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What are the HTML5 graphic designers to promote themselves?

blood history (there are tears), design industry changes quickly, but summed up also not out of three big chunks: Content Performance skills The idea or the idea   First, talk about the content of nowhere near Former graphic designers do a lot of work, more common is the design logo, vi system 7788 of Things, catalog, packaging and printing of 7788 of thing

Business Card design dimensions and business card design considerations

typesetting software sales, at the same time, you can also use the popular other office software design. Content Selection: Design business Card You must first determine the contents of the business card: the contents of the business card are mainly divided into text and gr

Graphic design of fonts: methods and techniques for graphic design of fonts

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The point that the graphic design of the typeface should pay attention to in the concrete design process. PART1: Why font Graphic design Modern design directly from the

Content Design for business-to-business sites: page design to meet user needs and habits

Article Description: How to do a good job of business-to-business Web page content design to retain users. For business-to-business Web site design, you may consider the page color, navigation bar, button, title bar

How to do a good job of business-to-business Web page content design retain users

For business-to-business Web site design, you may consider the page color, navigation bar, button, title bar design, content design may often be overlooked. But if the content is poorly designed, you may be able to destroy all your designs. For example, how to make content h

Strengthening top-level design and perfecting infrastructure to promote the healthy and orderly development of payment clearing service market

cooperatives and other banking institutions such as foreign exchange, bank drafts and other funds liquidation business. Through these measures, we have strongly promoted the formation of multi-level and diversified payment service market in China, and satisfied the diversified payment demand in the economic development.In recent years, the situation and environment of the payment clearing service market have undergone fundamental changes.One is that

The product design of the Internet is not only graphic design or UI design

The product design mentioned in this article refers to the use of products in the Internet, such as Web sites, Web pages or the Internet. Usually when we talk about these designs, we will discuss the art or UI design. In fact, the Internet's product design, and not just graphic de

User Experience Design Tutorial: Graphic design of the title design skills

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the design of title text in visual design. Before I put the graphic design of the visual presentation is divided into: composition, tone, elements and content of the four major components, so I divided into four parts, which elements are divided into the title,

What does graphic design do?

graphics, dimensioning, writing, layer management functions, three-dimensional graphics, network functions, data exchange and many other functions, are generally architectural designers, interior designers, etc. (this is also my online Baidu). Graphic designers generally use AI,PS,CDR. The designer can not use any software, it is thought. Isn't that just a blow?   Scenario Three Friends and relatives ask: What do you do? I answer: I am engaged in

How do beginners begin to learn graphic design?

See a lot of friends want to learn graphic design, but do not know where to learn from, touch the mind, can not find the entrance. Let's talk now about where the "gate" of the graphic design is going.   First, understand what graphic de

Design sentiment: Methods and techniques of graphic design of fonts

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The application of font graphics in design. PART1: Why font Graphic design Modern design directly from the computer out of the tedious standard font has been unable to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of internet users, so the designer to break the rules, a

Business-centric SOA design-missing the greatest advantage of SOA

project that is properly defined. In addition, organizations adopting the enterprise architecture will want to verify the SOA solution through experimental implementation. The key is to gain experience at the project/test level and promote it to the enterprise architecture level. I had an interesting conversation with the chief enterprise architect of a large company a few weeks ago. Although we initially discussed the technical aspects of SOA and th

There is no insurmountable gap between web design and graphic design

Article Description: design works in the texture and the relationship between the plate. Have you ever had, for more and more homogenization of the title gradient, texture and distress it? is design a daily stack of material? As more and more flat Korean pages appear, we may be able to change ideas, less texture, special effects. More design sense. 01

Summary of Graphic Data Maintenance tool Project architecture Design

line facilities Business data, GIS layer information, GIS, all kinds of points, line facilities, geometric rules, topological relations, business rules and so on data. Graphic data maintenance tools, which need to operate each grid map of the corresponding business database, reading and correcting each isolated

Basic skills in graphic design

warmth is fixed. Red is warm and blue is cold. This is an incorrect concept. Like a note, the color changes with the changes in the surrounding environment to tonality (relationship between temperature and cooling ). Knowing this, blue can also be rendered as warm. Because of the relationship between screens, graphic designers are no longer used to naming colors in the form of literature, such as foreign red, group blue, and lake blue. Instead, they

help you get promoted, help you win! An ultra-comprehensive guide to the design of Electronic Business website navigation

. Taobao in the upper right corner has a small mouse interaction effect, click into an Activity zone, page effect in psychology is considered more likely to trigger users want to click the impulse. Eight, conforms to the visual custom the picture and text mixed row A large piece of single text or pictures will make the user feel tired, and graphics and text mixed row is very good to make up for this. There are many ways to mix lines, such as color contrast, text or image amplifica

A comprehensive summary of the types and manufacturing methods of app data graphic design

Did you consider moving the screen size and properties before you made the app data graphic design? Have you considered visualizing data graphs to enhance your app temperament? Have you considered the difference between the display of data graphs on app and Web side? Perhaps you have thought about it, but as a popular science article, or to start from the most basic.   What are the main apps with data grap

Design of HTML5 topological graphic component for vectorization

, which is annoying and what is the best thing?Traditionally, programmers are not only drawing vectors, but also doping business parameter logic in drawing code, so the readability and maintainability of the code is hard to imagine. Here HT and innovative proposed dynamic binding vector data function, HT vector format design from the bones of the head to consider the need for dynamic binding data, HT vector

An ultra-comprehensive guide to the design of Electronic Business website navigation

every little detail, and even any wireframe font. The main purpose of this is to reduce the user's page jump sense, as far as possible to avoid users because of the reasons for the page jump and the reflection and reaction. At the same time, the overall aesthetic level of the site also has certain benefits. 9, conducive to search engine optimization Search engine optimization is almost all of the start-up electric operators will choose to promote t

Graphic design skills (translation tutorial)

Graphic design skills (translation tutorial) Why is one image more powerful than three images? How to design product user guide? How to make sense of attention through various comparisons in design? How can we achieve unified internal and external coordination? How to design

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