how to secure joomla website

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Joomla exposes the high-risk 0-day vulnerability and can be remotely executed.

Joomla exposes the high-risk 0-day vulnerability and can be remotely executed. The Joomla security team urgently released version 3.4.6 to fix a high-risk 0-day vulnerability. It is reported that the vulnerability has been detected for more than two

101 metrics for a perfect website. Part 1. Overview

Preface   The most interesting profession in the world is website designers. Some people charge 5000 US dollars for their work, while others can only pay 129 US dollars. Many people cannot see the difference between the two, I have met a Canadian

PHP open-source project

Introduction: This is a detailed page of the PHP open-source project. It introduces related knowledge, skills, experiences, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 335089

[Chinese] Introduction to joomla1.7 extension acymailing starter (Mail List and email marketing)

Acymailing starter Plugin category: content sharing => Newsletter Supported versions: 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 Degree of attention: [most popular] Type: component, plug-in, multi-language   Do you want to be more automated, effective, and distinctive? Take

The website is written by PHP program, why do I say to choose the Linux system PHP virtual host?

This article tags: php program lamp architecture PHP web site Apache configuration virtual host Server At home, the space market can be described as "leafy", about PHP space, PHP virtual host in the Baidu search for a millions record,

How can we enhance the security of Apache Web servers?

  Installing and maintaining secure Web servers on Linux is not easy. This requires an in-depth understanding of Linux, Apache, and PHP server options. One of the main problems is how to strike a balance between security, productivity, and usability.

Excerpt from CMS-Content Management System

Joomla: a content management system, similar to Drupal, and is improving every day. Drupal is suitable for community websites and blogs, while joomla tends to be e-commerce. Development language: PHP Jeecms: it is short for Java Enterprise Edition

How to measure the quality of the CMS system

The Content Management System (CMS) is no longer simply a content release, and becomes more flexible to help users manage workflows. With CMS, you can easily plan, edit, index, and publish content, while designers and programmers can more flexibly

Comparison of PHP, Python, ruby--web scripting languages

Summary In the last few years, scripting languages have become increasingly popular in Web application programming. This paper attempts to find the differences, advantages and disadvantages in today's three most popular languages: PHP, Python, and

What should I do? Carefully selected passwords are still under attack

Although attacks caused by easy-to-guess passwords often appear in the headlines of the media, the current password cracking system is already very advanced, it can even crack the password created by a seemingly complex notebook device. By using a

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