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Word, Excel not saved, sudden power failure? Retrieve unstored Word and Excel files after the crash

We often encounter a situation in which, when word hits half, the computer becomes a machine. If it has not been archived for a long time, it is really tearful, so I would like to tell you a secret recipe. When the computer suddenly crashes or loses power, Word files that cannot be archived are temporarily stored in C: // Documents and Settings // administrator // Application Data // Microsoft //

How do I get word 2013 to be saved by default as a Word 2003 document

Word documents created using Word2013 will be saved as Word2013 documents in docx format, and Word2003 can not directly open Word2013-created docx documents without installing file-format compatibility packs. If Word2013 users need to exchange files frequently with Word2003 users, Word2013 users can set their default save format to a doc file that Word2003 users can open. The steps for setting the default

What if Word, Excel document is not saved? How do I get it back?

Computer crashes or sudden power outages, hard to edit the word or Excel documents too late to save, we will not be very annoyed? So how do you get back unsaved documents? The following small series will teach you a trick to help you find unsaved documents quickly. Word does not save document retrieve Documents that

Salvage a Word document that cannot be saved

", all the way click "Yes", the last pop-up to a save page, but the filename has been changed to ~wrl2409, the extension has been changed to. tmp, and then click Save, And then open the file found that an illustrated with more than 4,000 words of the article all become garbled. Ii. two ways to retrieve documents After my unremitting efforts, finally successfully rescued this article, but also a lot of pictures. In this case, most people

What if the Word document isn't saved? How do I set up automatic save?

The following article to introduce you to the Word automatically save the settings to open as long as the setting turned on after the power off the system will find your most recently edited Word document. Set the time Word automatically saves: Office buttons---Word Options

What to do if a Word document is not saved immediately

In the process of editing a document, the document being edited is not saved immediately because of a sudden power outage. How to save some data? There are several ways to fix a document that is not saved for immediate use. How to: Recover a

How do I know if a Word document has been modified since it was saved?

Word documents have been modified after the save, how to know and modify the original document before the different, specifically modified which, you can know? This section uses the Word Document version comparison feature to determine different revisions of two documents, so this tutorial is suitable for different off

Solution: unable to open the document saved by word

Why cannot I open a word saved document?We can solve the problem by restarting the computer. According to the small editor's experience, the word process has no results in the background. To solve this problem, we only need to check the process in the task manager.SolutionThis is generally because the file is being

The title changes to a black box (Mac version) when Word is saved

Reference: reference document says that when the Windows version of Word is different from how my Mac handles it:Word version:Problem Description:Workaround:1, focus on the right side of the black box2, press out the Commond, then press 3, re-select the corresponding style, and select "Update to Match select

How to retrieve a Word document without saving it

can I get the document back without saving it? As a result of the editing process in the event of a power outage, crash or office software process accidentally interrupted the document was not saved in time, after this startup editing software, the software will automatically remind the last error situation, and prompted the automatic recovery and repair of the

Document cannot be opened after word is saved

Edit the text using a Word document, open the saved document again when you finish editing the save, and then prompt "The file is being used by another user, or whether to open a copy." In this case, the file is being used. If there is no sharing and no other users are accessing the LAN,

How to retrieve the missing Word document from U disk

In every regular use of computer office friends, there will be a lot of documents in and out of the general are used to carry a U disk. In particular, personnel offices, administrative office staff, often use the Office Word software, writing documents, notifications or meeting records, and so on. And these files will basically use U disk to pass information, in the process of using the document will be los

The way pages in a Mac computer are saved in Word format

 Pages Save As Word format method Detailed procedures for exporting in PDF, Word, plain text, EPub, or Pages ' 09 file format are as follows: 1, choose "File" "Export" "[File Format]" (the "File" menu is located at the top of the computer screen). 2, specify the export settings, which will vary depending on the file type: PDF: Select image quality. The higher the image quality, the larger the file size

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