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Future social networking sites: 15 seconds to make you famous global virtual reality and social network integration

plans for Oculus. As Zuckerberg himself once said, virtual reality is "the Platform of Tomorrow" and the opportunity to "change our work, our games and our way of communication." We want to know if the future of social media in the world will change with the university. This may not be predictable, but we can be sure that social media will change dramatically.The future shape of wearable devices has also s

Virtual reality and augmented reality (spectacles or helmets) status and future-introduction

Augmented Realitytechnology is made up ofVirtual Realitytechnology development, the earliest to be used in military, beginning this year, because of the popularity of smartphones, intelligent hardware and the emergence of Google Glass, augmented reality technology is a lot of attention, at present, I am more optimistic about the future of augmented reality technology. First, the presentVirtual

VR Outsourcing AR Outsourcing Company (virtual reality outsourcing company) to undertake virtual reality project development (Enterprise, education, game)

VR Outsourcing AR Outsourcing Company (virtual reality outsourcing company) to undertake virtual reality project development (Enterprise, education, game)Can public sign the formal contract, the development of votes. We are the Beijing company, the professional team, the member is the professional Vr/ar product company

What is virtual reality and how to improve the virtual reality experience

What is virtual reality: Modeling the real world in a computer and bringing users into the virtual world in some way, users can interact with objects in the virtual world;Second, what is immersive virtual reality:1, can see 3D pic

Virtual Reality (VR), augmented Reality (AR), holographic don't be silly to know

Source: Currently the media often say virtual Reality (VR) and augmented Reality (augmented reality) and holography (holographic), in the application is not very accurate, the definition of ambiguous or inaccurate areas.Virtual

Virtual reality reality?

, also not many people believe, also fell a pessimist's reputation carrying, bad! However, it is necessary to try a new thing without a play, to spend silver and to make a judgment.Recently, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) is very hot, Google, Microsoft, Samsung are engaged in, and as a focus on the promot

U3D Outsourcing Company-Beijing Dynamic Point (company nature) to undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcing

Unity3d outsourcing on the point of finding software to undertake virtual reality project outsourcingTo undertake u3d, Kinect, VR virtual reality, augmented reality, physical interaction, large-screen interaction and other types of outsourcingPlease contact qq:372900288 Tel:

Analysis of the imaging principle of virtual reality glasses (augmented reality glasses)

First of all, this article only introduces the existing common "helmet + lens + screen" imaging principle, other (such as light field imaging, etc.) temporarily do not parse, look forward to the next update ~If you understand the principle of magnifying glass, I think the principle of the glasses you are not difficult to understand.Virtual reality glasses are now generally the structure of "lens + screen" imaging mode, the lens in front of the 2-3cm,

VR custom development, AR Custom Development (for many years to undertake virtual reality, augmented reality applications, VR game Custom Development, Beijing company, can sign contracts)

Cardboard SDK for unity useThe previous article as the beginning of the series, mainly about some of the virtual reality of the technology and principles, this article will lead you to see Google's cardboard SDK for Unity, although the current data and documentation is less, but this package is still very convenient to use, As long as you have a little touch with unity, you can easily use it, and I'll expla

What are the core technologies behind virtual reality (VR) and augmented Reality (AR)?

AR and VR are two different concepts. The theme of Magic Leap himself to mention an HR or Mr Concept, is mixed reality. Personally thought--"Don't think I don't know you if you change your vest." "In essence, it is ar. first of all, say a basic concept, if the difficulty of VR hardware is equivalent to making a car, then the difficulty of making AR hardware is equivalent to making a spacecraft. Why wait for me to elaborate The main core point o

7 Super Practical Interactive design principles for virtual reality

to experience virtual reality. As long as you download cardboard apps, buy (or make your own) cardboard glasses, you are among the virtual crowd. Want to develop your own application? It also provides an SDK. Then, in early 2015, a series of written design guidelines were published on Cardboard. The details set the ba

Virtual reality glove recommended by the Dutch action giant Manus VR Glove

can be used without any experience.? Long battery lifeEach glove is equipped with state-of-the-art German Warta battery and can work for 4-6 hours in a row for a long time? multi-person useSeamless integrationWe attach great importance to the easy integration of Manus virtual reality glove with other software. In order to make full use of our products, our compa

Can virtual reality and game fit really become crowbar?

is a qualitative change in the later stage, it will inevitably stand at the peak of the game field.Real PRY lever! will become a new driving force in the game fieldRelying on the whole aspect of host, PC, mobile and even TV, virtual reality technology will become the new driving force of the game market, and its crowbar function can not be neglected. Even now we can only imagine that the game into the

Some suggestions on virtual reality development

This article is written by Cartzhang, reproduced please indicate the source. All rights reserved.Article Link:"This article is the original author of the virtual reality of the development of some suggestions and understanding, write very good." Understanding is also very thorough, I hope that you on the road of the VR developers have a positi

Is virtual reality technology in traditional tourism, profit or disadvantage?

whole video revolves around the British Columbia, Prov. of Canada's Big Bear rain forest, the scenery is breathtaking. But is it worth the use of the latest virtual reality technology in tourism destination marketing? Destination BC of the CEO Martha Walden ( Marsha Walden explained, "We think virtual reality technolo

Virtual reality: A time when a helmet is coming from a hi

problems, most of the kind of "bought also embarrassed to wear out" embarrassment, and Avegant VR first is a headset, so you can wear under any scene, you need to watch a movie or play a game, directly to the headset forward 90 degrees.Thunder Snake | OsvrThis set of OSVR developed by the Thunder Snake is very different from other virtual reality devices. First it is a controllable switch design, compatibl

VR education whirlwind attack, major companies rushed to enter the virtual reality education

According to a new report in China, VR technology has a very positive effect on improving students ' learning performance, and through the test results, VR plays a very effective role both in knowledge cognition and performance testing.2016 for VR, virtual reality technology in addition to the game application has a small development, in the field of education applications are endless. Just last week, HTC l

hello,cardboard!! -How to develop one of the simplest cardboard virtual reality applications (i)

hardware devices to collect the player's body information into the mobile phone. There is currently no complete set of standards to specify what the peripherals should be made of? What protocols are used to interact with the host? Therefore, the development of peripheral equipment is also targeted at this stage, different development platforms, peripherals can not be directly common, such as the development of equipment for the Oculus may not be directly used in HTC's Vive; In the

2015 still awkward virtual reality

must be familiar with it. He gave away in the hacker Empire: "What's real?" How does you define ' real '? If you ' re talking on what can feel, what can smell, what can taste and see, then ' real ' is simply Electrica L signals interpreted by your brain. "(There are many areas where science is converging, cognitive science, Neuroscience, computer vision/graphics, philosophy and ethics, etc.). )On the F8, Michael used more than half time to elaborate on the optical illusion of human beings (opti

Zuckerberg: Why do we study AI and virtual reality?

Facebook, the world's largest social network, is breaking new ground, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and, of course, programs that provide Internet access for developing countries around the world. Among them, Zuckerberg spent $2 billion to buy virtual reality technology company Oculus

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