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iis7/iis7.5 URL rewrite HTTP redirect to HTTPS

1, purchase SSL certificate, reference:, Iis7/iis 7.5 under the binding HTTPS website (purchase wildcard SSL generic domain name certificate can bind multiple subdomains) reference above3. Download install

How to optimize HTTPS website

Although the HTTPS website currently can be included in Baidu, but only some of the pages can be included, so how to let their own HTTPS site is included? Before we begin, we must remind you that if you are the homepage of the website

Let's Encrypt to the website plus HTTPS full guide Certbot

Let's Encrypt to website plus HTTPS full guide 2016A period of time in the Beijing Unicom 3G Mobile network, found that their site was unicom hijacked injected into the disgusting charge of the phone, decided to let my website forced use of HTTPS,

Redirect HTTP to https

1. First, create a new site under your website with a random name. In the properties, the TCP port is assigned to 80, and SSL is not assigned. Then configure it in the main directory of Properties Redirect the content of this resource from: To

Run to the full site HTTPS. You have to check the experience.

Run to the full site HTTPS. You have to check the experience. As the domestic network environment continues to deteriorate, various kinds of tampering and hijacking emerge one after another, and more websites choose full-site HTTPS. Just a few days

"Go" CA certificate request +IIS configuration https+ default Access HTTPS path

This article is not original, original address: CA Certificate Request(a). New STARTSSL Registered Account1. STARTSSL official website Official website: 2.

To configure a tutorial that uses only HTTPS traffic on the server _linux

HTTP Strict transport Security (HSTs) is a security feature that Web servers use to tell browsers to communicate with them using HTTPS only, rather than using HTTP. This article explains how to enable HSTs on Apache2, Nginx, and LIGHTTPD. Tested on

Loading http resources on https web pages: loading insecure scripts; loading https

Loading http resources on https web pages: loading insecure scripts; loading https Https is the mainstream trend of the current website. Even large companies like Apple require users to Use https addresses. However, for previous http links, we often

HTTPS deployment Overview

Many Web developers know SSL, but it is common that SSL is not fully deployed or is not deployed where it should be deployed. This brief guide on when and how to deploy SSL will help you avoid most common errors.Key Points If you have any

404 whether the error can be resolved through the 301 redirect

The author on June 25 published a "skillfully with 301 redirect 404 errors into the site outside the chain," the article, talked about how to pass the 301 redirect way, will be from the outside to get the wrong URL into an accessible URL, so as to

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