how to play pokemon black on android

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Android device COCOS2DX Bone Animation registration event play sound, back to the background and return to the black screen issue

void OnPause () { cocos2dxrenderer.setispause (true); Super . OnPause (); Cocos2dxhelper.onpause (); This . Mglsurfaceview.onpause (); }5. Add a line of code in the Volatiletexture::reloadalltextures () method of CCTextureCache.cpp to resume the paused statevoid volatiletexture::reloadalltextures () { true; Cclog ("reload all texture"); ... ... // Intermediate content omitted here false ; // last row pause set to False Ccdirector::shareddirec

WebView Play H5 video problem black screen only sound no picture

How does Android use WebView to play Network video control play button?Add in CodeWebview.getsettings (). Setjavascriptenabled (true);//Support JSWebview.getsettings (). Setpluginsenabled (true);//Set WebView support pluginAlso add android:hardwareaccelerated= "true" hardware acceleration in the application of the manifest configuration file to

The source code of the Android example imitates android WeChat, Alibaba Cloud play radar scanning animation, and Android android micro

The source code of the Android example imitates the animation effects of android and Alibaba Cloud broadcast radar scanning. This project is a small example of imitating the Android and cloud play radar scanning animation effects. Click the black circle in the middle to sta

Android Black Technology Series-modified lock screen password and malicious lock machine Sample principle Analysis

window permissions Open, this time can successfully use these windows for mobile phone ransomware.v. Technical SummaryHere, we analyze how to modify the lock screen password in Android, there are two main ways:First: Use Device Manager permissions to directly modify the system-provided APIThe second kind: using the root privilege and the lock screen cipher algorithm directly modifies the system lock machine password file contentAnd these two modes of

Cocos2d-x Android black screen back to game choppy

Updated on May 17, 2013: for the previously mentioned resource release problem, cocos2d-x 2.1.3 has been resolved, that is, do not release resources after the interruption, the estimation method is similar to the previously mentioned, I have not carefully studied .... During the debugging process, I found that if the game is suspended when the processing is interrupted, the problem may occur due to improper methods, and I will experience the problem. When I return, I will quit the game directly,

Android Black Tech Series--static analysis technology to hack apk

finally explained, in fact, have long wanted to write cracked article, because the crack than reinforcement interesting, at least cracked success has a sense of accomplishment. This article mainly describes how to break through static analysis, introduced some tools, the process of cracking and cracking skills. The most common is the code injection technology and global search for key strings, and so on, but we can see that many of the current market apk, light through static analysis is not en

Android Black Technology Series--analytic public article message and link article message Auto-open principle

prevent xposed interception function, this online actually already someone is discussing this problem, this is also the content that need to explain in the back, how to do application is xposed interception protection function.For users, personally feel it is best not to try to install these plug-ins, because these plug-ins are non-formal developers get out, there is a great security risk, and the use of these plug-in premise is the device needs root, but a device is rooted, the safety factor d

Kernel logo flashes black screen between boot animations (Android 5.X)

Before bootanimation starts drawing, it will do a clear screen action first, avoiding the previous diagram interfering with the display of the bootanimation.Check Main_log first confirm which function to play the boot animation, and delete the corresponding code for the action of clear screen in the corresponding function./frameworks/base/cmds/bootanimation/bootanimation.cpp450bool bootanimation::android ()

Android Video Player (i): Play video with Videoview

and solutions for using Videoview 1. Video playback will have a short black screen time: the cause:It takes time for video files to load into memory, and this time may import videoview All Black.Workaround:(1): Add Mediaplayer.onpreparedlistener Listener event to Videoview, play video in its onprepared (MediaPlayer MP) method callback this time the video has finished loading.(2): When the Videoview execute

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