how to prevent email from marked as spam

Discover how to prevent email from marked as spam, include the articles, news, trends, analysis and practical advice about how to prevent email from marked as spam on

Truncate spam on Linux servers

Cut off the spam on the Linux Server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In today's world, spam continues to run rampant and is increasingly becoming a serious problem because

Use hashcash to combat spam

Cute Python: Use hashcash to combat spam Content:

Email blacklist whitelist gray list

  Spam has become a serious problem. In order to win the war against spam, we use 18 weapons. The Blacklist, whitelist, and gray list should be the most basic tools in this battle against spam, this article will elaborate on how enterprises can

Spam rules Craigslist

A few years ago, the spam information was still reported by Craigslist. Today, spam information senders have begun to govern the world's most famous classified information advertising platform. Craigslist tried every means to prevent spam

How to Use the Gmail SMTP server to send email notifications on Linux

How to Use the Gmail SMTP server to send email notifications on Linux Suppose you want to configure a Linux application to send mail information from your server or Desktop client. Email information may be a briefing, status update (such as Cachet),

Security settings for the mail server

Now the Internet spam is more and more, if set up your MailServer security settings is an important issue. Now, for example, the most popular MDaemon Mail server, let's discuss the security settings for MDaemon. Recommended reading: MDaemon Use

Experiment dataset sorting

Under my directory: Web Crawler by myself # self-crawled Data Set CN 5 depth # The data set crawled using nutch 0.7.2 is restricted to the CN domain, includes links and text cn-2010-01-01 # crawls a dataset with nutch 0.7.2, which is restricted to

SPF detailed 2

What is SPF? The SPF here is not a sunscreen index, but the sender Policy Framework. Translation is the originator of the policy framework, relatively awkward, usually directly referred to as SPF. SPF is a DNS-related technology whose contents are

Delete and restore Foxmail messages

Foxmail is an email software, but there are more emails in a long mailbox. In this case, the operation is required to delete emails that are no longer needed. 1. Delete useless emails To prevent users from accidentally deleting emails, Foxmail

Security and compliance of enterprise information for Exchange 2013 technology Highlights

Exchange 2013 will allow you to protect the business communication content and sensitive information, and to meet the internal regulatory standards of the enterprise and the relevant regulations of the external regulatory bodies, thus keeping the

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