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5 months after prison, self-taught PHP, and independently made a number of PHP Web site, as a programmer talent?

I was a newly released from prison, I was released from prison in 2011, I only had computer hardware, will save the machine installed system anti-virus, just a quick typing of ordinary people, I used 5 months by self-taught to master PHP, and independent only made a number of PHP Web site, not with the open source framework to change, but completely write their own, Does this count as a programming talent? Can you do this line? Reply content:Agree wit

[Good News] the programmer's wife said... Those programmers taught me

literature cannot interpret a female? Although I have never learned etiquette, I started to register for street dance in my freshman year. Is it worth pity that only girls who have learned etiquette can be pity, and a girl wearing a duck hat and dancing street dance should be despised collectively? ...... Yes, you are smarter than me. I know that I will meet a boy who looks at me. He told me that you are very special. Well, you don't need to change it ...... I suddenly felt that his surrounding

Examples of self-taught HTML and self-taught HTML

Examples of self-taught HTML and self-taught HTML Here I will not repeat the use of different tags in HTML only to give some examples of self-entertainment when learning, specific label usage please refer to W3C (, after all, this is the most reliable, do not trust any second-party trafficker. Example 1: A simple page for displaying and introducing Cartoon Character Images The d

Feng God taught me database, brother Wu taught me to write documents--one

Last night, Feng God said: The entity set is out of the other sets can exist alone, the contact set is associated with other sets have a meaningful(Excerpt from Mactalk Jiangianghiang public platform)Traditional software product development is generally the case:1, determine the product positioning and demand, determine the scope of the first iteration.2, the production interface prototype.3, technology selection, and then according to the technology selection for each developer to build develop

10 Programming taught

the growing designers have the opportunity to influence each other and inspire each other. This actually assumes that some people themselves have the necessary potential to become outstanding designers, to do is to guide them forward. Alan Perlis More concise: "Everyone can be taught how to sculpture, but for Michelangelo, can teach him how can not go to sculpture." Great programmers, too. "So go buy those Java books, and you'll probably find so

Development experience Sharing: 10 programming self-taught

. In short, if you are, say, a basic programmer, you can learn to write basic-style programs in Pascal's syntax, but you can't learn Pascal's true virtues (and flaws). Where's the key? Alan Perlis, the first chairman of ACM, the Turing Prize winner, 1922-1990, once said: "If a language does not affect your idea of programming, it is not worth learning." Another idea is that sometimes you have to learn a little bit about Pascal (more likely Visual Basi

"Reprint" I wish I learned programming, someone taught me these things!

checked, but your code is there! Ask! Problem! You have no clue as to how to get the wrong line.The error message (if you have any luck) is likely to tell you---"I'm going". At this time, you are likely to want to give up. You think you'll never be able to handle it, and feel like you're not programmed.Hey! I had the same sense of frustration when I first tried to write a C + + program that ran and just got the error code like "Segmentation fault".But this experience is normal for any

More than 80-year-old self-taught programming development hand Tour attended the Apple Developer Conference

spirit is really worth every programmer to learn, this spirit, it is worth us to think about ourselves, the way of our own struggle, in the end exhausted the full? Can you do it better?650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-1316 "alt=" QQ20170809183109 "src="/http "width=" 373 "height=" 237 " style= "height:auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px;ma

Self-taught C language-1

program's operation.9. Errors in computer programs, defects, vulnerability--dug, the process of eliminating errors becomes--debug.10. Breakpoints are a debugging method that is specially set up to facilitate the programmer to observe the internal state of the program during the debugging process. When the program runs to a breakpoint, it will be automatically paused, but the program's memory, registers and other data will be retained for the

Deep Learning: Fifteen (self-taught learning exercises)

  Preface: This experiment is mainly used to practice the implementation of soft-taught learning. Reference: Soft-taught leaning uses unsupervised learning to learn feature extraction parameters, and then uses supervised learning to train classifiers. Sparse autoencoder and softmax regression are used here. The data of the experi

