how to remove extra icons from android

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Android Add, remove, and judge desktop shortcut icons

); - } - - /** A * Determine if there is a desktop shortcut for the current application on the desktop + * the * @paramContext - */ $ Public Static BooleanHasshortcut (Context context) { the Booleanresult =false; theString title =NULL; the Try { the FinalPackagemanager pm =Context.getpackagemanager (); -title =Pm.getapplicationlabel ( in Pm.getapplicationinfo (Context.getpackagename (), the packagemanager.get_meta_data)). ToString (); the}

30 high-quality and free Android icons [Android Icon material]

/30-high-quality-and-free-android-icon-sets-1270.htmlAeolus HD-Extension Pack by Raadius This free Android icons set have 75,125 × 125 icons in. PNG format. Athena HD by Raadius The pack contains 37 icons, with 24 extra alternates

How to Remove Windows 7 desktop shield icons

How to Remove Windows 7 desktop shield icons Recently, some netizens found that their Windows 7 system desktop had an extra shield sign, and they did not know what was going on. The Windows 7 7 system desktop icon has an extra shield icon, which means the administrator privilege is required to run this program. It has

How to remove desktop icons

description of the situation Sometimes because of downloading some software, will cause a lot of desktop icons, and then want to delete the desktop icon, but how can not delete, after killing a virus, the extra desktop icon still stay on the desktop, and then see the malicious plug-ins did not show a malicious plug-ins, then how to remove these annoying

Mobile technology for the masses: activities and icons in the life cycle of the Android application

each phase of the Android application lifecycle. After mastering the principles of these methods working together, you can intelligently use system resources. Then update the navigation system for the demo application and use the action icon instead of the menu button to achieve user interaction. Icons are very standard in the mobile application UI, and newer Android

Android PagerSlidingTitleIconTabStrip can add the PagerSlidingTabStrip and androidtabstrip icons next to the title

Android PagerSlidingTitleIconTabStrip can add the PagerSlidingTabStrip and androidtabstrip icons next to the title public class MainFragmentPagerAdapter extends FragmentPagerAdapter implements TitleIconTabProvider{private final int[] TITLES = {R.string.text1_label,R.string.text2_label,R.string.text3_label};private final String[] fragments = { Fragment1.class.getName(), Fragment2.class.getName

Android lets icons in Launcher hotseat display the title

1, please modify the Hotseat_cell_height value in Alps/packages/apps/launcher2/res/values/dimens.xml, for example, change to 100;2, please modify the Alps/packages/apps/launcher2/src/com/android/launcher2/ in the Resetlayout () method, the main menu icon to add title, For example: Add Allappsbutton.settext ("Allappsbutton_title");3, please modify the Alps/packages/apps/launcher2/src/com/android/

Android performance Optimization: Use Lint to optimize code, remove excess resources

follows: App source files : including Java code, XML code, icons, and proguard configuration files, etc. lint.xml: The execution standard configuration file for lint detection, we can modify it to allow or prohibit reporting some problems Run Lint from the command lineLint's command is simple:project directory>Lint can also be run with Gradle:Windows:gradlew lintMac:./gradlew lintSpecific command-line related actions are not introdu

"Android Advanced" Dynamic install and remove root feature

as readable and writable; The SU under the XBin is renamed to Su.bak; Re-mount the partition to read-only mode; Three free ride 3.1 download toolThe basic scripts are all written, come here to download it:)Http:// (Extract code: C7A3)3.2 Execution ExamplesFollow the steps below:sh broot. SH # backup Su ls -al/system/su # Check the backup result sh droot. SH # Remove Su, remove

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