how to reset password in oracle 10g

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User name/password for Oracle 10g default installation

When Oracle database is created, a series of default user and table spaces are created User name/password for Oracle 10g default installation Username Password Description See Also Ctxsys

Basic configuration of Oracle 10g Dataguard notebooks

Dataguard provides support for high availability of enterprise data, data security, and disaster recovery, typically consisting of a dataguard configuration of a primary db with several physical or logical standby db.System environmentOperating

Oracle unlock user and reset user password __oracle

After installing Oracle 10g, you want to open sql*plus to learn, and then follow the steps in the book to connect to the database with Scott users, you can lose several times prompted an error. Error:the account is locked Then after checking the

Go Detailed procedures for installing Oracle 10g under WIN7 and resolution of issues

(1) Download Oracle 10g software on Oracle official website at:, can directly copy in the Thunder and other download software directly to download.(2) then

How to reset the sys password in oracle

How to reset the password of oracle 10g SYS After installing oracle 10 Gb, the system password set during installation is forgotten. Solve the problem with the help of a colleague. 1. The oracle password file exists in: oracle_home/database/pwd .

Introduction to Oracle Reset SYS password _oracle

How to reset the password for Oracle 10g SYS After installing Oracle 10g, you forget the system password that was set up during installation. With the help of colleagues through a way to solve. password file exists in: Oracle_home/database/

Ubuntu 10.10 Oracle 10g graphic tutorial

Ubuntu 10.10 Oracle 10g graphic tutorial Environment: Host XP, 3 GB memory, VMware: Ubuntu10.10, hard disk 30 GB, memory 1024 MB The installation of virtual machines is not described. 2. Update ubuntuSudo apt-get updateSudo apt-get upgradeOracle is

How Oracle Cloud Control 12c modifies the Sysman password

The former has deployed Oracle Cloud Control 12c on the virtual machine, and for a few days, forget the login password. The main reason is that Oracle-related software now provide a stronger security mechanism than before. What simple "Oracle" like

Oracle Default User Password

When creating a tablespace and a user, I forgot the password when I needed it. I tried it many times and didn't connect it, and the user was locked, the following describes how to solve the password problem of Oracle default users. I hope it will be

Oracle's Default User password _oracle

1. Install the choice of automatic installation, forget the username and password led to now try a few Oracle default username password (the table with the default username and password), are prompted invalid username,

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