how to rotate image 90 degrees

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Leetcode -- rotate image (two-dimensional array rotates 90 degrees clockwise)

Question: You are givenNXN2D matrix representing an image. Rotate the image by 90 degrees (clockwise ). Follow up:Cocould you do this in-place? Analysis: The two-dimensional array a [n] [N] rotates 90 degrees clockwise. To solve this problem, the

How to rotate an image 90 degrees in php

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/*** Modify an image to flip it to a specified degree** @ Param string $ filename file name (including file path)* @ Param float $ degrees rotation degree* @ Return boolean*/Function flip ($ filename, $ src, $ degrees

CC150: rotate a matrix 90 degrees

CC150: rotate a matrix 90 degreesAn image is represented as a matrix of n X n, and a function is written to rotate the image 90 degrees. No extra storage spaceWe assume that we want to rotate the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise. The source image

Rotate the image 90 degrees

Title: Given an image represented by the n*n matrix, where each pixel is 4 bytes in size, write a method that rotates the image 90 degrees. Can you do this without taking up extra memory space?So, how do you exchange these four sides? One approach

Lenovo Computer MIIX3 830 QQ Video When the device is placed vertically, the other side sees the image rotate 90 degrees

Failure phenomenon: MIIX3 830 Tablet PC uses QQ with each other to carry on the video, when the portrait position or holds in the hand (the Lenovo logo is on), the opposite party sees the image to rotate to the right 90 degrees. Reason

OpenCV image in situ (without opening new space) rotate 90 degrees

A while ago a friend encountered such a problem: the image in situ clockwise rotation 90 degrees, do not open up new space. This is a seemingly simple question, and it is not easy to study and find out. After some exploration, finally found the

Detailed use of exif.js to solve the iOS mobile phone upload photos rotated 90 degrees _javascript tips

Html5+canvas mobile phone photo upload, found that the iOS mobile phone upload photos will be rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees, horizontal shot without this problem, the Android phone is not the problem. So the idea to solve this problem is to

Rotate image,n*n matrix clockwise rotation 90 degrees

public class Rotateimage {public void rotate (int[][] matrix) {if (matrix.length = = 1 && matrix[0].length = = 1) {retur n;} int n = matrix.length;for (int i = 0; i   Rotate image,n*n matrix clockwise rotation 90 degrees

Php rotating images 90 degrees

Welcome to the Linux community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff to enter the php rotating picture 90 degrees. The method is not difficult. Let's take a look at the function below: the code is as follows: [php] viewplaincopy ***

For pictures taken by calling the system in android, the returned image is rotated 90 degrees,

For pictures taken by calling the system in android, the returned image is rotated 90 degrees, Reposted blog: A problem encountered during project development: When Samsung's mobile phone was

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