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How to make Ubuntu system support WEBP image format

How to make Ubuntu system support WEBP image format This article mainly introduces how to make Ubuntu system support to view WebP picture format, and how to convert WebP to JPEG or PNG image format.What is a webp pictureGoogle has developed and

WebP's Past Life

In addition to video, images occupy most of the PC and app traffic, bringing high cost to operators, while excessive image loading can affect the loading speed of websites and apps. Therefore, in the premise of ensuring the quality of the picture to

Uses LibWebP-NET to decode and encode WebP images, libwebp-netwebp

Uses LibWebP-NET to decode and encode WebP images, libwebp-netwebp WebP is the latest network image format developed and developed by Google. It has the advantages of high compression rate, fast decoding, copyright-free, and open source. Most

Android WebP image compression and transmission _android

1. Introduction Until the 4g era, traffic is still a valuable thing. and mobile network transmission, the most account for the flow of a carrier: pictures, has become our mobile developers have to pay attention to a problem. Our concern is nothing

Control Site page size with Google WEBP picture format

Whether you believe it or not, with the rapid development of the Internet Web pages are also constantly growing. The culprit for the rapid expansion of the Web page is not the extensive use of JavaScript libraries, CSS and endless shared buttons,

Reprint-Support Android4.0 use of the following WEBP

Original Address: support Android4.0 The use of the following WEBPCategory: Android related 2013-11-30 16:53 1658 people read reviews (2) favorite reports AndroidwebpRecent projects

Make your browser fully compatible with WEBP image formats

WEBP formatWEBP is an image format introduced by Google, which is based on VP8 encoding, which can compress images significantly. As with JPEG, WEBP is also a lossy compression, but in the same picture, the WEBP format is 40% smaller than a JPEG

Seven cows suggestions for using the WEBP image format for users

Qiniu Seven cow problem solutionChrome browser is open in WEBP format. However, not all browsers support the WEBP format, such as 360. Browsers such as IE are not supported.WEBP format, a graphic format developed by Google to speed up image loading.

Convert (JGP, PNG) images to WEBP format under CentOS

Because the project requirements need to convert JPG, PNG type pictures to WEBP format, the first use of the PHP GD class library IMAGEWEBP method implementation, the results found that the converted Webp format files will occasionally appear blank

Record the process of tossing and WEBP

Recently there are customers who want to deal with the webp of the map, of course, we can not handle the WEBP format of the picture. The matter was given to me to toss and start thinking about using the Swiss Army knife ffmpeg. The result is tossing

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