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also modify it in PHP. INI);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Dynamic extensions ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Extension = php_pdo_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll Extension = php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll Use phpinfo () Header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset = UTF-8 ");$ Servername = ", 1433"; // local$ Database = "dadiands ";$ Uid = "sa ";$ Pwd = "123456 ";Try {$ Conn = new PDO ("sqlsrv: Server = $ servername; database = $ Database", $ uid, $ PWD );$ Conn-> setattri

Android Development Note ___ Image View __ Simple screenshot

movie." "What do you do in the evening?" " }; $ $ @Override - Public BooleanOnlongclick (View v) { - if(V.getid () = { theTv_capture.settext (""); - }Wuyi return true; the } - @Override Wu Public voidOnClick (View v) { - if(V.getid () = { About intRandom = (int) (Math.random () *10)% 5; $String newstr = String.Format ("%s\n%s%s", - Tv_capture.gettext (). toString (), Dateutil.getcurdatestr (), Mchatstr[ra

Linux Kernel complete anatomy learning note typing too tired screenshot continuous update

statements cause task switching, the CPU automatically saves the TSS content of the current task, and restores the TSS content of the task that needs to be switched to, causing the task to switch. The description of Task 1 and Task 2 is similar to task 0. 5. Copy-on-write In order to be in physical memory, the new process shares the same memory area as the original process when it calls fork () to generate a new process. Only when one

Windows 8 returns win + PrtSc to 0

If you have used Windows 8, you must try Windows 8 with Windows 8's full screen win + prtSc.In other words, we have a shortcut screenshot key in Windows 8: win + prtSc. We all know that prtSc is a shortcut key in Windows.However, in Windows

Valid tive C # Item 8: ensure that 0 is a valid state for value types

initialization.Planet sphere = planet. Mars; This makes it difficult for us to use this type in other types, because we don't know what value to initialize it. Using this type to create an object will create an invalid planet.Observationdata d = new observationdata (); Make sure that 0 is a valid value. If possible, it should be the best default value. There is no optimal solution for planet enumeration. When the user does not use it, it should not c

[51 single-chip microcomputer] to start from 0 to do 4-bit 8-segment Common Yin Digital tube 3461AS Drive Talk about the details of the decision to high quality DIY

to protect them.Because there are 3-8 examples of decoders my direct drive idea is further verified, so the synthesis of the above analysis gives the following scenario: 4) How to useThe same I put about the 3461AS package up (below)In the file where you want to use the feature, first include the header file, and then reference the Duanma array, the TempData array, and the display function for displaying.Then store the data in TempData before y

Use Visual studio11 to develop a driver on Windows 8 to implement the process of filling in 0 kill memory

In Windows NT, The 80386 protection mode is more robust than Windows 95, and this "gold-plated cage" is more robust and hard to break. In Windows 95, at least application I/O operations are unrestricted, while in Windows NT, our applications are deprived of this permission. In NT, it is almost impossible to enter the real ring0 layer.In Windows NT, there are three device drivers: 1. "virtual device driver" (VDD ). Through VDD, 16-bit applications, such as DOS and Win16 applications, can access s

Older Dick Silk Self-study note--java 0 basics to rookie--006

Binary, original code, complement, anti-code1. Four kinds of binary1 (on), 0 (off) consists of a binary data: 1 bit (bit).1 byte=8 bit, 1 k=1024 byte, 1 m=1024 k, 1 g=1024 m, 1 t=1024 G.Binary: 0, 1 composition, with "0b" beginning.Octal: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, starting with "0

Small Turtle 0 Basic assembly Language learning Note the sixth chapter contains multiple segments of the program

of our defined font data: In the 0b4fh:0010 beginning of the address unit, stored our instructions: But we view 0B 4f:0000 This address unit, it does not store our instructions (supposedly it will be stored in our instructions, but our instructions are stored in the 0b4fh:0010 start of the address unit): The reason is that the CPU reads the instructions corresponding to the machine code, from the 0b4f:0 000 The starting geological unit, stored in the

Learn Swift note finishing from 0 (iii)

parent class's stored property.Overrides a static property.A static property definition in a class uses the class or static keyword, but which is used to see if the property is overridden in a subclass.Class-Modified properties can be overridden, and the static keyword cannot be overridden. (example ignored)This is the basic note that I am learning swift to organize, hope to give more just learn iOS developer to bring help, here bloggers thank you ve

