how to run package manager in ubuntu

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Ubuntu experience: (install the software package)

Linux and Unix2012-12-06 17: 40 19 people read comments (0) collect reports 1. First, you must configure the network.There are a lot of interesting introductions on the Internet. Most of them need to remove the NetworkManager.This is mainly because

Summary of software installation in Linux (Software Package Manager, source code package, and graphic desktop environment)

Document directory 1. RPM stands for Red Hat Package Manager (Red Hat Package Manager) 2. Yum stands for Yellow Dog Updater, modified 3. Deb 4. APT (theadvanced packaging tool) 1. The suffix is .tar.gz?tar.z=tar.bz2 or. tgz. 2. Installation

30 tweaks help Ubuntu 13.04 to the higher level

After the installation of Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail, we have 30 more adjustments to make.1, Ubuntu 13.04 Raring ringtail After installation, I carried out a series of workDo you want to know what's new in the latest version of UBUTNU? I think the

How can I install a software package in Ubuntu in the format of "Maid ?"?

For example, if I installed the software package ". deb" in Ubuntu, which is in the format of ". deb"Format Installation File google-chrome-stable.deb double-click or right-click shortcut menu select Synaptic PackageThe Manager prompts an error when

Ubuntu server 10.04 Installation Guide

Address: AE .89.E8.A3.9D.E8.BB.9F.E9. AB .94   Everything is difficult at the beginning, although it is not difficult to install ubuntu server, haha This document describes how to use the Ubuntu 10.0

Install Enpass Security Password Manager on Ubuntu

How to install the Enpass Password Manager in Ubuntu 10, Ubuntu, Ubuntu, and derivatives on Linux. The Enpass is similar to the 1Pssword on The OSX platform and the KeePass on the Windows platform. It is an open-source and free cryptographic Manager

Install graphical APT management tools on Ubuntu 17.10 To create a new software package manager

Install graphical APT management tools on Ubuntu 17.10 To create a new software package manager The new version is the graphical front-end of the Ubuntu package management tool apt. It combines simple graphical operations with the powerful

Ubuntu Tutorial: apt software package management

Ubuntu Tutorial: apt package management apt-getupdate-after you change/etc/apt/sources. list or/etc/apt/preferences, you need to run this command to make the change take effect. At the same time, run this command regularly to ensure that your source

Install Snap app to Ubuntu 16.4 desktop system

Canonical company released a new 16.04 system in the last April 2016, and this system is long term support-lts. It supports the Debian installation package as always, but it also supports the latest snap installation package. The snap installation

[Point of View] Why do we need to run Ubuntu?

This is an article in favor of Ubuntu. I am not a desktop system software developer. The only desktop programming knowledge is that I used Qt to write an XMPP client in college. Therefore, I am not familiar with the underlying desktop technology, do

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