how to protect against ddos at home

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Use DDoS deflate to protect against a small number of DDoS attacks

/ fileNetstat-ntu | awk ' {print $} ' | Cut-d:-f1 | Sort | uniq-c | Sort-nr > $BAD _ip_listModify it to the following code!Netstat-ntu | awk ' {print $} ' | cut-d:-f1 | sed-n '/[0-9]/p ' | sort | uniq-c | Sort-nr > $BAD _ip_listUsers can also use the web stress test software AB to test the effect, believe that DDoS deflate can also give your VPS or server to defend against a part of the DDoS attacks,

DDoS attack principles and how to protect websites and games from malicious attacks

DDoS attack principles and how to protect websites and games from malicious attacks1-ddos Full name is distribution denial of service (distributed denial of service attack), many Dos attack sources togetherAttacking a server constitutes a DDoS attack. In China, DDoS dates ba

Protect against DDoS attacks with Nginx and Nginx Plus

:// nginx-protect-cve-2015-1635/?_ga=1.14368116.2137319792.1439284699)Optimized Nginx PerformanceDDoS attacks usually bring high load pressure, can improve nginx, nginx plus processing performance through some tuning parameters, hard anti-DDoS attack, detailed reference: [Tuning Nginx for performance] ( blog/tuning-nginx/?_ga=1.48422373.2137319792.1439284699)Identify

15 ways to protect against DDoS attacks

is accessing your network, can monitor the abnormal visitors, and can analyze logs and source IPs afterwards. Before a large-scale attack, an attacker could use a small number of attacks to test the robustness of your network.4. The most effective (and expensive) solution to deal with bandwidth-consuming attacks is to buy more bandwidth.5. You can also use high-performance load balancing software, use multiple servers, and deploy them in different data centers.6. While using load balancing for

Home wireless: how to protect your network security

The weakest link in network security is the wireless network used by Home Office users. IT administrators must analyze unprotected networks they use and take measures to mitigate the risks. For example, administrators can implement an effective remote access policy to help users protect their networks from attacks. In the article "self-white of a wireless network thief" published on, Levi's Rosman

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