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Designing efficient mailing lists with| Design | Mailing list an attractive, full-featured Web sites often have the following characteristics: First, the content of a full, practical, to attract the interest of the content of the browser; second, the page is set up reasonably,

Manage small mail lists

The first step is to subscribe to the unsubscription script, which is to add or delete records from the database table. Call it manage. phtml or something similar. In this case, a database is required in the background to create a subscription table.

How to participate in Linux kernel development

This article originates from the Hoto file under the document folder of the Linux kernel code.Chinese translated version of Documentation/howtoIf you had any comment or update to the content, please contact theOriginal document maintainer directly.

Let PHP manage small mail lists

Recently, a reader asked me about the subscription/unsubscription processing mechanism in the ThickBook news list and how it works with the actual sending information to all recipients in the mail list. A good question is raised. There is a very

<转> How to manage open source software community: Open Source project Management method </转>

This post was last edited by Jimila on 2012-10-5 12:55 Transferred from: Original: How did the open source community form? How does open

Code management and building system based on Jenkins and Koji

Summary Currently, we KVM team are maintaining the code repository of the virtualization software (such as qemu, libvirt, kimchi, Linux, etc .) for powerkvm development team and delivering corresponding RPM packages. we collect patches from mailing

Anti-spam Technology analysis

1. Overview E-Mail is one of the most commonly used network applications, and has become an important channel for communication. But spam spam most people, and recent surveys show that 93% of respondents are dissatisfied with the amount of junk mail

Maven Pom Common Configuration parsing table __maven

1, element is the root element of Pom.xml, the following list of all its child elements Parent The location of the parent project. The location of the parent project is specified by the group Id,artifact ID and version.

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

Guide On the internet, the mail client sends mail to the mail server and then routes the message to the correct destination (other customers) , which Mail server Use of the a network application is called the message transfer agent (MTA).

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

The best Linux Mail Transfer agent (MTAs)What is the message transfer agent (MTA)?An MTA is an application that routes and transmits e-mail from one node to another, using a protocol called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to perform its

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