how to monetize wordpress blog

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Post Title of wordpress blog, post of wordpress blog

Post Title of wordpress blog, post of wordpress blog So that the title of the home page cannot be connected to the article, you can only read more to enter the article, for people with special needs. Welcome: Www. findspace. name I got it.In linux: Using Find. | xargs grep-ri " In the themes folder to find which

Share a practical knowledge aggregation tool-you can aggregate articles from different sites and blogs (CSDN, blog Park, Sina Blog, QQ space, etc.) to the blog garden, Sina or WordPress

Share a personal-developed free knowledge management tool-bean John blog backup expert. This software is completely free, powerful blog backup tool, blog remote Publishing (blog remote one-click release to Sina, Netease, blog Park, Word

Building a Wordpress blog on ECS (4) Basic settings of WordPress

reading OpenSettings-read: You can simply set the number of articles displayed on the page (different topic settings may not be available), and set whether to enable search engine indexing.5. Image and upload settings OpenSettings-Multimedia: By default, each uploaded image will generate the images of the above specifications (see the text in the figure). If you do not need to generate multiple types of occupied space, you can set them to zero and save them. Of course, this is a global settin

Introduction to the WordPress keyword link plug-in that automatically adds internal and external links to the Wordpress blog

SlaveWP keyword LinkAmong the three WordPress plug-ins, Seo smart links and blogmechanic keywordlink, the WP keyword link is selected as the internal and external link plug-ins automatically added to our blog. On the one hand, it supports Chinese keywords, and on the other hand it was modified and developed by Liu Cheng, a Chinese speaker. The download volume has exceeded 30 thousand times. It should be sai

Manage WordPress blog mobile phone software collection

The development of the Internet and the mobile phone industry has dramatically changed our lives. These two revolutionary technologies have been merged with the launch of smartphones. Smartphones are now almost everywhere, creating new opportunities to develop applications for these mobile devices. If you have a WordPress publishing platform, or if you are a developer offering WordPress solutions to your cu

WordPress Build Personal Blog

This article mainly and everyone to share WordPress build a personal blog, mainly in the form of text and code and share with you, hope to help everyone. 1 LNMP Combination 1.1 Verifying the connectivity of Nginx to PHP In the previous few posts, all the environments have been configured, and the following tests the connectivity between Nginx and PHP LNMP's Nginx service building and three types of vi

Z-blog Perfect transfer to WordPress tutorial

Many friends have just set up a blog when the use of domestic excellent blog system: Z-blog, with a period of time after many people want to transfer to WordPress, a variety of reasons for the transfer. The main reason for learning a friend is that Z-blog officials do not ma

Teach you three steps to optimize WordPress blog

WordPress These years very hot, because of its openness and rich templates, support plug-in expansion, more and more people to create a blog to start to choose WordPress. But there are still some friends first contact WP blog, do not know how to optimize, the author today on this issue to talk about how to do the Novic

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors WordPress is a mainstream Blog building platform. WordPress is the world's most advanced weblog program. Currently, most of the programs developed are based on it. It can better grasp the search engine. After you use

WordPress Blog Dux topic How to turn on the whole station HTTPS?

The words of the WordPress blog last night on the SSL certificate application and transformation, this thought according to the space Domain Name service provider SSL Authentication application above method, the personal blog site can be directly on the browser display green security signs https://, that know in fact not just this, Today's Day. By visiting blogs

WordPress blog Wp_image_editor_imagick Vulnerability

vulnerability is not originally from the WP program itself, but the server environment installed ImageMagick and did not upgrade repair patches. "Technology Control" solution WordPress blog Wp_image_editor_imagick loophole After careful examination, the cloud host system has not installed the ImageMagick component, but finally for the sake of security, although did not install ImageMagick, since Aliyun p

Design theory: WordPress Blog Navigation design Skills

visitors to find the content of his interest as far as possible, so, the article title should try to include keywords, the title is the core of an article, search engines are also more value an article title, the title of the keyword navigation will also facilitate the promotion of the ranking of the article. 2, in the browser title bar is also a guide to display titles, about WordPress title optimization design, can refer to this article. 3, becau

CentOS6 System Deployment Mysql+php+wordpress Blog System

Tags: mysql wordpress phpThe deployment of WordPress blog system in different systems may be slightly different, but similar, so today to CentOS6 system as an example of WordPress blog system deployment.Install the software first before deploying it, and use the following co

Yang Zeyi: Add Classic quotes to your wordpress blog for all PHP sites

\social.php. "Yulu"> Of course, in order to show a little more beautiful, you can add CSS code in the current topic begin: Style sheet (style.css) of the blog, such as: #yulu { border-left:5px solid #2f889a; border-right:5px solid #2f889a; Background-color: #ebebeb; Padding:10px;text-align:center; Color: #095AD4; margin:5px 0 5px 0; } Well, to your WordPress

HHVM Apache 2.4 Installation and construction of the site environment WordPress blog

HHVMApache 2.4 Nginx Build Station environment construction method installation run WordPress blog VPS Host June 02, 2014 17:20 Comments»Article Directory Install on Debian Installing on CentOS Install on Ubuntu Install WordPress HHVM Installation Summary HHVM is a powerful built-in environment that can be used in place of PHP, from

Powershell AWS Automation Management (12)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (bottom)

This is the third part of PowerShell's creation of the AWS high-availability blog, and let's look at how the post-half work is done. Create EC2-S3 role, which is assigned to EC2 virtual machines so that they automatically have access to S3 content after they are created. Create a VPC Network Create 2 subnets of a VPC, located in different AZ Create an Internet gateway Configure the routing table Create and configure the EC2 security Grou

Centos7.2 lnmp RPM Package, php-fpm build wordpress Blog

[#/sec] (mean)3) test phpMyAdmin HTTPS concurrency# ab-c 100-n per second:44.32 [#/sec] (mean)Requests per second:45.28 [#/sec] (mean)Second, install XCache Accelerator test data for PHP:1) Yum Installation Php-xcache~]# Yum Install Php-xcache2) test concurrency# ab-c 100-n per second:44.77 [#/sec] (mean)# ab-c 100-n per second:44.12 [#/sec] (mean)# ab-c 100-n

Mud: Use nginx to build a Wordpress blog using a virtual host

This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. Recently, I plan to learn about nginx Web servers. Since it is learning or practical. We will build a Wordpress blog here as an example. To build a Wordpress blog, we need the MySQL database, PHP environment, and nginx web server. The p

How to realize WordPress blog localization through XAMPP software

This article describes how to use XAMPP software to achieve blog localization. Step one: Download and install XAMPP XAMPP download Address A lot, you can go to like to download or search the site, or directly through the XAMPP official website download, the site also has a lot of information about XAMPP, if interested can see, do not look also indifferent, as long as the download to the appropriate operating system XAMPP on the line. Step Two: Open

Wordpress open-source blog topic development File structure

The following is the WordPress topic file hierarchy, which template file will be used when WordPress displays a specific page type? Only by understanding the following theme hierarchies can you know what files are required for your WordPress theme.What is the following file hierarchy?Take the home page as an example. The following two files are home. php and inde

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