how to round off to two decimal places

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PHP implementation three ways to keep two decimal places

See the topic believe that a lot of small partners will think of using rounding method to achieve, this is also a way, then there are other methods, we will take you to understand the PHP implementation of two decimal places to save several

The number of decimal places can be set.

public static double round(double value, int scale,int roundingmode) { BigDecimal bd = new BigDecimal(value); bd = bd.setScale(scale,roundingmode); double d = bd.doubleValue(); bd = null; return d; } Scale indicates the number of decimal places, and

Comparison between numeric and decimal types in MySQL

Decimal (numeric) synonymous, used to store numeric values accurately.The decimal data type can store up to 38 digits, and all numbers can be placed to the right of the decimal point. The decimal data type stores an accurate (precise) representation

Differences between decimal (numeric), float, and real data types in SQL Server [goto]

Decimal (numeric) synonymous for precise storage of numeric valuesfloat and real cannot store values accuratelyThe decimal data type can store up to 38 digits, and all numbers can be placed to the right of the decimal point. The decimal data type

Use the round function to make rounding more accurate

In the front, we introduced the use of the INT function to construct the rounding function, but sometimes we will encounter more decimal rounding, with the INT function construction will be somewhat laborious, Excel round function can help us. The

Math. Round rounded

Today, the customer ran over and told me that the price calculated in our program was incorrect. I checked and found that the price was converted, and the result was probably a large number of decimal places, only two prices can be printed on the

C # string format example

String. format description C # format the value result table Character Description Example Output C Currency String. Format ("{0: C3}", 2) $2.000

Python formatted output

1, the output of integers%o--oct octal%d--dec Decimal%x--hex Hex1 >>> print ('%o '%) 2 243 >>> print ('%d ') 4 205 >>> print ('%x '% 20) 6 142, floating point output(1) Formatted output%f--retain six digits after the decimal point%.3f, 3 decimal

Wide audience in FormatString format

  This is often used to format strings of dates and numbers, so we sorted out some of the help items here. The following table describes the standard format specifiers used to format DateTime objects.Format descriptionD. The short date mode displays

How to use Java bigdecimal:a Tutorial__java

Contents [Hide] 1 the Problem 2 Primer on Financial Issues 3 introducing BigDecimal 4 rounding and Scalin 5 immutability and Arithm Etic 6 Comparison 7 "to" Round:thoughts on Precision 8 Appendix 8.1 API Reference 8.2 ofbiz Framework 8.3 Minilang

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