how to remove duplicate values from arraylist

Want to know how to remove duplicate values from arraylist? we have a huge selection of how to remove duplicate values from arraylist information on

Remove duplicate values from arraylist

Hashmap nocommap = new hashmap ();Iterator iter = nocomhm. keyset (). iterator ();While (ITER. hasnext ()){String key = ITER. Next ();Arraylist list = (arraylist) nocomhm. Get (key );List = removeduplicatewithorder (list );Nocommap. Put (Key, list )

Java Basic Knowledge Hardening Collection Framework note 27:arraylist collection exercises to remove duplicate string elements from the ArrayList collection

1. Remove duplicate string elements from the ArrayList collection (same string content)Analysis:(1) Creating a Collection Object(2) Adding multiple string elements (containing duplicates)(3) Create a new collection(4) Iterate through the old

The difference analysis of ArrayList and linklist in Java _java

1.ArrayList is a data structure based on dynamic array, LinkedList based on the data structure of the linked list.2. For random access get and set,arraylist is better than LinkedList, because ArrayList can be randomly positioned, and linkedlist to

ArrayList, linklist differences in Java

Transferred from: advice: The following article is an example of the way to explain ArrayList, LinkedList, but the best way is to look at the source code. In fact, ArrayList is a

The difference of set,list,map,vector,arraylist--data structure and algorithm

Turn from: The difference between the Set,list,map,vector,arraylist The difference between the Set,list,map,vector,arraylist Java Container---List,map,setCollection├list│├linkedlist│

Remove duplicate values from List

Remove duplicate values from the List (three solutions)Public static void main (string [] ARGs ){String [] AR = {"DD", "C", "DD", "FF", "B", "E", "E "};Arraylist list = new arraylist ();For (INT I = 0; I List. Add (AR [I]);}System. Out. println

Comparative analysis of data structures of vector, arraylist, and hashtable hashmap

Linear tables, linked lists, and hash tables are common data structures. During Java Development, JDK provides a series of corresponding classes for us to implement basic data structures. These classes are in the Java. util package. This article

The difference between set,list,map,vector,arraylist (turn)

Java Container---List,map,setCollection├list│├linkedlist│├arraylist│└vector│└stack└setMap├hashtable├hashmap└weakhashmapThe collection interface   Collection is the most basic collection interface, and a collection represents a set of object, the

The difference between several confusing concepts such as Array,vertor,arraylist,hashable,hashmap

An array can hold object and basic data types, but you must specify the size of the array when you create it, and you cannot change it.Vertor is the object that is put. Vertor one-dimensional, hashmap/hashtabe two-dimensional; vertor/arraylist use

Differences between dictionary, arraylist, hashtable and array in C #

C # collection class array arraylist list hashtable dictionary stack queue1. arrays are fixed in size and cannot be scaled. Although the generic method system. array. Resize can reset the array size,However, this method re-creates an array with the

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