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Website front-end performance optimization (NET pick)

1. Reduce the number of HTTP requestsMerge files by placing all the scripts in a script file or putting all the stylesheets in a stylesheet file, reducing the number of HTTP requests.CSS Sprites is the preferred option for reducing picture requests.

Wine Enterprise Website How to do a good job in the station "Split line" optimization (i)

The continuous development of the Internet allows more enterprises to participate in the Internet, and access to the Internet, the most characteristic of these enterprises is the wine business site, liquor sites have their own wine business name,

Transactions must look: website, domain name transactions common scam

To help people deal with the site hundreds of, trading a domain name of hundreds of, I would like to talk about my experience in avoiding transaction risk and deception. This is my two years of trading intermediary efforts, the following random

How to make a good bamboo

Source: How to make a good bamboo-- One of bamboo learning materials1. The moderator is not a kind of glory, but a kind of persistence and responsibility.2. The primary task of the moderator is not to delete

Very good site generation static page anti-capture strategy and method _ website application

At present, there are many methods to prevent collection, first of all, introduce the common methods of collection strategy and its drawbacks and collection countermeasures: First, the determination of an IP in a certain period of time to the site

How to do a good job of movie website SEO

Software refers to the optimization of your site. Now the film station basically we are gathered to collect, everyone's Web page on those templates of one of them, the site's similarity is very high, therefore, the eyes of the search engine is very

Research on enterprise website search Engine optimization strategy

First, competitor analysis Analyze and study the link strategy and content layout of competitor website, help to find out the strong and weak link of competitor website, can not only see the gap between the two sides, find out the breach of the

On four factors influencing the trust degree of website domain name

The Domain name Trust degree affects the website ranking, we often can see some websites because of the domain name weight high, the history long rank is very near before, and many large-scale trusts the high level website inside the page ranking is

How to pick a solid state drive

How to pick a solid state drive? Open a large electric dealer website SSD Solid State hard disk Display page, currently can see 40 different brands. This may confuse many people, how can there be so many brands? To know, the mechanical hard disk

The latest version of the website to promote a complete manual

Promotion | Website promotion 1. Forum Promotion This is not a forum to promote the forum is not a single version of the ad, also not add the website address in the signature and then the crazy brush screen, so that both the energy and effect is not

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