how to reduce decimals

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High-precision integers and high-precision decimals in Java

In the actual coding, you will encounter many high-precision cases, for example, in the calculation of money need to retain high-precision decimals, so that the calculation will not be too much error:In the following code, we verify that when the

CPU and code optimization (1): Replace If-else with ternary operator to reduce CPU branch predictive penalty; function 13 times times speed Up (Unity).

Test Object 1,unity script (C #)2,c# DLL (MCS build dynamic link library imported into unity)3,c Native Code (LLVM compiled after Unity) is tested function source code (C #): Two random number array for size comparison, one array to save large

Floating point algorithm for the 15th class: Controversy and limitations

Tag: Its prompt data requires res present answer system function14. Floating-point algorithm: disputes and limitationsFloating-point numbers are expressed as binary (binary) decimals in the computer. For example: decimal decimals:0.125is the value

Fundamentals of DSP Data operation

Reprinted from: the application of DSP, in fact, hardware is generally not a problem, the main is the software, is the algorithm! The following about the operation of the essence of DSP hope that some

Extreme Challenge: arithmetic coding)

Extreme Challenge: Arithmetic Coding (To) We have learned in the previous chapter that Huffman encoding uses an integer binary bit to encode the symbol. In many cases, this method

Mobile screen adaptation principles and methods explained

Preface:Today in Sunday, I was sitting in the Huangpu District library thinking about the adaptation of mobile screens. As a young front-end Ma Song , no, is the code farm, mobile screen adaptation of the program's post has not read 100, also read

Computer knowledge that programmers should understand (3)-Information Representation and coding

Introduction We have briefly introduced the binary number system. We will not go into detail here. The computer can only recognize binary systems. We know that a computer is composed of multiple electronic components, and the electronic components

Teach you how to create ERC20 tokens step-by-step

Ext.: Reading this article requires a basic understanding of the concepts of Ethereum, smart contracts, tokens, and so on. What is ERC20 ERC20 can be simply understood as a token agreement

Java BigDecimal usage and rounding and formatting specifications (precision data)

The simple floating-point number types in Java float and double are not capable of operation. It's not just Java, it's also a problem in many other programming languages.What will we see if we compile and run the following program?public class Test {

"SE" WEEK3: arithmetic-generation scoring tool Extension&release Version (pair project)

Foreword   The knot to the project finally came to an end, in addition to the overall process of software development has a deeper understanding, more profound understanding should be a pair of programming to the process of promoting the

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