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How to configure DKIM when amazon-ses-PHPMailer works with AmazonSES to send emails

We didn't use dkim in our previous email system, resulting in many emails going into the garbage bin. How can I configure DKIM when PHPMailer works with AmazonSES to send an email? My domain name uses dnspod resolution. Why is verification always

Centos system in the mailbox server configuration steps detailed

Internet Browsing Mailbox Server configuration article, was a text pit after one, see an article on the mailbox server configuration write very detailed.I can see the author is very patient Ah, turn around to make a file reference, and thank the

Anti-spam Technology analysis

1. Overview E-Mail is one of the most commonly used network applications, and has become an important channel for communication. But spam spam most people, and recent surveys show that 93% of respondents are dissatisfied with the amount of junk mail

Turbogate Mail Gateway unblocked International overseas mail

In recent years, China's foreign trade booming, many foreign trade enterprises overseas partners all over the world. E-Mail has won the favor of many enterprise managers because of its convenience, cheapness, no jet lag and strong performance, and

Use the mail command in CentOS to send emails

Use the mail command in CentOS to send emailsConcepts Email user proxy (MUA, Mail User Agent)Email sending proxy (MTA, Mail Transport Agent)Mail Distribution agent (MDA, Mail Deliver Agent)Mail commands andThe mailx command is used to view, write,

Pmta+oempro implementation scheme in Linux

Upload installation package to/USR/LOCAL/SRCCd/usr/local/srcSH NETSTAT-LNPT View PortsChkconfig * * off service (such as chkconfig postfix off) To see if Pmta is started, execution/etc/init.d/pmta start is not started Starting POWERMTA:

Ubuntu16.04 build postfix as SMTP server

First, DNS configuration Type name value TTL A Mail 1 hours Mx @ ( priority:Ten) 1 hours Txt @ v=spf1

20 questions about Postfix

20 questions about Postfix Question 1: What is Postfix and what is its default port? A: Postfix is an open-source MTA email delivery Agent. It is used to forward emails. I believe many people know about Sendmail, and Postfix is a substitute for

mail system switching is not a one-way street: Mail gateways are also a choice

The popularization of enterprise mail system makes its important level in business management become more and more prominent. But with the continuous innovation of enterprise mailboxes, replacement, when the original mail system can not meet the

Install Postfix + domainkey

System: centos5.1Download SoftwareHttp:// milter-1.0.0.tar.gzInstall DK-milterTar-zxf dk-milter-1.0.0.tar.gzCD dk-milter-1.0.0Sh build-CSh build installDetailed Parameters/Usr/bin/DK-filter-HDK-filter: Usage: DK-filter-P

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