how to set mail account on iphone

Learn about how to set mail account on iphone, we have the largest and most updated how to set mail account on iphone information on

Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition)

Easy to play iPhone 3gs (Third edition) Basic Information Scott Kelby Terry whiteTranslator: Gu rongjie [same translator's work]Press: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121103629Mounting time:Published on: February 1, March 2010Start: 16Other

Introduction to Push notification in iPhone

IPhoneMediumPushFunction Principle push notification is the content to be introduced in this article, mainly aboutPUSHFor more information, see this article. Push Principle (The vast majority of the content below is fromIPhoneOS Reference

Apple released the iPhone 2.0 software and SDK

Apple today announced its iPhone 2.0 software, which is expected to be officially launched in June this year. At the same time, Apple announced that it would immediately provide a test version of the software to selected developers and enterprise

[Reprinted] How to Use the 40 best features of iPhone OS 3.0 (on)

Original article address:How to Use the 40 best features of iPhone OS 3.0 (on) Author:Kungfupanda Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0. iPhone and iPod Touch users can use iTunesUpgrade. The iPhone OS 3.0 contains many new features and many

Top Ten killer iphone business collaboration apps

Guide: American It website Computerworld today, the top ten killer iphone business collaboration applications. The following is the full text of the article. The iphone has become a powerful collaboration platform in today's ubiquitous internet age.

How does the iphone itunes work? A tutorial on using itunes

I. Introduction to the basic functions of the iphone operating interface in itunes If your iphone has been successfully activated, you can use a USB cable to connect to your computer, and when you open itunes, it will automatically recognize the

How about Apple iphone6s plus iphone6s plus worth buying?

Iphone6s plus how about iphone6s plus evaluation detailed evaluation In the course of Apple's development in China over the past few years, mobile phones have become the core product of the growth of their business. And with the economy slowing and

IMAP (Internet Mail access protocol,internet) is formerly known as the Interactive Mail Access Protocol (Interactive mail, Access Protocol).

IMAP (Internet Mail access protocol,internet) is formerly known as the Interactive Mail Access Protocol (Interactive mail, Access Protocol). IMAP was an email acquisition protocol developed by Stanford University in 1986. Its main role is that the

iphone phone charge maintenance and power saving tips

What is full charge and discharge? The iphone's battery is a lithium-ion battery, which is completely different from the nickel-zinc battery used in mobile phones. For lithium batteries, the following information is required for the player to

Apple iphone can't add 163 email account how to set?

1, small series in the mailbox when the use of the 163 account, but added when prompted "This account may not be able to send or accept e-mail" What is the problem? How to solve. 2, now we enter the computer, and then open the computer in

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