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Jasper exports PDF and XLS in JSP

Environment Configuration 1. Correctly install and configure the Java JDK 2 put ireport in C:/ireport 3. Put ant in C:/ant (the ant path of Bea is D:/BEA/weblogic81/Server/ant) 4 place the jasperreports-1.2.0.jar in the current classpath (not added,

How the page of a PDF file rotates direction

Now there are a lot of documents are the format of the PDF, usually receive documents and download some document files will encounter the pdf file, but if the resulting PDF file page is reversed, unable to properly view the document content, then

Jasper Export PDFs and xls__jsp in JSPs

Environment configuration 1 Installing the Java JDK correctly 2 Put ireport in the C:/ireport. 3 Put Ant in C:/ant (I'm using Bea's ant path is d:/bea/weblogic81/server/ant) 4 put Jasperreports-1.2.0.jar into the current classpath (no Plus, I'm

Start the automatic layout tutorial in iOS 7 (i)

Have you ever wanted your app to look good and frustrated in the direction of the screen? Are you near incontinence when it comes to supporting the iphone and ipad screen layout interface? Today I will bring you good news! It is not difficult to

[Lecture Notes] Stanford University Open class: IOS 7 App Development Lecture7

1.One is ' s a floating point number. All floating point numbers that has the to does with drawing on the screen or getting touch events or whatever is Cgfloats.thi s might be a double. It might is just a regular floating point number.

[Translation] concepts of raid and the impact of raid on SQL Performance

Introduction We have heard of raid and often discuss raid as an SQL dBA, developer, or architecture engineer. However, many of us are not familiar with raid principles, levels, and how raid affects SQL server performance. This articleArticleTo

Win32 OpenGL programming (11) Illumination

Document directory 1. Define the object's normal 2. Create and select the light source, and set the position 3. Create and select a Illumination Model 4. Define material attributes of an object Write by nine days Yan Ling (jtianling) -- blog.

16 Adobe AIR programs for designers and developers

Adobe AIR is increasingly favored by desktop application developers for its ease of use and cross-platform support. Today, there are many gorgeous Applications created through Adobe AIR, many of which serve designers and developers. The following

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