development, from the SEO network marketing to the website

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