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Sublime Text 3 Create a comfortable tool (run Python directly) __python

1:package contro L Press CTRL + ' (number 1 on the Left, TAB key above), and then enter the code, carriage return: Import Urllib.request,os; PF = ' Package control.sublime-package '; IPP = Sublime.installed_packages_path (); Urllib.request.install_opener (Urllib.request.build_opener (Urllib.request.ProxyHandler ())); Open (Os.path.join (IPP, PF), ' WB '). Write (Urllib.request.urlopen ('' + pf.replace (', '%20 ')) . Read ())

Python the next day: Sublime text 3 run shortcut key set to F5

Open C:\Users\xxx (your name) \appdata\roaming\sublime Text 3\packages\sublimerepl\config\python, and adjust the specific path according to your situation. AppData may be a hidden folder, you need to set the hidden folder to be visible before you can find it. open Main.sublime-menu, see inside is also JSON format. Look

Sublime Text 3, execute Python code cannot be entered

Install sublime REPL First, and then update the following code in the user-defined key bindings:[ {"Keys": ["Super+shift+r"], "command": "Repl_open", "caption": "Python", "mnemonic": "P", "args": { "type": "Subprocess", "encoding": "UTF8", " cmd": ["

Configure the Python runtime environment for Sublime TEXT2 (Sublime Text 3 is similar)

current File menu, SUBLIMEREPL, Tools----is a bit cumbersome, so you can now consider creating a shortcut key for him; Perferences-Key Bindin Paste the following code in the GS User:[{"Keys": ["F5"], "caption": "Sublimerepl:python-run Current File", "command": "Run_existing_window_command", "args": { "id": "repl_python_run", "File": "Config/python/main.sublime-m

Sublime Text 3 + minGW cannot read cin. Run Command Line cmd successfully.

a new file named C. sublime-build (note not to modify the file name and Case sensitivity ). For example: 3. open the file in notepad and add the following content. 4. Click preference-> Key Binding-User and add the following line. {"Keys": ["ctrl + alt + shift + B"], "command": "build", "args": {"variant": "RunInCommand "}} Ctrl + alt + shift + B Corresponds to the shortcut key during execution. Of course

C + + Environment configuration in Sublime text 3 and command line Run window creation

This article is mainly to paste some questions about sublime text 3 C and C + + compilation Environment We know that the current compiler is G++,GCC, however, when we use the sublime text to write C + + programs, we can only run i

Translation: Build an all-purpose python development environment based on sublime Text 3

Original address: title: Setting up Sublime Text

Write and run the Java program on sublime Text 3

ReferenceThe first thing is to install the JDK configuration environment variable, this is not much to say.The second step is to download and install sublime Text3.The third step is to create a batch file named Runjava.bat, which is placed under the bin of the JDK:1@ECHO OFF2cd%~DP13ECHO Compiling%~nx1 .....4 IFEXIST%~n1.class (5DEL%~n1.class6 ) 7Javac%~nx18 IFEXIST%~n1.class (9ECHO-----------OUTPUT-----------TenJava%~n1 One)ExpandFourth step, find t

Python Development using Sublime Text 3

time is free, finally decided to toss a bit.Before you begin, see a chart on the package Contorl website and give yourself a reassuranceAs you can see, the largest plug-in has been compatible with the 3 version, and there are a handful of new plugins specifically for 3 customization. So, you can safely go to the 3 version of the trial. The

Sublime Text 3 Compilation run Java

Way One:Create a new Building system (tools–>building system–>new Building System) and enter the following in the popup text box:{"cmd": ["Javac", "$file _name", "", "Java", "$file _base_name"],"Working_dir": "${project_path:${folder}}","Selector": "","Shell": true,"Encoding": "GBK"}"Encoding": "GBK" code can be changed according to the situation Utf-8. Way two:Sublime

