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Install Win7 What to do if Windows Installer is unable to configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

  Method One: When prompted, press SHIFT+F10 will open the Command window, into the C:windowssystem32oobe folder, enter the Msoobe carriage return, you can enter the next step into the user name and password operation. At this point the error box is still there, don't bother. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the appropriate information, click on the Red Fork on the error box to close the dialog box, the system restarts, also skipped this error, until the system successfully installed. Aft

Windows Installer cannot configure windows to run on the hardware of this computer (HP superscript pavilion 14-b042tu)

When you use the system installation CD to directly install the system, the following error occurs: "Windows InstallationProgramWindows cannot be configured to run on the hardware of this computer. "As a result, the system cannot complete the installation.The hard disk is SATA and requires driver boot.Solution: installation steps:1. Intel rapid storage technology driver sp58391Http://

There is a problem with the Windows Installer package, this installation requires a DLL that cannot be run

Error: The Windows Installer package has a problem and the DLL required for this installation cannot be runCause: The first time the installation is not completed or not completely uninstalled, so the installation can not be installed again, the rest of the unloaded in the uninstall can not downloadWORKAROUND: 1. First make sure that the Windows

Installing the JDK "Windows installer package is problematic, this installation requires a DLL that cannot be run ... Reproduced

Previously changed the installation location of the jdk1.6, the results can not be uninstalled when uninstalled, reinstall is not possible, the Windows Installer package is prompted with a problem,First make sure that the Windows Installer service is turned on, run services.

Always run Windows Installer (Visual Studio) workaround when you open Excel

Problem Description: After you install Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate, when you open Excel, you always see "Windows is configuring Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate-chs, please wait... ", you can open Excel after clicking the Cancel button. Workaround: Open the "Office Button" in the upper left corner of Excel, click "Excel Options" at the bottom, select "Add-ons" in the list on the left, select "COM Add-ins" in the list after "manage" at the bottom,

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