how to run php file in wamp

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After configuring Wamp, the browser enters the default php file name to download the document directly

PHP WMAP Apache Apache is already running, the main problems are: I'm creating a new index.php file. Phpinfo (); ?> Then enter http://localhost or http://localhost/index.php in the browser Enter everything and download the document directly,

Interpretation of WAMP and LAMP: from opposition to Integration

I. Origin of LAMP The term "LAMP" first came from the German Magazine "ct Magazine". In 1990, Michael Kunze first combined these projects to create the abbreviation "LAMP. Although these components are not designed for use at the beginning, these

Windows7 Build Wamp Environment

Wamp:Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHPFirst, in Dunder the packing directoryNew Catalog Wamp,WampList of directories under constructionwwwand thebin,wwwdirectory as the site file entry directory,binList of directories under constructionApache2.4.23,Php7

WAMP server helps you quickly build a PHP integration environment on Windows

WAMP server helps you quickly build a PHP integration environment on WindowsOriginal addressI think as long as a few days to climb the network of students will know PHP, the new version of the meta-PHP is based on the WordPress program made out,

Multi-Directory Hanging Web site under Wamp control

Image:A few days ago there is an online watch php100 video learning php friends asked me how in the Wamp on different directories to hang multiple sites, I searched the information on the Internet, I have been pondering the afternoon, now put their

Use WAMP to build a PHP local development environment and wamp to build php development

Use WAMP to build a PHP local development environment and wamp to build php development Preface PHP is a server scripting language, so it can only run on the server. As a newbie, it may take a long time to set up a server. Therefore, in the entry

WAMP environments are installed separately (versions of apache2.4, mysql5.5, php5.5 under Windows)

I'm currently using apache2.4, mysql5.5, php5.5 versions.Software Download:1, vc20122. Apache3. mysql4. phpThe above four required software I have been packaged to upload to 51CTO Download Center, if necessary to download, the following installation

Install WAMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in Windows.

Document directory Preparations before installation LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) architecture is currently the world's most popular environment for small and medium-sized website services. Its ease of use and security have been

Windows Wamp Environment Composer use in OpenSSL problem resolution

Today, under Windows Learning Lavaral, use the composer Update command to report the following error:[Composer\exception\nosslexception]The OpenSSL extension are required for SSL/TLS protection but are not available. If You can not enable the

Wamp Environment Construction

Although the ideal environment for PHP running is lamp, and there is any Wamp on the Internet to build a one-step package, but in view of some of the scum (such as myself), I have not engaged in Linux, in addition, windows may have been installed in

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