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Why does a Windows 7 hard drive computer frequently make hard drive rotation sound?

More and more computers are equipped with dual hard disks. Generally, one of them is used as the system's primary disk, and the other is used as the storage disk. However, many users often hear that the hard disk is stopped and started. Why? In fact, this is the built-in hard drive automatic energy-saving function of

How does the WIN7 system use Disk Management to partition the hard disk? Windows 7 hard drive partition diagram

In Windows 7, the Start-Control Panel----Management tools----Computer Management----Disk Management, the unallocated disk on the new hard disk----Select a new simple volume, as shown in the following figure Disk Partitions Now we need to set the disk size for this new partition in the pop-up window, as we set the partition size to 250G. Just enter 250

Hard drive sound Optimization for Windows 7 7

1) Right-click a drive letter, such as drive D, and choose Properties> Tools> fragment now> enable plan> Run as planned (not selected ). 2) in the control panelDisable Windows 7 defender. 3)Disable the file index function. Right-click the drive letter and choose Properti

How to install Windows 7 hard drive

Not all computers are equipped with DVD Rom, which makes it difficult to install Windows 7 on the computer. Windows 7 cannot be installed on the optical drive, or you can use a USB flash drive to install

Windows 7 vs. Vista hard drive Read and write comparison

It has been mentioned in some of the Windows 7 Introduction that Microsoft has optimized SSD performance, but only if the ears are imaginary or can only be proved by eyes. Here is a comparative test of the hard drive read and write speeds of Windows

Using Windows 7 to protect USB hard drive data with its own features

The tendency of moving hard disks to be smaller and more bulky makes more and more sensitive data stored on them, so how to better protect the security of these data becomes a very urgent problem. When Windows Vista was first launched, Microsoft said a very large security feature added to the operating system was BitLocker, a hard

Ubuntu 14.10 text tutorial on hard drive installation in Windows 7

Ubuntu 14.10 text tutorial on hard drive installation in Windows 7 The famous Ubuntu version of Linux has released the latest version 14.10, and you may not know that it is ten years old. Compared with 14.10 half a year ago, this Ubuntu 14.10 system upgrade has a very small modification scope, the appearance interface

Install Windows 7 on Ubuntu hard drive

Install Windows on Ubuntu hard drive 7 Required tools and files Windows 7 installation image;I downloaded 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_zh-cn_retail_ultimate-grmculxfrer_cn_dvd.iso, 3.1 GB. grub4dos is used to guide

Solution to dual-system dual hard drive installation in Windows 7

I installed the dual-System "fedora 18" on the win7 hard drive according to the network method and found many problems. I have solved the problem based on my practical experience and provided my own solutions. You are welcome to make a decision. First of all, read the content: I only use Linux environment without easybcd. Solution: Do not use easybcd to complete the har

How to modify the hard drive from ATA to AHCI under Windows 7 systems

AHCI feature on the Open The first step, modify the system registry. Start menu-run, enter regedit carriage return, enter Registry Editor, find the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENTCONTROLSET/SERVICES/MSAHCI Change the value of Start under this key to 0 First step, reboot system, modify Biso Reboot the computer and enter the BIOS (for example, my system presses F12 at boot time) and then select into the BIOS. Locate the hard

How to install XP with a new hard drive under Windows 7

First, install Windows XP dual system under Windows 7 This dual system installation does not belong to the new installation and coverage of the WIN7 system, but it is not completely infeasible, in fact, XP in accordance with the method of this article installed to D disk, you can still find ways to remove WIN7, and then fix the boot of XP can also. Or install on

How to solve the problem of automatic shutdown of Windows 7 dual hard drive

How to solve the problem of automatic shutdown of Windows 7 dual hard disks with the rapid decline in hard disk prices, there are more and more friends using dual hard disks. Generally, one of them is used as the system primary disk, and the other is used as the slave disk s

How does one solve the problem of automatic shutdown of Windows 7 dual hard drive?

With the rapid decline in hard disk prices, there are more and more friends using dual hard disks. Generally, one is used as the system's primary disk, and the other is used as the backup disk storage file. If you are using Windows 7, you will often hear the hard disk stop a

Hard drive Install Fedora Core 7 under Windows XP

First, because Fedora Core 7 can not be recognized in NTFS format ... So first the hard disk format into FAT32 (the original hard drive has a WinXP system, in order to prevent in case, the retention of the XP system) Copy the ISO image file to the old hard

Simple Windows 7 hard drive installation-new installation under Win PE

I encountered some problems when installing window7, but after reading this article, I installed it successfully. The installation methods of Windows 7 on the Internet are complicated, especially for cainiao. A simple installation method is provided: 1. decompress the ISO image of Windows 7 (or use the virtual optica

Ubuntu 14.04 text tutorial on hard drive installation in Windows 7

Statement: I have recently installed linux according to the official tutorials of the linux community. However, I have found some obvious mistakes in this article, which may cause psychological or mental trauma to a certain extent, this article is specially written for reference. 1. When copying the following text "Title Install UbuntuRoot (hd0, 0)Kernel (hd0, 0)/vmlinuz boot = casper iso-scan/filename =/ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso ro quiet splash locale = zh_CN.UTF-8Initrd (hd0, 0)/initrd.

About how to format the mobile hard drive in RAW format in windows 7

About how to format a mobile hard disk in windows 7 in RAW format, I don't know how to solve the problem. The E and F partitions of the mobile hard disk are always unrecognizable and always prompt formatting, there are a lot of important things in the two disks,I don't want to format it. I want to see how it can be sol

Windows 7 or XP does not recognize memory and mobile hard drive prompts are not driven

Failure problem: When the system is plugged in and when the hard drive is moved, there are no drivers, and then they become unrecognizable devices. Use the "Auto search for updated driver software" in Device Manager to find installation drivers No, I didn't have this problem before. Analysis Processing: Execute the Start-run command, enter the "cmd" command in the Open Run dialog box, and enter the command

Windows 7 Hard Drive installation CentOS 6.0

This is the first time to install the system, it is now very familiar, but still put it, forget to spare. 1 Related Backgrounds No CentOS 6.0 system CD, there is a U disk but do not want to use it to make Linux startup disk, the reason is great damage to u disk, how to do it. Or the hard drive installation bar. From hit FTP ( downloaded from the

XP under hard Drive install Windows 7

XP system under new hard disk installation Windows 7 1, download Windows7 7600 ISO image, with virtual optical drive copy to non-C disk (such as d:7600) 2, the d:7600 directory under the bootmgr and boot directory, and in the C-packing directory to build a sources folder 3, the d:7600sources under the copy

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