how to raise brightness on windows 10

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Windows 8 has 4 versions: 10 Things users should know

April 19 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has announced all versions of Windows 8. What should potential users know about the platform? This time, Microsoft will provide four different versions of Windows 8 to consumers, small businesses, large businesses, and device users running ARM processors. On April 16, Microsoft provided new information that consumers and business users should kno

How to install the Windows 10 Preview on a Mac

distribute it according to your Mac hardware. Storage, you need to divide a virtual hard disk to Windows, the default is 25GB, you can also adjust themselves. After that, you can install it as if you were installing Windows on your PC by selecting ISO, and you need to be aware of choosing a new installation rather than an upgrade. Once installed, you can use the Windo

Zhang happy Windows 10 IoT Development Notes: use the software PWM in Lightning to drive RGB LEDs, iotpwm

Zhang happy Windows 10 IoT Development Notes: use the software PWM in Lightning to drive RGB LEDs, iotpwm It seems that Windows 10 IoT has never been used up again. So, let's write a blog about the story. In fact, I wanted to write it about half a year ago. At that time, I wanted to build a

Developer Gospel Windows 10 native support Linux programs

Microsoft announced at the build 2016 developer conference that it has partnered with Canonical, and Windows 10 will have native support for bash under Linux and the other tens of thousands of binaries.    Developer Gospel Windows 10 native support Linux programsIt is reported that Ubuntu Linux binaries can be run dire

How is Windows 10 unified across the platform?

since ancient times, you think Microsoft may be completely from writing a platform to the tens of thousands of WINDOWSAPI in Java or some other language to re-encapsulate it? Don't dream about it.You think that Windows can run on arm. It must be Microsoft's black tech. Just set the target file into arm format andre-compile Windows againJust, the arch-related parts to be re-implemented is OK. In other words

How to set the power options of Lenovo ThinkPad S5 Windows 10

In this article, the testing model is ThinkPad S5, and the Windows 10 and 64-bit professional systems are pre-installed. When the Word and QQ software are enabled, the testing results are for reference only. The actual use time will be different from that of the background program, the screen brightness is directly affected.1. Set power options:Right-click the po

Windows 10 new 6 shortcut keys:

win+ Direction arrow: Adjust window Welt positionALT + TAB: Toggle window, press and hold, there will be a new interface for you to choose between different windowsWin+tab: Switch task, the interface will not disappear after this releaseWin+ctrl+d: Creating a new Virtual desktopWIN+CTRL+F4: Close the current virtual desktopWin+ctrl+ Left/Right ARROW key: Toggle Virtual DesktopThe following list is the shortcut keys that are already available in Windows

How does the Windows 10 system adjust gamma values?

What is gamma value Gamma value refers to the relationship between the input value and the brightness of the display output when printing technology or image processing, which affects the distribution of hue between the quadrochromatic's high light and darkened tone. Without color management, the user can adjust the gamma value of the display to simulate the viewing condition when comparing the contrast of the image on the display with the original.

How do I use a camera in WIN10? How does one use Windows 10 System Application cameras ?, Win10windows10

How do I use a camera in WIN10? How does one use Windows 10 System Application cameras ?, Win10windows10 Laptops generally have the camera function. The Sleon editor teaches you how to use the camera in win10. Click Start, and then open all applications. Find the "X" group in the pinyin order, and there is a camera below. As shown in the figure, click the button above to change to pro

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