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The cerebellum controls the brain, or the brain controls the cerebellum.

Recently more irritable, the cause of trouble is in a small company for two years, but wages have not risen (all companies are like this, the development of slow), want to quit. So Saturday overtime to raise the spirit, with the leadership said want to go back, the leader called me to the balcony to chat for a while, learned that because of the wages of things, I called to the boss's office. First said some polite words, and then cut to the chase. Conclusion: Xia classmate, the reason why did

[Bibliography 20160526] Brain Rules Let the brain free: 12 laws to unleash talent

Recommendation 1 12 laws to make the brain smarterRecommendation 2 walk through the fog zoneEveryone has an incredible brain.Law 1: The more you move, the smarter your brainBelieve it or not, "donkey friend" is smarter than "couch potatoes"!Boss, please change your office coffee machine to a treadmill!Two aerobic exercises a week, Bye bye! with Alzheimer's.Law 2: The brain has been evolvingHumans have conqu

Some companies that do brain research and Brain Simulation Applications

I opened the Wiki homepage of HTM yesterday and accidentally found that the blog Dileep, one of the founders of numenta, was newly opened on the Wiki: Mind matter. As a result, shunteng found his personal homepage, and was surprised to find that the elder brother had left numenta to start a new company: I am on an extended leave of absence from numenta to sort e forming a new company focused on applications. interested in teaming up? Send me a mail at my-first-name at .....

Can brain stimulation aid memory and brain health?

Can Brain stimulation aid memory and brain health?Harvard women ' s Health Watch Image:thinkstock The jury is still out, but magnetic fields or mild electric currents could aid learning and help several conditions that AFF ECT women in particular. stimulating your brain doesn ' t just mean spending an evening at the Thea ter or reading

How to find the search engine in your brain-one of the Internet series in the brain

Preface, this paper as a part of the paper "Internet and Neuroscience cross-comparative study" of the content will be formally published author Liu Feng We have put forward in the paper "the structure and function of the Internet virtual brain" 5 human brain Internet applications, together with the new 6 new Internet applications, the formation of 11 internet virtual

Split-brain and keepalived split-brain in keepalived

Split-brain and keepalived split-brain in keepalived In a high-availability (HA) system, when the "Heartbeat line" of the two nodes is disconnected, the HA system, originally integrated and coordinated, is split into two independent individuals. Because they lost contact with each other, they thought the other party had a fault. The HA software on the two nodes compete for "sharing resources" and "Applicat

The brain in the cylinder (Brain in a Vat)

The first major philosophical proposition in history: the Brain in the cylinder (Brain in a Vat)~ ~ The experiment is about imagining a crazy scientist taking your brain out of your body and putting it in some kind of life-sustaining fluid. Electrodes are inserted into the brain, and electrodes are attached to a comp

Hands-on brain 6, brain 6

Hands-on brain 6, brain 6 I. Ancient Rome Emperor Caesar used the following methods to encrypt Military Intelligence during the war: Compile a program to encrypt or decrypt the English strings entered by the user using the preceding algorithm. The design idea, program flowchart, source code, and result are required. 1. Program Design Idea: Input arbitrary string ming from the keyboard, move each character

Brain fissure problems in high availability (split-brain problem in HA)

serial connection, thereby reducing its chances of re-entering the backup server through the hijacked server. However, the serial cable is limited by the available length, so the primary and standby servers must be very short distances.2, Ethernet Connection: Use this method to eliminate the length of the serial cable limitations, and this connection can be used to synchronize the file system between the primary and standby servers, thereby reducing the bandwidth from the normal communication c

Hands-on brain class exercises, hands-on brain class

Hands-on brain class exercises, hands-on brain class I,Source code, reverse code, and supplemental code (Source: 1,Machine count and real value Before learning the original code, reverse code, and complement code, you must first understand the concept of the number of machines and the real value. (1) number of machines The binary representation of a number in a computer, c

Start brain 4, start brain

Start brain 4, start brain 1. The static Class Method for Finding the number of workers is Square. java. It does not need to be static, but still wants to call the processing method in main. // Class Object Instantiation // Wang Rongrong 2016/10/16 public class SquareIntTest {public static void main (String [] args) {for (int x = 1; x Result: 2. Compile a method to generate a random integer of a specifie

Programmer Learning Revolution-how to use the brain

This article link address: Title: The programmer learns the revolution and teaches you how to use the brainAuthor: XiaoningDate: December 13, 2006Disclaimer: Copyright No, follow your turn A lot of people engage in technology, there are a lot of career change technology, engaged in a period of time finally found that their discomfort in cooperation technology, and back. Want me to say actually is the problem of the

Bzoj 4592: [Shoi2015] brain-hole Therapeutic Instrument Segment Tree _ segment Tree

Meaning Inventor Shtsc, who once invented the automatic brush machine, also released his new invention: a brain-hole therapeutic instrument-a mystical device that could cure his growing brain hole because of his invention.For simplicity's sake, we see the brain as a 01 sequence. 1 represents the brain tissue of this po

Database Brain fissure

considered "dead". NM is also responsible for initializing the cluster's reset (initiatesclusterreconfiguration) when other nodes join or leave the cluster. In the case of brain fissures, NM also monitors votingdisk to learn about other competing subsets of the population (subclusters). About subset groups we need to introduce, imagine our environment there are a large number of nodes, Oracle officially built 128 node environment for our imagination

Ways and means to open the right brain of children _ life and health

A professor of psychology at Harvard University said: "The factors that lead to a person's achievement in all aspects of life, he has one or more of the ' Seven Special intelligences ', and these seven special Intelligences are: logical and rational intelligence, high language intelligence, sports intelligence, space intelligence, self inner intelligence, insight into human nature, Considerate intelligence; music intelligence. "The special intelligence here is actually a person's potential creat

How programmers prevent brain fatigue: Add some dried fruit in the afternoon

A doctor friend put forward some suggestions on how to prevent brain fatigue in the light of my sleepy situation in the afternoon. The main is to regulate the acid-base balance, when the brain excessive or physical overdraft, body fluid is acidic; long-term acidic blood can degrade the neurological function of the brain. So eat more alkaline food, such as kelp, g

How programmers can prevent brain fatigue

Source: A doctor friend put forward some suggestions on how to prevent brain fatigue in the light of my sleepy situation in the afternoon. The main is to regulate the acid-base balance, when the brain excessive or physical overdraft, body fluid is acidic; long-term acidic blood can degrade the neurological function of the

Me and my brain.

Once again I read Chris Frith's "Mind Building: How the brain creates our spiritual world," and after a deeper understanding of the word "mind," we continue to learn Charles Dushig's "power of Habit", Scott Paik's "Path of the few"-the journey of the mature mind. I have a higher level of cognition and deep feelings about my brain and my mind, such as "Li Yu time as a friend-using the mind to liberate", "the

Read some brain science and learn to become smarter

Many people find that they often forget things, efficiency has been reduced, previously from the perspective of time management to write a lot of specific recommendations, today to see scientists from the perspective of scientific research advice, a lot of suggestions can be written with the previous article mutual verification.The following is from "Let the Brain Free", author John. Medina (John Medina) is a developmental molecular biologist who focu

Reading brain science helps you significantly improve efficiency

Tags: HTTP Ar data problem code, working hours, EF Management Many people find that they often forget things and their efficiency has been decreasing. In the past, they wrote many targeted suggestions from the perspective of time management. Today, let's look at the suggestions that scientists give from the perspective of scientific research, many suggestions can be verified with previous articles. The following content comes from making the brain fre

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