Small Turtle 0 Basic assembly Language learning note Fifth [BX] and loop instructions

This chapter mainly describes what is [BX] and loop (loop) instruction how to use, loop and [BX] how to combine, what the paragraph prefix is what ghosts, and how to use the paragraph prefix. 1, [BX] concept [BX] and [0] similar, [0] indicates that the memory unit offset address is 0. To fully describe a memory unit, you need two kinds of information: the address

Python source code profiling note 0--c Language basics

size (if there is pragma pack (n), which is the smaller value of N and member size)As a result, the following structures S1 and S2, although the contents are the same, but the field order is different and the size is different sizeof(S1) = 8, 而sizeof(S2) = 12 . If defined #pragma pack(2) , thesizeof(S1)=8;sizeof(S2)=8 typedefstruct node1{ int a; char

Python's learning Note (0) The use of loops 1

! ") - elifageMyage: - Print("Although I know I look very young, but you guessed wrong oh! ") the -Count+=1 - ifCount==4: -Continue_confirm=input ("you've run out of three chances! Are you trying again? y/n") + ifcountine_confirm=='y': -Count=1 + Else: A Print('It seems the game is over! But you seem to have lost! ')  Through the above a simple sample, you can see his basic principle and C + +, but note that in Python

"Head First Javascript" Learning note 0--to make a CHM reference manual material

); Returns 2parseint ("10", 8); Returns 8parseint ("10", 10); Returns 10If the decimal number contains a leading 0, it is best to use cardinality 10 so that the octal value is not unexpectedly obtained. For example:parseint ("010"); Returns 8parseint ("010", 8); Returns 8parseint ("010", 10); Returns 10The Parsefloat () method is similar to the parseint () method

NDK development _ Note 0, ndk Development notes

NDK development _ Note 0, ndk Development notes Google's attitude towards China, the world's second largest market, has been cool since Google's move out of China. However, on July 15, December 8, Beijing time, the Google 2016 Developer Conference was held in Beijing, and the Google developer website targeting China was launched: /. G

Python Learning Note 0

delete in the middle of the list, to select at the tail, so as not to change the subscript of some elements in the list. 7. Keys in a dictionary can only be immutable data, such as integers, real numbers, complex numbers, strings, tuples, and so on, and cannot be duplicated.A list, collection, dictionary, or other mutable type cannot be a key in a dictionary.8. The collection can only contain immutable data types, such as numbers, strings, tuples, an

Older Dick Silk Self-study note--java 0 basics to rookie--034

synchronization?Two kinds: Synchronous code block, synchronous method.(3) What is the difference between starting a thread that is run () or start ()?Start ().Run (): Encapsulates code that is executed by the thread, called directly, and is equivalent to a call to a normal method.Start (): Starts the thread and the run () method is called automatically by the JVM.(4) What is the difference between sleep () and wait ()?Sleep (): The time must be specified, and no lock is released.Wait (): You ca

Older Dick Silk Self-study note--java 0 basics to rookie--019

of the class implementation interface is: Class extends Object Implement interface {}.     The object class, which is the root class for all class hierarchies, uses the object class as the superclass and is the method by which all objects (packet-amplified arrays) implement this class.3, class, interface relationshipClass-To-Class relationships: Inheritance relationships can only be single-inheritance, multiple-tier inheritance.Interface and interface relationship: implementation of the relatio

Older Dick Silk Self-study note--java 0 basics to rookie--026

System class, BigInteger class, Decimal class, Date class, SimpleDateFormat class, Calendar class1. System classGC ();Exit ();Currenttimemillis ();Arraycopy ();2, BigInteger classAdd ();Subtract ();Multiply ();Divide ();Divideandremainder ();3. Decimal classAdd ();Subtract ();Multiply ();Divide ();4. Date classGetTime ();SetTime ();5, SimpleDateFormat classFormat ();6. Calendar classGetInstance ();Get ();Add ();Set ();The last day of February in a year1 int year=2015; 2 3 Calendar cad=calendar.g

Older Dick Silk Self-study note--java 0 basics to rookie--013

voidYangintN) { 7 if(n>0){8 //two-dimensional arrays9 int[] y=New int[n][];Ten if(n==1){ Oney[0]=New int[]{1}; A}Else if(n==2){ -y[0]=New int[]{1}; -y[1]=New int[]{1,1}; the}Else{ -y=New int[n][]; -y[0]=New int[]{1}; -y[1]=New

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