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Inno Setup determines whether the Windows system version (in fact, Delphi code, can also check the domain controller and the Home Edition)

. ', Mbcriticalerror, MB_OK, MB_OK); Result:=False; Exit; End; //in Windows XP, check the SP2 ifVersion.ntplatform and(Version.major=5) and(Version.minor=1) and(Version.servicepackmajor2) Then beginSuppressiblemsgbox ('when you run Windows XP, you must install Service Pack 2. ', Mbcriticalerror, MB_OK, MB_OK); Result:=False; Exit; End; Result:=True;End;Https://

How to Use Asterisk @ Home to build a VoIP Telephone Exchange System

phone eXchange station used by companies/organizations to connect dedicated and public telephone networks. What is Asterisk? Asterisk is an open-source PBX system for VoIP. It has two different versions: Core Asterisk software and user interface-friendly Asterisk @ Home (AAH ), the latter has a GUI-based WEB interface. Asterisk @

Win2003 Server Installation and Setup Tutorial System Setup Chapter _win Server

This installation and setup tutorial applies to servers using Windows2003 as the operating system, with the purpose of enabling the server to support common network programming languages including ASP, PHP, and. Net1.1,. Net2.0, support common databases including access, MySQL, MSSQL, support FTP, support common components including AspJpeg, JMail, lyfupload, dynamic, Isapi_rewrite. This tutorial altogethe

Secure Email system setup based on FreeBSD operating system

Qmail is the sendmail server software installed in the world, which is second only to Linux/Unix by default. Qmail configuration is simpler than Sendmail, and the speed is faster. Therefore, during the setup of this mail system, I chose Qmail as the core of the mail server. A mail server has three main functions: the mail transmission agent MTA (mail transport agent) and the mail distribution agent MDA (Ma

Set up a Win8 system "home Security" method

. If you want to create a new e-mail address for your child, click or click "Sign up for a new e-mail address" and follow the instructions. If you want your child to log on to this computer, click or click "Do not log on with Microsoft account" and "local accounts", and then follow the instructions. 4. You will see on the final Setup screen "is this the child's account?" Please enable home security to ob

Linux System Management (ii) System setup and basic operations

startupDev External devicesETC configuration fileHome User Home DirectoryLIB Library file directoryusr usr directoryvar dynamic file directoryProc Virtual file DirectorySimple query commands for LinuxView Kernel version: Uname-rView Cpu:cat/proc/cpuinfoView Memory: Cat/proc/meminfoView Host Name: hostnameView IP Address: ifconfig or ifconfig EthoShutdown operation: shutdown-h now or PoweroffRestart operation: Shutdown-r now or rebootDelay shutdown or

Radish home How to install a U disk system?

production process may appear a short time pause, please be patient for a few seconds, when prompted to safely delete your U disk and plug the U disk can be completed to start the production of U disk. Step three: Download the GHO system files you need and copy them to the USB drive. Copy your own downloaded GHO files or ghost ISO system files to the "GHO" folder of your USB drive, or you can place GHO o

How does a Win7 32-bit system prevent browser home pages from being changed?

check; 4, we can also operate the registry to lock the home page, the following methods of operation: First, let's open the computer's Registry Editor window, and then expand Hkey_current_user/software/policies/microsoft in the menu on the left, and then create a new option named "ControlPanel" under this branch. Next we move the mouse to the right side of the window, and then click on the right button to establish three 32-bit values, and then na

Radish Home U Disk installation system

after inserting u disk button, the program prompts whether to continue, confirm that the selected U disk has no important data to start production: The production process do not do other operations to avoid production failure, the production process may appear a short time pause, please be patient for a few seconds, when prompted to safely delete your U disk and plug the U disk can be completed to start the production of U disk. Step three: Download the GH