PHP Basics (Share some previous notes every day hoping to help self-taught friends)

PHP Basics (First day)PHP tags1, to know that PHP is a kind of embedded HTML document scripting language; PHP syntax format is: 2, PHP tags have four kinds: standard tag, script tag, short label, ASP tag.Standard labelecho ' Hello word '; This is the simplest output Hello Word, note that the end of the code is terminated with the English semicolon.A semicolon represents a line of code that you want to express, and we are mostly using standard tags to write code.?>Script tagsSyntax format:Short L

Self-taught PHP is lost now. How should I choose?

want to learn PHP after I finish learning the frontend. Getting startedI just want to quickly find a job. Thank you for your suggestions! You can't look at the Or is the video tutorial of a brother connected? If you do not report to the class, the self-taught courses are similar or better than those of the class, and the interview will be rewarded !! Generally, small companies recruit php programmers to focus more on self-learn

Three things that must be taught in Computer Science

Author: Alan skorkin Compilation: bole onlineAgile translation group-He Qiang Original post address: Yes, there are only three things. I hope to learn many things during college, but I know that no major will give you a complete and thorough education. A major is to teach you basic knowledge and teach you the skills to learn other knowledge. However, as a software developer, with the accumulation of experience, I find that I am more and more regretting that I

Java based, now self-taught PHP for guidance

Java Foundation, now self-taught PHP for guidance This post was last edited by u010323223 on 2013-09-22 10:31:13 I female, Java programmer, working in Shanghai for a year, just finished a Java project, because the company recently had no Java project, so the manager asked me to self-study PHP, and then join the PHP project. But have not touched PHP before, just download a few PHP tutorials or something, so

[Reproduced] embedded development can be self-taught?

Title: Can embedded development be self-taught?2012-08-29 10:46:11 Yamashita Can embedded development be self-taught? Sure, but it takes a lot of perseverance and patience! Embedded learning can be a blow to your self-esteem, and it can make you feel omnipotent. Because, embedded is accompanied by a series of problems, these problems for beginners is a double-edged sword, if you solve the fir

Self-taught learning setting && semi-supervised Learning

Reference documents:Excerpt from the literature:The more general and powerful setting are theSelf-taught Learningsetting, which does not assume that your unlabeled dataxu Have to is drawn from the same distribution as your labeled dataxL .The more restrictive setting where the unlabeled data comes from exactly the same distribution as the labeled data is Sometimes called thesemi-supervised Learningsetting.A cited example illustrates:If you want to dis

"Self-taught summary-16 4.17"

Preface:Here's self-examination, refers to the University of Hebei undergraduate computer test, this year, a total of two subjects, one is information resources management, one is the operating system introduction, the two nature is not the same, the information resources Management is a liberal arts nature, mainly knowledge points of memory, and operating system introduction is biased to logic and understanding! Different in nature, the strategy is different.Core:first, the preparatory stage I

Jilin Province self-taught exam is easy to pass

Jilin Self-study is the social candidates to obtain an undergraduate degree of an important way, but because of the candidates to enroll in a lot of low academic qualifications, poor knowledge base, because of work, family and other reasons do not have time to review and study, worry about self-taught undergraduate too difficult to pass the exam, then the Jilin self-taught undergraduate exam? Jilin Self-Tes

Mistakes made by self-taught English Learners

you have made up your mind to learn a foreign language, you should be prepared for a "protracted war. At first, I started to learn less. When I learned something, I gradually increased my daily learning content. In addition, if you are a self-taught student, you must not schedule your English learning time every day when preparing an English learning plan. For example, you must study for only five days a week, and take two days off on Sunday and week

Self-taught SAP

will share the same feeling: English.Many people go to the Internet to find Chinese documents. It seems easier, but don't forget that it is not the official sap documents. The translation and understanding of Chinese and English documents are quite different. In particular, the materials for improving official certification training qualifications are only available in English.As an independent scholar, after mastering the basic operations of SAP, you must go to sap's official training material

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