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Individual can no longer register CN domain name registered users will be subject to review

Registered 13 million users will be subject to review CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) out of the new rules, from 9 o'clock yesterday, want to register the Internet domain name users, online submission of applications, but also need to

About the status and analysis of CN domain name and domain name

Yesterday read a report "CN Domain name Registration Volume Breakthrough 5.3 million leaped ccTLD world third." Another related report is: "China. CN domain name first Super. COM an average of 25 people per person. I would like to add some of the

Look under the microscope ridiculous CN domain Name registration rules

The reason why to use a microscope to see CNNIC, is because, CNNIC's tall image has long been widely known, such as the CN domain name of the strong promotion, so that its number of registrations has exceeded millions of, become the mainstream

Talk about domain name Registrars (7) Personal registration CN domain name embarrassed root

[An arbitration case will not be able to evade the question] Domain name Dispute Resolution Center [award] CND-2007000028 ( Number of domain names: 3 Name: Bird's Nest. cn, Bird's Nest. Network, Bird's Nest. Company Case

CN Domain name is just a gorgeous illusion

In this noisy mobile phone anti-pornography movement, China Mobile wet, a lot of mobile web site wet, a lot of IDC wet, a lot of owners wet. Of course, when CCAV exposed all this is because CNNIC not strictly approve domain name registration

Oray How to use red envelopes to register individual CN domain

In the personalized CN Domain Activity page (active Address: Click "Register Now". Use the Oray Passport to log in. If you do not have a passport please do Oray Passport registration on this page.

Take what protect the CN domain name of the individual registered users of the rights

Because of a recent sudden thought of their own CN corn in the registration time to fill out a company name, can be the company name is their own free to fill out, does not exist. Because the original register this CN when the agent customer service

. cn Domain Name The Chinese webmaster are fooled?

Don't be. CN fooled, the Chinese webmaster, to register the domain name please note. com, to do the station also please use. com. If you want to do a decent station, then I advise you to use. com. or even if you're bigger, it's for. COM jobs. I did

Some views on the official prohibition of personal registration in CN domain Name

China Internet Information Management Center announced 11th, starting from today, registration. CN domain name should provide business license or organization code certificate. This also fundamentally means that the individual will no longer

See CN domain name Total Register in the world behind the third phenomenon

The data from the global NIC World Summit hosted by China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), which is from China, Germany, the UK, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, has been announced by the International Network Info Center

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