how to mute android phone during conference call

Want to know how to mute android phone during conference call? we have a huge selection of how to mute android phone during conference call information on

The phone automatically changes to the mute mode after a call.

I have to say that the current smart machine is so intelligent. When I answered the call today, I found that the mobile phone automatically switched to the vibrate mode. I switched back to the normal mode. After a call, I automatically entered the vibration mode. It was so intelligent. I recalled that I accidentally scratched the screen left on the screen, and t

Android uses gravity sensing to listen for phone calls, flip the phone, and then mute

Add the following code to CallNotifier. java: public void GetSensorManager(Context context) { sm = (SensorManager) context .getSystemService(Service.SENSOR_SERVICE); sensor = sm.getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER); mySensorListener = new SensorEventListener() { @Override public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) { x = event.values[0]; y = event.values[1]; z = event.valu

Android Call Flip Mute implementation source

onaccuracychanged (Sensor sensor, int accuracy) {} @Override public void onsensorchanged (Sensorevent event {//LOG.D (Log_tag, "onsensorchanged () ... event =" + Event); LOG.D (Log_tag, "onsensorchanged () ... event.values[sensormanager.data_z] =" + event.values[sensormanager.data_z]); if (Event.values[sensormanager.data_z] >= critical_up_angle) {//screen up first mreversed OWNFLG = 0; } else if (Event.values[sensormanager.data_z] 2. Add the

Android phone background music, set alarm, make a phone call, hang up the phone, alarm clock and music simultaneously sounded

Modify:Frameworks\base\media\java\android\media\, Import Packages:Import;Import Android.os.ServiceManager;2, increase the access to the current phone call state method Getphonecallstate ():private int getphonecallstate () {int phonecallstate = Telephonymanager.call_state_idle;Telephonymanager Telep

Android phone call code analysis, android phone code

Android phone call code analysis, android phone code The call function of a smartphone is implemented by the RIL part. For details, see: Start to analyze the RIL part of the Android so

Android obtains the phone status and listens to the phone call status, and android listens

Android obtains the phone status and listens to the phone call status, and android listens Get Mobile Phone status: Import android. content. context; import

CVE 2013-6272 Android Phone phone call exploit analysis

Brief introduction The vulnerability was discovered by CURESEC, a German security research agency, who secretly told Google at the end of last year that it didn't decide to release a similar loophole until July this year. This vulnerability involves COM.ANDROID.PHONE.PHONEGLOBALS$NOTIFICATIONBROADCASTRECEIV component exposure, causing a malicious application to call without having to declare any permissions.2. Vulnerability DetailsIn

Android app code to make a phone call, turn on the phone sharing function and other implicit intentions

);StartActivity (Intent.createchooser (Sendintent, GetTitle ()));Open the store for evaluation:Uri uri=uri.parse ("Market://details?")Id= "+ Activity.this.getPackageName ());Intent intent=new Intent (Intent.action_view, URI);Packagemanager pm = SettingActivity.this.getPackageManager ();listif (List.size () ==0) {Toast.maketext (settingactivity.this, "software store not Installed", Toast.length_short). Show ();}else{StartActivity (Intent);}To Create a desktop shortcut icon:To send the broadcast i

Android phone-related operations-call, answer, and call

Because android2.3 and above have added restrictions on permission Android. Permission. modify_phone_state, the method of calling itelephone through the reflection mechanism before 2.3 is no longer applicable, so you can use the counterfeit broadcast method to answer the phone. Package COM. demo. launcher; import Java. lang. reflect. invocationtargetexception; import Java. lang. reflect. method; import

Android Add press (Power key) to end the call (hang up the phone) _android

First of all, we found that most of the Android smartphones we use now have the power button to hang up when you're on the phone, usually in the setup. I mainly in the original source code to add this function, mainly for learning .... First look at a picture: See that press the power button to hang up the phone, that is what I added, originally source code is

Two ways to make a phone call to Android _android

In Android development, it is the most basic requirement that a user can make a call. As the saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome," the way to achieve a number of calls, today, to provide the most commonly used two kinds. First of all, call, for the user, is a cost of operation, therefore, the need for certain permissions, that is, Android.permission.CALL_PHONE

Android make phone calls to Android call

This article is from the "Java" blog, so be sure to keep this source make phone calls to Android call

Moment of android phone disconnection [non-Incoming call]

TelephonyManager, the status is only IDLE, incoming call, and outgoing call. See the following in phone:Phone phone = PhoneFactory. getDefaultPhone ();This call cannot run in a process other than phone. If you do not believe it, try it. Remember that the Logoff of the main

Android phone call Program Implementation

(). toString (); Phone_number = phone_number.trim (); If (phone_number! = Null ! Phone_number.equals ("")){ Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_CALL, Uri. parse ("tel:" + phone_number )); PhoneActivity. this. startActivity (intent ); } } }; } In AndroidManifest. xml, add: Save, the program like a phone call is finished, open the mobile phone, and right-

Android Phone status monitor (call and go) implementation code _android

) access_coarse_location or access_fine_location. public int getdataactivity () returns the status of the current data connection activity. public int getdatastate () returns the condition of the current data connection state. Public String Getdeviceid () Returns the device ID of the cell phone. For example, for GSM mobile phone is IMEI code, for CDMA mobile phone

Implementation of a simple phone call program for Android _ student originality

Implementation of a simple phone call program for Android Step 1: Interface Design Step 2: overall implementation: Phone call is the main function of mobile phones. The first program in Android is to implement the

Mobile phone How to set call Forwarding (iphone/android)

How Android phones set up call forwarding 1. First in the mobile phone's "program list" to find and click the "Settings" icon. 2. Click "Call settings" → "Call forwarding" in the Open Settings window. 3. In the Open "Call Forwarding Settings" interface, according to the

Call the OpenSSL library function that comes with your Android phone with the NDK

soft link to the header file directoryCd/opt/android-ndk/platforms/android-19/arch-arm/usr/includeLn-s/my/src/openssl-1.0.1k/include/openssl.7) Copy the following files from your phone (in/system/lib, Root oh) into the NDK's lib directory:For example, my phone is as follows:[my]# pwd/system/lib[my]# Ls-la

Delphi XE6 for Android make phone vibrate (call Java function)

;ljavaarray:tjavaarrayBeginLvibrator:=tjvibrator.wrap ((Sharedactivity.getsystemservice (TJActivity.javaClass.VIBRATOR_SERVICE) as Ilocalobject). Getobjectid);If not Lvibrator.hasvibrator thenBeginShowMessage (' Mobile phone does not support vibration ');ExitEndLjavaarray:=getvibratorarray ([200,1000,3000,5000]);//Call Vibration LawLvibrator.vibrate (ljavaarray,0)//v Repeat, more than 0 parameters, you can

Android mobile phone Call Development example

The most common function of a mobile phone is to call and send text messages, how do we make calls through the program in Android development? This article gives a simple example of making a phone call using an Android phone.Here

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