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Top ten common UX errors in Android apps

The Android developer Relationship team is experimenting with countless apps every day, or apps that are being evaluated by countless developers, and they've summed up 10 of the most common bugs after evaluating so many applications. The Android developers team is experimenting with countless

Android KeyStore Store passwords

= cipher.getinstance (Keyproperties.key_algorithm_aes +"/"+ KEYPROPERTIES.BLOCK_MODE_CBC +"/"+ KEYPROPERTIES.ENCRYPTION_PADDING_PKCS7); Cipher.init (Cipher.decrypt_mode, Key,NewIvparameterspec (MIV));FinalFingerprintmanager.cryptoobject crypto =NewFingerprintmanager.cryptoobject (cipher); Mfingerprintmanager.authenticate (Crypto,NULL,0,NewSimpleauthenticationcallback () {@Override Public void onauthenticationsucceeded(FinalFingerprintmanager.authenticationresult result) {FinalCipher

"Android Development Experience" complete guide to using Ant bulk pack Android Apps

This article was completed by socks. Blog Address: please explain.Tossing the whole afternoon. Baidu had an afternoon, and finally realized the use of ant for Android application of bulk packaging, but also a matter of my mind. Although this part of the online tutorial also has, but the sense of writing is not specific.What's more important is that. The differences between the various methods are relatively

Explain how to create Viewpager components in Android apps _android

Now a lot of apps are opened as a viewpager, then you can slide with your fingers, each slide once to change a picture, there will be a circle at the bottom to say that now slide to Chapter ~ Usually these pictures are to put the function of the introduction or use of teaching and so on, my demand is very simple, is mentioned above. There are two ways, one is to find an existing suite, look up a bunch of

Android Reverse Journey---Secure attack and defense battles for Android apps

dvmdexfileopenpartial (const void* addr, int len, dvmdex** ppdvmdex)The first parameter is the DEX memory start addressThe second argument is the size of Dex. So the breakpoint in this function can be directly dump out of the plaintext DexSo we use the IDA debugger, find the memory address of the module, find the function dvmdexfileopenpartialpkvipp6dvmdex, in this function breakpoint can dump the Dex file.In this case, an article will also be written to explain how to crack the appli

Questions about which folder The Android image resolution should be put to (drawable-hdpi ...)

example, WVGA in the precision screen, such as the program does not support such a large screen, the system will be lied to be a 320x480, the extra display area will be filled with black.7.4 Dynamic drawing of images with OpenGLThe Android bottom layer provides OpenGL interfaces and methods to dynamically draw pictures, but this is a great challenge for developers unfamiliar with computer graphics. General development game, using OpenGL mode.More tha

Secondary packaging of Android apps (APK files), Android apk

Secondary packaging of Android apps (APK files), Android apk Many developers, whether individual or company, do not pay much attention to the security of their own applications, that is, whether the code will be tampered with by criminals, malicious code insertion, spam ads, or even theft of user information. I did not care too much, but I did not find the severi

Android on Android phone to get the package name and version number of other apps

Tag: Code cat code Log Direct err map load ATIThere are many ways to get the package name and version number for other apps on your Android phone, which can be obtained directly from the APK package via AAPT or via code on your phone. Obviously, for the product or user to obtain this information, on the phone to obtain more convenient.Let's look at how to get the package name, version number of the other ap

Visual Studio + C # + Xamarin = ios/android/windows Apps

Visual Studio launch War across platforms (1)--Hello xamarin! ObjectiveThe programmed development of the foot, never stopped. From the early Windows applications, to the Web application of the Internet, to the Mobile application, which was prevalent in recent years, the developers of C # and the users of Visual Studio, in addition to the Windows Ph. Does one and the Windows Store app allow you to launch IOS and Android

Put schools on the table-Android desktop parts that update on-campus data in real-time

Project address: Https:// (╭ ̄3 ̄) ╭?Although this small white school is a xx university, but the network infrastructure is ... The individual pages used for querying are not a system at all ... That is, if you want to be very convenient to get your results of the experiment, the number of sports clock in the flow of the school card and the balance and the use of water and electricity (library borrowing information, etc.), you have to log on many different W

Design Android Apps test Cases

(visible in the table above in Samsung Galaxy S II).  "What to test"Mobile apps must provide the best user experience and are displayed correctly (UI testing) on a variety of smartphones and tablets in different sizes and resolutions (keyword "responsive design"). At the same time, apps must be functional and compatible (compatibility testing) with as many device specifications (memory, CPU, sensors, etc.)

Google Android Developer Documentation Series-Create shared files for apps with content sharing features

Sharing a file (shared files)This series of articles in my study of Google Developer documentation combined with Google translation and their own understanding of the writing, I hope to learn Android development friends bring some convenience, due to the limited level of personal translation, so the content contains the original text and translation, I hope that the browser combined understanding, so as not to step into the misunderstanding I may be w

"Turn" Android application Development:10 Tips for more efficient Apps

The best recipe for becoming a all flop in Google Play are to release an app that's battery and memory hungry with a Slow interface. Most likely, these qualities would ensure negative reviews from the users and result in a bad reputation, even if your app have Great Designand a unique idea.Every drawback in product efficiency, battery and memory consumption can really affect your app ' s success. That's why it's critical to develop well-optimized, smooth running

Download 16 of the most popular Android Apps

Today we have compiled 16 of the most popular Android Apps, mainly based on the download volume of 2013 of users, which is sufficient to prove their popularity. If you haven't installed them yet, try it now! Address: 1. Facebook (Social) Keeping up with friends is faster t

Writing Android apps with Golang inversion

language, Really do syntax and programming on the one by one map. Recently, however, the mobile library has been found to be updated, Go reverse bind android app in 100% Go. and the readme is 100% bindings for go inversion and Android apps (translation may not be in place, English is too poor). 1 Installing Gomobile Here you need go get mobile This package, comm

How to quickly get started with Android Studio and use it to write apps

him where to find the SDK you want. Finally, you need to install a thing that is the ADT (Android development tools) Android development tool, which provides an upgrade or change of development tools for Android development, simply understood as an upgrade download tool for open tools under programming software.To see how the app works on your phone, you'll also

Animation practices for Android apps-View Animation

Preface I tried to search for the Chinese documents of android animation, many of which are some of the documents of some boring translation APIs, and seldom systematically explained how to use animation to develop an application. Suddenly, I found that many apps do not pay much attention to animation apps. I thought about it and I would like to summarize it myse

"Go" entry for Android apps

Android apps, consisting of one or more activity. Each activity is not closely related, because we can invoke other activity in our own program, especially the activity generated outside of our own code, For example, Android provides SMS or call activity. New Intent (Intent.action_call,uri.parse ("Tel:" +PhoneNumber); StartActivity (call); New

Another clever trick for Android: compatible with iPhone apps

 Google AndroidAfter Mobile Phone development for a long time, we still cannot see machines that can be put on the market. At a meeting named ecomm, rich miner, a consultant for Google's mobile platform department, said the Android Market was not earlier than the second half of this year, but it gave fans a surprise. He explicitly stated that the android open-sou

Do Android apps need to quit manually?

view) by using the menu key As mentioned above, background service is an interface-free, long-running application that is not easily terminated, even if you use Task Manager. (In fact, you can find it in the "service" interface and manually stop the service, but no such necessity, to the system automatically processing can be. When you do not use a task for a long time, the system will assume that you are no longer needed and will automatically help you end it. ) At this point, we already kno

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