how to open wps file in word

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Two ways to open a WPS file in Word, how do I open the wps file?

Method One Q: How can I use the wps file normally in Word? A: Generally speaking, WPS open Word file is relatively smooth, but word

Open WPS format file in Word

In Word, open the WPS format file, first open Word, click on the menu bar, "Tools-options-General" option, under which select "Confirm conversion on open", and then click "OK", so that

Word cannot open WPS document problem

A colleague recently brought a format is a WPS document paper, please I help him to change and then print out, my computer installed word processing software is Word 2002, it is said that Office XP with a WPS document converter, has never had the opportunity to use. But when I opened a look, the content is all garbled,

Open the WPS document in the Word 2010 document window

Word 2010 supports the opening and editing of WPS files, and users can open and edit wps files in the Word 2010 document window. Even with the latest version of the WPS2009 document in Kingsoft, Word 2010 offers the perfect suppor

WPS edited Word document can't open with Word2003 how to do

Save As Doc file to open. or change the file name extension directly to. doc. WPS (Word processing system), Chinese meaning for text editing systems, is a Kingsoft software company office software. First appeared in 1989, before the advent of Microsoft's Windows syst

WPS Text Document to Office2003 How does Word open format change?

A file named "Wps2word.exe" can be found on the Office CD, which is also a self-extracting file that restarts the machine after installation and runs word, sets the file type in the Open dialog box to all files, selects a WPS

Word to open the WPS document into garbled solution

A colleague recently brought a WPS paper, asked me to help him to modify and then print out, my computer installed word processing software is word XP. Remember that you have a WPS document converter in Office XP, and you never get a chance to use it. But when I opened a look, the content is all garbled, but under or f

What does the WPS file open with

WPS Advantage Comparison: 1, small size; 2. Fast installation speed; 3, multi-interface switching; 4. Rich resources and online materials; 5, provide knowledge base and online questioning center; 6, a variety of document authoring tools; 7. Deep compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can save and open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly,

Word cannot read this document. The document may be damaged. Please try the following methods: * Open and fix the file * open the file with the text recovery Converter

This problem occurs today. The word is just closed and cannot be opened. The above prompt is displayed. Solution: Open a Word document Then select file -- open -- Select Your corrupted word Click the downward arrow on the righ

WPS How to open TXT file

Choose to open the way to find WPS, you can. WPS (Word processing system), Chinese meaning for text editing systems, is a Kingsoft software company office software. First appeared in 1989, before the advent of Microsoft's Windows system, the era of the prevalence of DOS, WPS

File default open mode after WPS is still office workaround

Believe that now everyone with WPS 2013 friends More and more, because Jinshan WPS Office compatible Microsoft Office Series documents, the individual can be completely free to use, if you have a new Kingsoft WPS2013 software installed, and open the file is still the default for Office

How to change the default open mode of a file after WPS installation

I do not know if you have already used WPS 2013? But Jinshan WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office documents, so when you install WPS, the file is opened by default or office, how can this be done? Here are some solutions for everyone. The default way to open

How to open the file by default or Office solution after installing WPS

The new Kingsoft WPS software is installed, and the default is to open the file. Solution: 1. Click start → control Panel Select Large icon to find the default program; Figure I 2. After entering the default program, choose to associate the file type or protocol with the program; Figure II

How to open WPS file office2003

Office2003 Open the wps file method. Below, together to see office2003 open wps File Method! WPS file Office2003

What to do when a WPS table encounters an error when trying to open a file

resolves the method in which the WPS table encountered an error while attempting to open the file: First of all, we need to know that the pop-up prompt indicates that the file has been compromised. Knowing what the fault was, we clicked to create a new table. Then, find the inverted triangle behind the

After you open a Word file, there is a hidden word on the desktop

Why do I have a hidden Word file on my desktop after I open a Word fileThis hidden document is the Word document that you are opening and editing.Because Word has the automatic save feature, the purpose is to restore the document

What is wps? How to open wps?

WPS is what file WPS (Word processing System), Chinese meaning for the text editing system, is a Kingsoft software company's Office software, WPS is Chinese to do a software editing software and Word function is the same. How to

Write a vbs script that can open a text file and disrupt the word order found in the file

Q: Hello, script expert! My daughter has a Flash program that can get the word list in a text file. How can I write a script to enable it to open the file and automatically disrupt the order of word lists? -- SN A: Hello, SN. You know, in most cases, we try our best to keep

Resolve: Word encountered an error while trying to open the file. Problem

causes Word to encounter errors when trying to open a file. Workaround One: If you are in this situation, please revert the file back to the previous format, and then convert it using the correct conversion method! Reason two: The file conversion failed or there was an

"Resolve" Word encountered an error while trying to open a file try the following methods: * XXX * XXX * XXX

There are a couple of things that I'm going to tell you about my situation.1.word Improper setting causesLook at the picture:And then you can open it.2.word format problems, such as the original doc, was manually changed to docx~~~Workaround: Change back3.word version incompatible, such as 2003

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