Sublime Text 3 Configure Java program to run the environment __java

After downloading the JDK, set the environment variables first. WIN10 Setting the environment is a little different from the way it was before, write it down here.1. In the system environment variables, divided into user variables and system variables, where the operation is in the system variable2. Click "New", the variable is named "Java_home", the variable value is the address of the JDK, I am here for C:\Program files\java\jdk1.8.0_121 3. Click "

Sublime Text 3 Configuring C + + compilation Run

Because like Sublime Text 3 of the highlight color, so want to write the program Here. When configuring the configuration file from Emacs I don't know where to go. vim configuration for half a day is very fulfilling, I am more familiar with the configuration File. But Sublime Text

Sublime Text 3 How to compile and run C + + programs

(English) toolbar. Open itEnter the following in the open file1 {2"Encoding": "Utf-8",3"Working_dir": "$file _path",4"Shell_cmd": "g++-wall-std=c++11 \" $file _name\ "-o \" $file _base_name\ "",5"File_regex": "^ (... [^:]*]:([0-9]+):? ([0-9]+)?:? (.*)$",6"Selector": "Source.c++",7 8"Variants": 9 [Ten { One"Name": "Run", A"Shell_cmd": "g++-wall \" $file \ "-o \" $file _base_name\ " start cm

Configuring compile and run C + + programs in Sublime Text 3

Download extract MinGW to target directory, this installation of the decompression directory is C:\MinGWSet environment variables. Right-click My Computer, Properties--advanced--environment variables.Add C:\MinGW\bin in the System environment variable path (if there are other variables inside, remember to add the English semicolon;), click OK, OK, OKTest that the MinGW is installed successfully. Win+r, run the cmd command line, execute g++-V in the cm

Sublime Text 3 Configure Java program run environment (can introduce jar package, console input)

1, Sublime Text 3--->preference--->browse Packages, double-click the user folder in the open window, Create a new file Javac.sublime-build, open it with Notepad, paste the following code, and save the shutdown: {" cmd": ["Javac", "-encoding", "UTF-8", "D", ".", "$file"], "File_regex": "^ (... *?):( [0-9]*]:? (

Sublime Text 3 Some personal settings for configuring the Python development environment

As we all know, ST3 (Sublime Text 3) comes with a build python that can run the. py file directly, but it cannot be used if the input () function is involved.Here are some of my personal things for me to be enough of the configuration, because I am still in the beginning of

Python first day (bottom): sublime text 3 shortcut keys Daquan and configuring the compilation environment

C + + with a connection.)Build myjrun.bat where the command line can be accessed directly (i put it directly under Jdk/bin)@ECHO OFFCd%~dp1ECHO compiling%~nx1 ...IF EXIST%~n1.class (DEL%~n1.class)Javac%~nx1IF EXIST%~n1.class (ECHO Running ...ECHO----------------------OUTPUT----------------------Java%~n1)Note You cannot use the Cls.Modify the Java compilation Options (back up the original).Catalog: Packages/java.sublime-package/javac.sublime-build{"shell_cmd": "myjrun.bat \" $file \ "","file_re

Configuring Vex and Python locales for Houdini 13 under sublime Text 3

It took a couple of hours to finally get the sublime in place, to write Vex and Python in it, and to set up the autofill capabilities of Python for Houdini modules and other expansion packs. Here is a brief introduction of the installation of sublime, because this is not the focus, so only introduced his bas

Sublime Text 3 registration code/activation code and detailed description of the localization process

Sublime Text, is a paid software, if you need to purchase a genuine need of 70 U.S. dollars, for ordinary individual users is still not a small cost. However, we can use the powerful network resources, as well as a lot of enthusiastic netizens to find cracked version and activation code free of charge. If we cost permission, the proposal or purchase genuine seria

Use Sublime Text 3 as a Python editor for Chinese issues

+shift+p to open the command line mode, enter the install package keyword, and then click the first item in the Automatic drop-down menu: Package Control : Install package. At this point you will see a = sign in the lower left corner to move around, wait a moment. 3. Once again, a drop-down menu appears at the command line. Enter "ConvertToUTF8" or "GBK Encoding support" to select a match. Chinese characters are displayed as normal.

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