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The error "declare not found" is displayed when the shell script is run in Ubuntu.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Declare not found error (dash in Ubuntu): # Why, # DASH: @ 2010-Mar-25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This problem only

Linux Discovery Tour | Part V Lesson two: a shell deep like the sea, cool shell love

--book author Shenmon reprint please specify the source Content Introduction Objective What is a shell? Our first shell script Run the shell script Summarize Part V Third lesson preview: variable in hand, shell not

Shell script programming Basics

Shell programming BASICS (from the UBUNTU Forum) (12:49:20) Reprinted Tags:Shell Classification: programming (C ++) Http:// Why shell programming?In Linux, although there

[i] write the first Shell script

What is a Shell script? The simplest explanation is that a shell script is a file that contains a series of commands. The shell reads the file and executes all the commands in the file as if the commands were entered directly into the command

Install Ubuntu TV step by step in ubuntu11.10

Ubuntu TV installation Directory Chapter 2 target platform... 2 Chapter 2 install Ubuntu TV... 2.1 Download Ubuntu TV source code... 2 2.2 compile Ubuntu TV source code... 2 2.3 download, compile, and install the unity video system... 2 2.4 download

Shell learning notes, shell script Learning Guide

Shell learning notes, shell script Learning Guide It's all a bit of fragmented knowledge. What do you need to write! 1. shell Script Parameters C uses (int * argc, char * argv []) to process parameters, python sys. argv [0] (Script Name), sys. argv [

Ubuntu Shell script Run exception: The difference between bash and dash

Under Ubuntu I wrote a shell script with bash to grammar (exactly the script on the computer), under Ubuntu, with SH to run, but there are unexpected results, such as ECHO-E "\ntest\n" to the execution is different, Run directly with the SH

Shell and makefile that complement the foundation

2.2.1, Shell Introduction (1) Shell can be understood as a software system to provide user operation of the command line interface, it can be said that he is a way of human-computer interaction (2) We can use the shell and the operating

Linux Shell Script Tutorial Series (i): Shell primer

This article mainly introduces the Linux Shell Script series (i): Introduction to the shell, this article explains the shell introduction, Shell basic operations, how to open the shell terminal, Shell script concept, how to run shell script, shell

Abnormal shell script running in ubuntu: Difference between bash and dash

Shell script running exception in ubuntu: the difference between bash and dash I used bash to write a shell script (to be precise, I typed the script in the book into the computer). in ubuntu, use shtest. sh to run, but unexpected results appear,

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