how to remove ansys completely

Want to know how to remove ansys completely? we have a huge selection of how to remove ansys completely information on

How to remove MSN contacts completely

If you are MSN and QQ "Double users", you must know MSN and QQ in the deletion of friends (contact) aspects of the difference. QQ users once no longer want to chat with a friend, you can drag the main panel on the other side of the head to blacklist that group can be completely deleted friends. And MSN does not seem to be able to, when you click on the other side of the head right-click Select "Delete Contact", the program will pop up a prompt box (F

Teach you how to remove hard drive data completely

Obviously, in the age of computer popularization, people have become accustomed to digital data storage, so your bills, work documents or private photos, all stored in the computer hard disk. And if you want to send a computer, or replace the hard drive, obviously do not want to encounter the "Miss Chen" situation, so we will discuss how to completely delete the hard disk data. Windows 8: Using the Initialize computer feature Deleted d

Windows completely remove Oralce

Here are the steps to completely remove Oralce:1. Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Management Tools-> ServicesStop all Oracle Services.2. Start-> Program->oracle-orahome81->oracle installation products->Universal InstallerUninstall all Oracle products, but universal installer cannot be deleted by itself5. Run regedit, select Hkey_local_machine\software\oracle, and press Del to delete this entry.6. Run reg

Remove files under Linux under Delete file completely

Delete files and folders in Linux we can use RM directly to delete, delete files or folders completely we can use the Shred command to complete, below I give you introduction. Linux Delete Folder command Linux Delete directory is very simple, many people are still accustomed to using rmdir, but once the directory is not empty, into deep distress, now use the RM-RF command. Direct RM is OK, but add two parameters-rf namely: RM-RF directory Name Del

"NS2" How to remove Cygwin completely from Windows

How to remove Cygwin completely from Windows9th September 2012.31243 views. Software Remember needing Cygwin back on the day and after using it to my only occasion forgot the software-libraries completely? That happened to me. I have installed Windows 7 again, and found my C:\cygwin folder with all the files. Wanted to get rid of it, but no way–a mysterious "perm

Ubuntu completely remove/uninstall Mysql,php,apache

First, uninstall and delete MySQL 1 sudo apt-get autoremove--purge mysql-server-5.02 sudo apt-get remove mysql-server3 sudo apt-get autoremove mysql-server4 sudo apt-get remove Mysql-common (very important) Clean up residual data: Dpkg-l |grep ^rc|awk ' {print $} ' |sudo Xargs dpkg-psudo find/etc-name "*mysql*" |xargs RM-RF Finally with Dpkg-l | grep MySQL Check, if no return is a clean uninstall Ii. Unins

The correct way for the Win7 system to completely remove the printer

There are Win7 system users that the printer will be deleted, a refresh, the printer will automatically install, how can not be deleted. So how do you get rid of the printer altogether? The most important thing is to completely remove the printer driver. To completely remove the printer step: 1, click "Start Menu", s

Win7 system to completely remove a printer

Printers are common in our daily use of equipment, often connected to the computer, print files used, but if you want to replace the current printer, reconnect to the other, small part of the suggestion that everyone or completely uninstall the printer and then install, why do you say so? Because some users come to reflect that while uninstalling the printer, But after a refresh will be automatically installed, and uninstall is difficult to find the u

Win7 completely remove MySQL below

first, stop the MySQL service in the service (start-up---Control Panel--service--services). Open Control Panel-Add Remove Programs, find MySQL, uninstall. Or you can use 360 security guards to uninstall. You can also use the MySQL installation program to removeUninstall the installed MySQL, but this is only half for uninstalling MySQL, and another important half is to clean up the registry. We're going to enter the registry at the start-run inside inp

WINDOWS10 system, completely remove the uninstall MySQL

Tags: oca ICA net Delete key don't need to do data reloadThis article describes, under the WINDOWS10 system, how to completely remove the uninstall MySQL ... 1 Stop MySQL service Start-all apps-Windows management tools-services, stop the MySQL service. 2 Uninstall MySQL server Control Panel \ All Control Panel items \ Programs and features to uninstall MySQL server. 3 Deletes the MySQL folder in t

Completely remove users under Linux

to delete the user group.4. Delete /var/spool/mail the mailbox file under[[emailprotected] ~]# cd /var/spool/mail[[emailprotected] mail]# lsgubeiqing[[emailprotected] mail]# rm -rf gubeiqing[[emailprotected] mail]# ls[[emailprotected] mail]#Delete is complete before you create the gubeiqing user.[[emailprotected] mail]# useradd gubeiqing[[emailprotected] mail]# passwd gubeiqingChanging password for user gubeiqing.New password:BAD PASSWORD: The password is a palindromeRetype new password:passwd:

