how to say last week in japanese

Want to know how to say last week in japanese? we have a huge selection of how to say last week in japanese information on

German cars vs Japanese cars

Car, first of all to see the automotive industry and technology level.Look first, the United States selected 2007 of the world's top ten engine (no class, as long as the production of cars):1. Audi's 2-liter FSI turbo-DOHC I4 engine (applicable

Why did Japanese mobile phones lose China?

Not long ago, the last trump card of Japanese mobile phones Kyocera announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, representing a full retreat of Japanese mobile phones from the Chinese mobile market. Toshiba first withdrew from the Chinese

500 common Japanese sessions

1. Please wait until then. First meeting. 2. There are too many other users. Please take care of it. 3. zookeeper has been completed before (zookeeper) has been released. Please take care of it. 4. When there are too many threads, there are too many

Blog strategy of promotion method in Japanese station

I am in a Japanese foreign trade company to do SEO promotion for more than 2 years, Japan is based on Google search engine, and do Google, the chain is the most important, outside the chain is also a blog most commonly used, of course, the Light

Japanese novels _ 9

9 Zookeeper and zookeeper have been added to the zookeeper for heavy-duty audio-anti-leech protection. When the zookeeper is added to the zookeeper, The benbenyan has been added to the zookeeper. when combined, when combined. The bed is fully

Serial | Wonderful speeches on the Internet (ii)

Terry Kuok:"People" and "republic" are Japanese = = In the People's Republic of China.LEEMZ2002:Japanese "People", "republic" and other words are from the Chinese classical, not the Japanese original new words."People" from the "historical records

English learning experience

Preface   According to Greg Thomson, a famous linguistics, "the principle of foreign language learning is so complicated.No one can speak clearly, but the process of mastering the language is so simple that you do not need to clarify it clearly.Chu .

Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)

Theme: Tell the truth (just look at the Chinese) Author:Zxxdx ( Zxxdx) published in: 18:49:47 [logon] [registration] [reply] [Send a message] Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)As a scholar, I am not here to show off. With this forum,

What Koreans wrote to make all Chinese people feel ashamed !!!

Dear Chinese friends on the Internet, good Network Manager (smiling and bowing ). I am a college student from the Republic of Korea and now I am studying in Shanghai, your country. I have been in Guizhou for about five years,I first came with my

Time expression setting in quartz ----- corn expression

Time expression setting in quartz ----- corn expression Time Format: , Corresponding to: Second> minute> hour> day> month> week> year, Example: 1. When to run every day: 0 59 23 **? : for example, run at 23:59:00 every day. 0 1, 2, 3 11, 12 **? :

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