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Virus Trojan killing No. 012: The reverse analysis of QQ stealing Trojan horse

thread code is placed in it VirtualAllocEx (Rphandle,null,cb,mem_commit,page_execute_readwrite); Writes the remote thread's code to the remote process's address space writeprocessmemory (RPHANDLE,REMOTETHR, (LPVOID) remote,cb,null); The parameters required by the remote thread are also written to the address space of the remote process writeprocessmemory (Rphandle,remotepar, (LPVOID) rp,cb,null); Create a remote monitoring thread CreateRemoteThread (rphandle,null,0, (Lpthread_start_rout

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: Reverse Analysis of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface in this series of articles, if there are no special circumstances in the last part of Virus analysis, I will use reverse analysis to thoroughly analyze the target

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan: manual scan of QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface In previous articles "virus Trojan scan and removal 002nd: manually killing pandatv incense", I basically detected and killed the "pandatv incense"

The difference between a virus, a worm and a Trojan horse

computer security and cause serious damage to computer programs. It is a deceptive document (claiming to be benign, but is in fact malicious), a hacker tool based on remote control, with features of concealment and non authorization. The so-called concealment refers to the Trojan designer in order to prevent Trojan was found, will use a variety of means to hide

October 03 virus and Trojan Horse broadcast online game players guard against the nilag Virus

Jiang Min's October 3 virus broadcast: Beware of "nilag" virus stealing equipment information of online game heaven Jiang min reminds you today: In today's virus, TrojanDropper. HTML. r "HTML messenger" variants r and Trojan/ PSW. Nilage. bql "nilag" variant bql is worth noting. Vi

Virus Trojan scan and removal: compilation of the dedicated kill tool for QQ Trojan Horse stealing

Virus Trojan scan and removal: compilation of the dedicated kill tool for QQ Trojan Horse stealingI. Preface as I have compiled a general kill tool framework in article 004th "virus Trojan scan: Writing pandatv killing tools, this

Using Virus Trojan Horse process speed look-up table inspection system

→chupachbra Winprotecte.exe→stealth winrpc.exe→ Bad postman virus winrpcsrv.exe→ Evil postman virus Winserv.exe→softwarst wubsys.exe→ legendary hunter Winupdate.exe→sckiss Love Forest Winver.exe→sckiss Love forest winvnc.exe→ bad postman virus Winzip.exe→shadowphyre wqk.exe→ cover Letter virus common viruses,

Prevent ASP website is black thoroughly understand ASP Trojan horse

Since most of the Web site intrusion is done using ASP trojan, close-up of this article so that ordinary virtual host users can better understand and prevent ASP Trojan Horse. Only space and virtual host users to do a good job of preventive measures can effectively prevent A

The most effective way to prevent Trojan Horse (full article) _ Network security

Teach everyone to prevent Trojan, only for the Web Trojan, effective rate of more than 90%, you can prevent more than 90% Trojans on your machine is executed, and even anti-virus software can not find the Trojan could be prohibite

About the removal methods of Trojan Horse group Cmdbcs.exe,wsttrs.exe,msccrt.exe,winform.exe,upxdnd.exe 1th/2 page _ Virus killing

On the removal of cmdbcs.exe,wsttrs.exe,msccrt.exe,winform.exe,upxdnd.exe of Trojan Horse Group Trojan.PSW.OnlineGames.XX related virus Recently, a lot of people in the Trojan Horse group Cmdbcs.exe,wsttrs.exe,msccrt.exe,winform.exe,upxdnd.exe and so this should be downloade

Burner Virus Trojan Horse analysis

1, Trojan analysisRecently the server has been recruited, broken windows.Found a Trojan analysis cloud software. Burner, the website is: be analyzed do not know whether Trojan virus.Jinshan produced, very interesting. It is estimated that a virtual machine is opened on the server, and then the virtual machine is monitored and then

How to prevent Trojan horse in Linux system?

. Controls permissions to upload directories and permissions for non-site directories (Linux file directory permissions +web service layer control). Access and execution control (Web service layer + file system storage layer) after Trojan file. MD5 fingerprints and backups of files such as important profiles, commands, and web configurations. Install anti-virus software CLAM

On the Web server to prevent Trojan horse based on ASP program

Web|web Service |web Server | Trojan Horse with the development of ASP technology, network based on ASP technology to develop more and more web sites, the support of ASP technology can be said to be a Windows system IIS Server a basic function. But the backdoor of Trojan Horse based on ASP technology, also more and mor

How to Kill a Trojan horse or virus in the system

When the computer works in abnormal state, such as the emergence of Win7 system slow, unresponsive, high CPU occupancy rate phenomenon, may be a Trojan horse or virus program in the system, can be killed by the following several aspects. 1, the use of anti-virus software Can the emirate first upgrade anti-

Old boy Education daily: March 7, 2017-enterprise interview question and answer: How does Linux server prevent the Trojan horse?

layer) After Trojan file is passed. important configuration files, commands, and WEB configuration and other files to do MD5 fingerprint and backup. install anti-virus software ClamAV and so on, regular monitoring of the Trojan horse. Configure the server firewall and intrusion detection services. Monitor

Enterprise Interview quiz: how does Linux server prevent the Trojan horse?

old boy One topic per day:2017-3-7 Day content finishing (i) Solution Strategy To the enterprise interview is a number of competitors, so pay attention to the dimensions and height of the answer, we must direct the second to kill competitors, to fix high-paying offer. (ii) solution Tactics Linux web Upload a directory of ways to upload Trojans to linux server, depending on the website from which the malicious person visited the site -- >linux system -->http service --> Middleware servi

Protection manual: How to Prevent ASP Trojan Horse running on the server

If your server is being plagued by an ASP Trojan, then hopefully this article will help you solve the problem you are facing. At present, the most popular ASP Trojan horse mainly through three kinds of technology to carry out the relevant operation of the server. First, use the FileSystemObject component FileSystemObject can perform general operations on files Th

On the Web server to prevent Trojan horse based on ASP program

With the development of ASP technology, the Web site based on ASP technology is more and more, the support of ASP technology can be said to be a basic function of Windows system IIS server. But the backdoor of Trojan Horse based on ASP technology, also more and more, and function also more and more powerful. Because the ASP itself is the server to provide a tribute service function, so this ASP script

Three strokes to prevent U disk transmission Trojan virus

We often encounter U disk automatic operation of the situation, although to a certain extent to bring us convenience, but the U disk after all do not recognize things, whether the program is good or bad it is all run, which leads to frequent Trojans to take advantage of the situation through automatic fish fishy infection u disk. We can take the following three kinds of strong measures to prevent the U disk to start the

IIS server permission allocation to prevent virus and Trojan intrusion

We know that the IIS server is now a widely used Web platform and it is relatively simple to build a Web site. However, during use, the Web cannot run properly due to improper IIS server settings or other reasons, which is very common. As a Web administrator, it is particularly important to master the necessary troubleshooting skills to solve IIS server faults. Permission allocation to prevent virus and

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