To completely remove malware from the data, you must start from scratch.

malware accounts for only a small part. Today, it can be said that 99% of malware is targeted at your money pockets. Today, if you find malware programs on your computer, even anti-virus software installed on your computer (or specialized anti-rogue software such as anti-kaka) prompts that it is just a simple advertisement, do not give these malware any chance to completely eliminate it. Today, most malware programs steal your identity, confidential

How does Mac completely remove the Flash Player plugin?

How does Mac completely remove the Flash Player plugin? Recent small series of Mac Flash Player plug-ins again, in order to see Youku installed Flash for Safari, my MacBook fan whirring, power to I simply can not accept, decided to forcefully uninstall clean fash , because before the deletion of Flash plugin always have residue, this small series find has been super simple new method, here to share to you:

How to completely remove a class in MFC

Test environment: Windows7 32bit, vc++6.0It is convenient to add classes in vc++6.0, but deleting a class is less intuitive. If you want to delete a class, you only need to do this: In source files and header files in FileView, remove the. cpp and. h files for the class, respectively (click the file, and then press DELETE to remove it, and the file is removed from the project only and not in the proje

Ubuntu completely remove MySQL reload MySQL

1. Delete mysql sudo apt-get autoremove--purge mysql-server-5.0 Sud o apt-get Remove mysql-server sudo apt-get autoremove mysql-server s Udo Apt-get Remove Mysql-common//This is important 2, clean up residue data dpkg-l |grep ^rc|awk ' {print $} ' |sudo Xargs DPKG-P3, install mysql sudo apt-get install mysql-server sudo apt-get ins Tall mysql-client sudo apt-get install php5-mysql//

Ubuntu completely remove MySQL

Delete MySQLsudo apt-get autoremove--purge mysql-server-5.0sudo apt-get remove Mysql-serversudo apt-get autoremove mysql-serversudo apt-get remove Mysql-common//This is importantIn fact, some of the above is superfluous.Clean up residual dataDpkg-l |grep ^rc|awk ' {print $} ' |sudo Xargs dpkg-pInstall MySQLsudo apt-get install Mysql-serversudo apt-get install mysql-clientInstalling Php5-mysql is to connect

Centos completely remove MySQL

Log in as Admin User:1. Remove MySQL Program[[email protected]/] #yum remove MySQL mysql-server mysql-libs compat-mysql512. Delete MySQL folder[[email protected]/] #rm-rf/var/lib/mysql3. Delete my.cnf files[[email protected]/] #rm/etc/my.cnf4. Check if you have MySQL software:[[email protected]/] #rpm-qa|grep MySQLSome words continue the 1, 2, 3 steps to continue deleting until step 4 does not return data.T

Teach you to completely remove MSN Contacts

If you are MSN and QQ "Double users", you must know MSN and QQ in the deletion of friends (contact) aspects of the difference. QQ users once no longer want to chat with a friend, you can drag the main panel on the other side of the head to blacklist that group can be completely deleted friends. And MSN does not seem to be able to, when you click on the other side of the head right-click Select "Delete Contact", the program will pop up a prompt box (F

How to remove Oracle completely

Oracle Software Environment: 1. Windows 2000+oracle 8.1.7 2, the ORACLE installation path is: C:\ORACLE Implementation method: 1. Start-> Setup-> Control Panel-> Admin Tools-> Service Stop all Oracle services. 2, Start-> Program->oracle-orahome81->oracle installation products-> Universal Installer Uninstall all Oracle products, but Universal Installer itself can not be deleted 3, run regedit, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Oftware\oracle, press del key to delete this entry. 4, run regedit, select HKE

Completely remove MySQL

Yum-style installation of MySQL 1. Yum remove MySQL mysql-server mysql-libs compat-mysql51 2, Rm-rf/var/lib/mysql 3, Rm/etc/my.cnf See if you have MySQL software:rpm-qa|grep MySQL If it exists, continue with the deletion. RPM-style installation of MySQL a) Check to see if MySQL is installed in the RPM package on the system: [root@localhost opt]# rpm-qa | grep-i mysqlmysql-server-5.6.17-1.el6.i686mysql-client-5.6.17-1.el6.i686 b) Uninstall My

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