Windows 7 system security Tuning Setup Tutorial

Compared to the traditional operating system, the Win 7 system is even more secure, but that does not mean that the security of the system is safe, because many of the security features of the system are not enabled or set in the default state, and we must set them properly to make these security functions work. In tha

Win7 System 5 Kinds of computer practical setup Skills

Save Win7 Resources with advanced settings We say most of our friends now use the Win7 operating system, but the system because of the beautiful interface and occupy more system resources, so our computer generally only 2G of RAM above the smooth operation of the Win7 interface effect, but I believe there will be many users in the

Setup and elimination of "Zabbix series" Alarm system

wrong, because Ubuntu Apt-get install Zabbix when the Zabbix user automatically created by default does not have home directory and login Shell, Then at least you should give Zabbix the permission to call bash, otherwise Zabbix users will not be able to successfully execute scripts.Here's how to fix it:sudo vim/etc/passwdChange the last/bin/false of the Zabbix line to/bin/bash. After saving the exit, this time with sudo su-zabbix switch to Za

Win7 Batch setup scripts after installation of the operating system

After the Win7 operating system installation is complete, the system to do some settings, mainly including the following settings, if it is contrary to their own needs, please change the script or do not use this script to perform automation settings: Disabling the IPV6 protocol Turn off IP helper,windows backup,window time,window Update, disable Firewall service Change display settings: Keep on

ITDB system setup and real-time backup

Tag: ISP. GZ Official image Events Enter the users rootITDB system setup and real-time backup ITDB IntroductionITDB is an open source it asset management system from Greece, which is a web-based IT asset information management system. For those companies with more IT equipment and lack of management It assets informati

Linux Cross-build Environment Setup and NFS file system mounts

respectively , let them in the same network segment, for exampleIn the unbuntu System, set up the NIC eth0Ifconfig eth0 netmask the arm Development Board, set up the NIC eth0 ( These two network cards are connected directly through the network cable )Ifconfig eth0 netmask Ping each other to see if you have figured it out. 3. mount the ubuntu system in /

Linux system setup and basic operation

/dev Storage of hard disk, keyboard, mouse, optical drive and other device files in Linux /etc Storage of various configuration files in Linux systems, often using /home Ordinary users of the home directory, ordinary users can not exchange visits, recommended also separate partition /root Home

Node under the Fedora 22 System development environment Setup

/bin: $PATH(The HOME directory above can also be replaced with ${home})Note: node is configured here instead of the specific version.In the OPT directory, we use a soft connection to correlate the node directory in the environment file with the specific node version directory:[Email protected] ~]$ ln-s node-v0.12.7-linux-x64 node[email protected] opt]$ ll nodelrwxrwxrwx. 1 Doctor doctor 22 July 10:13 node-n

XP and 98 system dual network card Sharing Internet Setup method _ Networking Tutorial

54 yuan of money. Cost Calculation: In the formation of this network, we used the above sample products, of which the network cable used 6 meters, Crystal Head 4, two network cards, a total of about 70 yuan, the cost is very low. Small tip: In order to be beautiful, we have also found a few wire cards, ready to put the network cable along the corner of the book. In fact, if you are going to the market to buy these several equipment, you can completely let the dealer to the line for you to do, i

Linux ORACLE11GR2 system installation to database Setup configuration and final Oracle DMP file import one-stop operation record (RPM)

Description: HA1: User name;zd315: password;ORCL: database instance name;File is followed by the path of the DMP file placement.Connect under Window1. Instant Client 11g Installation and configuration2. PL/SQL tools can be connectedSummary: This article resolves the installation of the Oracle system and the establishment of the database configuration and the final database import process, the above-written content to draw on a lot of onli

Android Settings (System Setup) source analysis (a)

due to the job requirements, some of the functions of the system settings are often used, such as the call of some screensavers, screen scaling, resolution, audio output mode and so on interface and data, so decided to Settings ( version: Android4.4.4) source code to do a rough analysis. first on a regular interface, that is , the system setup (Settings) interf

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