how to restore database in xampp

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Useful XAMPP operations

Recently, I have learned PHP for my work and published some content here. I can only release android. 1. Improve Security After XAMPP is installed, some default settings are insecure. For example: 1. XAMPP can be accessed by anyone, as long as your

Resolve XAMPP Database import file restrictions with shell command

Often toss WordPress friends will usually build a local environment, debugging finished and then released to the line, as to how to install in the local WordPress, this can refer to my previous write a "relaxed 10-step local installation of

How to change the root user password of mysql in XAMPP environment _ MySQL

How to change the root user password of mysql in XAMPP environment Recently, some customers forgot the mysql root user password. using mysqld_safe cannot start mysql normally, nor can they modify the root password in mysql manual. Website

MySQL data backup and restore learning notes

Data backup and restore1.mysqldump1.1 file Address :E:\xampp\mysql\binFile name: Mysqldump.exeCMD down into Mysqldump.exeCD E:\xampp_new\mysql\bin1.2 Call Mysqldump The ParametersMysqldump–u user Name [-H host] [-P password] database name [ table

A reckless behavior: Unable to manipulate the database after modifying the MySQL root password in phpMyAdmin

First, the Hand of cheap behavior (????)In a development of the PHP environment through the XAMPP mode, need to operate the database through phpMyAdmin access to MySQL, in a database operation when the memory is not set password, so directly in the

Mysqldump command

Mysqldump is similar to the opposite tool in many aspects. They have the same options. However, mysqldump can do more. It can load the entire database into a separate text file. This package contains all the SQL commands required to recreate your

A web designer must select 20 + required Windows Applications

Today, we recommend 20 windows applications for web designers to improve their work efficiency, which is essential for designers. I hope everyone will like 1. Skybound Stylizer Although I prefer Firebug, I found the "out-of-the-box" CSS editor

Mysql_crud Base Statement

================ Increase =========================INSERT into ___ value ___, ___;self-replicatingINSERT into Users (username,password,email,grade) Select Username,password,email,grade from Users================ Delete

Solutions for website servers being infected with Trojans

The website server is always infected with Trojans, and the website header is injected with a large amount of js Code. After a long time, the solution is finally solved. The root cause of the problem is that when configuring the lampp server, 777

WordPress fixed link settings

Document directory Fixed Link Type Select Permanent Link Structure Use "beautiful" fixed links Do not use a fixed link of mod_rewrite Fixed Link Problems Fixed links,. htaccess files, and MS Frontpage See External resources Permalink is

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