how to repair corrupted excel file

Want to know how to repair corrupted excel file? we have a huge selection of how to repair corrupted excel file information on

ORA-01578 data block corrupted file corruption and repair (learn more about Linux)

Well, let's talk about the cause of the crash:Use Redhat 5.9 Linux as database server, Friday database is in use, hard shutdown causes database file partial corruption (in Monday, the application does not start up, when viewing the log file, a data table mapping failed)Query tables are found to be normal when querying data files using PL/SQL, but can cause crashes when using the where restriction condition(

The file may be corrupted or read-only in Excel

Today, I occasionally open an Excel file that I copied from elsewhere, however, the file appears "the file may be read-only or access is read-only, or the server on which the file resides is not responding" (figure I) Then, start the Exc

Excel File Repair Full raiders

Sometimes you open a previously edited Excel workbook, but you find that the content is confusing, that you cannot continue editing, and that you are not ready to print. This is a lot of friends in the processing of Excel files may encounter a problem, in the face of this situation, we should do? The reason for this should be that the file has been

Video Repair tool to repair corrupted AVI video files

" , according to the tips, Click add sample " Select a normal-to-play avi video file, after adding, the software will automatically start scanning repair.   4 , soon after the progress of the software, the left side of the screen began to appear some with thumbnails avi format file, this time wait for it to scan to 100% End  6 , after the scan is comp

Repair of MySQL Data Tables (corrupted)

The following articles mainly describe how to correctly repair corrupted MySQL Data Tables. There are two methods: checktable and repairtable, and myisamchk and isamchk, mySQL (the best combination with PHP) database errors caused by power failure or abnormal shutdown are very common problems. There are two methods: The following articles mainly describe how to correctly

Win7 system uses the SFC command to repair corrupted system files

For system files, most Win7 system users are not unfamiliar. The system file refers to the folder where the main operating system files are stored, and the files in the folder directly affect the normal operation of the system, most of which cannot be changed arbitrarily. However, some users in the process of operating system, found that there are some corrupted or missing system files, then how should we d

How to repair corrupted files under Win XP system

Do you often encounter problems with computer files when you are using a computer? Sometimes because we mistakenly deleted a part of the file, in cleaning up the computer thought is not the use of the file, but we deleted, this will lead to the phenomenon of file loss, or because of external factors, virus intrusion and so on, These reasons will cause some loss o

How to repair a corrupted MySQL data sheet

TableName. MYIFor testing, if needed, you can use:MYISAMCHK-OF TableName. MYIFor a detailed parameter description of the MYISAMCHK, refer to its use Help. Note that when making modifications, you must make sure that the MySQL server does not have access to the data sheet, and that it is best to shutdown the MySQL server in case of an inspection.-----------------------------Alternatively, you can put the following command in your rc.local before starting the MySQL server:[-x/tmp/mysql.sock] /pat

Myisamchk repair of corrupted MySQL database methods

Method One, modify directly in command mode 1, Myisamchk To fix the MySQL database, there is also a command: Mysqlcheck Mysqlcheck-a-c-o-r–all-databases-uroot-p//This command is the best way to optimize all DB databases. The meaning of the parameters is as follows:-A = analyse given tables.-c = Check table for errors-O = Optimise table-r = Can fix almost anything except unique keys that aren ' t unique If it is under the win host, repair the spec

How do I fix excel when I can't open a hint that the document is corrupted?

Install office2013 After, other people sent Excel file can not open how to do? Every time you double-click, the document is corrupted, the following article to office2013 as an example, verify that the 2010 version is also effective, the need for friends to come in for reference. 1, open the file prompts d

File hints such as word that the program cannot be run because the file is missing or corrupted

Describes the Office file as an orange icon, and when you double-click open it prompts "The program cannot be run because the file is missing or corrupted." Please contact the computer manufacturer. "The word solution. This morning to turn on the computer, found that Office2007 can not double-click the file to open th

How to repair the Excel document garbled in Win7 environment

The damage repair policy for Excel documents in the WIN7 environment. Corrupted Excel Document The use of WPS software to open an Excel document is still not Excel document garbled First, a

Windows system log prompts "the file system structure on disk is corrupted and cannot be used." "Solution

Tag: The file system structure on the \DEVICE\HARDDISKVO disk is corrupted and cannot be used. Run the Chkdsk utilityProblem phenomenon:"The file system structure on disk is corrupted and cannot be used. Please run the Chkdsk utility on volume \device\harddiskvolume2. ”Analysis:There are three situations in which this

How to fix the corrupted mysql data file _ MySQL-mysql tutorial

worse. On the other hand, the repair option is usually secure, but its changes to your data files cannot be undone. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you first make a backup when trying to repair a corrupted table file and ensure that your MySQL service is disabled before the backup is made. There are three

WIN7 system prompts corrupted file Unable to read analysis and resolution

permissions issues. The solution for the "corrupted files" prompt under the Windows7 system is as follows: First, we look at the Win7 system on the contents of the prompts to determine where the file directory, is due to what the program caused. As shown in the following figure, the picture illustrates the awc.exe-corrupted

emule How to save a corrupted download file

Always remember to back up your files before you change or fix them! For a variety of reasons, there will always be a corrupted download file, and you may need to download the Sf-iom mod to do the work in accordance with this guide. Download the MoD's compressed package and unzip it to a location on your hard disk. Repair

Linux file system is corrupted

The destruction of Linux system files often occurs, usually causing file corruption is due to the super block is damaged, super block is the important location of the file system, which contains the system file status, free disk blocks and other information. When the file system is

How to check the corrupted MySQL Data File

How can I check if the MySQL data file is corrupted? This may be a problem that many people have encountered. It doesn't matter. The following describes how to check the corrupted MySQL Data File. Due to temporary power failure, kill-9 can be used to stop the MySQL service process, and all these may destroy MySQL data

Computer prompts unable to access x: Disk "corrupted and unreadable file or directory" modification method

Double-click the mobile hard disk, U disk or computer local hard drive, pop-up "inaccessible, file or directory corruption and unreadable"! My God, what about the homework inside? What about dozens of g photos? What about the hundreds of G film?! Don't be afraid ~ This article teaches you how to solve the "file or directory corruption and unreadable" problem! Simple and practical

"This compressed file format is unknown or the data has been corrupted" workaround

1. If the compressed file is downloaded from the Internet, it is likely that the website provides itself with a corrupted compressed file. If it is still corrupted after downloading, it can be downloaded from another Web site. 2. Try to repair the damaged

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