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Linux Hello word!

Create a text file: Hello. cpp in the GCC folder of the root directory. The content is as follows: # Include Int main (void){Printf ("Hello world! \ N ");Return 0;} Application> attachment> terminal: [Root @ localhost ~] # Cd gcc Execute the compilation command: [Root @ localhost GCC] # gcc-C hello. cpp-O hello Run: [Root @ localhost GCC] #./HelloBash:./Hello: insufficient Permissions View permissions: [Root @ localhost GCC] # ls-l Total 16-RW ------

Notes for Linux practice engineers: samba

displayed, and the host is not displayed. -B: queries the list using broadcast instead of the WINS server. -D and-U cannot be shared, because it is impossible to use all hosts in the same user's Region Nmblookup Purpose: display the nethios Host Name of a host. Nmblookup my-server Query server IP Nmblookup \ * query the IP addresses of all active hosts Smbclient Purpose: Display/log on to the shared folder in the LAN Usage: smbclient?

High Availability cluster configuration in RedHatAS3

Machine Software: Vmware GSX Server 3.1 Install the basic systems of Vmware GSX Server 3.1 and Redhat AS3.0 1. Install Vmware GSX Server3.1 I believe that all of you have installed workstation, and the process is almost the same. There is not much nonsense here. One thing to note is that VMware GSX Server2.5 cannot open the Virtual System of Vmware workstation4.52, GSX Server2.5 is earlier than 4.52, so ....... 2. Install

Install yum in Linux4.7

/chgrp-Rhf root.+/Bin/chmod-Rf a + rX, u + w, g-w, o-w.+ Exit 0Executing (% build):/bin/sh-e/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.40879+ Umask 022+ Cd/usr/src/redhat/BUILD+ Cd yum-2.0.8+ LANG = C+ Export LANG+ Unset DISPLAY+ CFLAGS = '-O2-g-pipe-m64'+ Export CFLAGS+ CXXFLAGS = '-O2-g-pipe-m64'+ Export CXXFLAGS+ FFLAGS = '-O2-g-pipe-m64'+ Export FFLAGS++ Find.-name config. guess-o-name config. sub+. /Configure -- build = x86_64-redhat

Linux static Link (Library), Dynamic Link (Library), executable file loading problems (creation, options, environment variables, etc)

. A and one. So? (10) supplement: 1. About the search path The above has summarized the related header file and library file search path issues. It should be noted that the actual GCC search path may also be related to other factors, for example, some environment variable settings, and GCC will add the Lib folder or include folder in the installation directory to the search path, including changing the def

Add apt software package management tool Shanyou for Redhat (original)

) Note: before performing the following operations, make sure that your Apache is running normally and/var has at least 2 GB space.1. Why should I set up an apt server? When we install apt of freshrpms, the installation and upgrade are all online to freshrpms to download files. It would be nice to maintain only one server, but if there are ten servers, It would take 10 times the original time and bandwidth to do the same thing, plus if the external connection (United States) the bandwidth is no

Add APT Package management tool for Redhat

APT server (here only explained Redhat 9) Note: Before doing the following, please confirm that your Apache is operating normally, and that there is at least 2G of space in the/var 1. Why to set up APT server When we install Freshrpms apt, installation, upgrade is through the network online to Freshrpms download files. If only one server maintenance, but if there are 10 servers, it will take 10 times times the original time and bandwidth to do the sa

) Add a new font for Redhat Linux

/*************************************** ************************************* File: $ home/projects/linuxp/howto_zhfontsconfig* Title: Add a new font for Redhat Linux* Author: CURE * Date: 03-04-19 16:00*-------------------------------------------------------------------------* Description:* Record how to add Chinese characters to RedHat Linux and jbuider, j2sdk, and j2se* Supported.*----------------------

Install the enhancement package and configure shared folders in virtualbox

command to install sh./ virtual opportunity to automatically install the enhancement function, restart the virtual machine, the mouse no longer need to switch back and forth manually! It is said that the "NAT" network connection mode and the network connection content of all virtual machines must be carried out through the network of the host. Therefore, the network speed may be slow when the host and Virtual Machine access the network at the same time. In addition, th

Add a new font for RedhatLinux

" section, the following section is unique to Rehat 9.0. others should be available in earlier versions. You can try it.    This part is much simpler. see the redhat 9 release notes:    "Adding a new font to the fontconfig font subsystem is simple and clear. you only need to copy the new font /Usr/share/fonts/Directory (individual users can copy the new font ~ /. Fonts/directory to repair Change their font

Linux practice engineer study Note 6

is impossible to use all hosts in the same user's Region Nmblookup Purpose: display the nethios Host Name of a host. Nmblookup my-Server Query Server IP Nmblookup/* query the IP addresses of all active hosts Smbclient Purpose: Display/log on to the shared folder in the LAN Usage: smbclient-l host Smbclient // host/share Smbclient-l RedHat

Readhat install yum

that can be connectedGpgcheck = 1Gpgkey = Then you can use Yum normally. Usage: Yum localinstall *. rpm Install local packagesOr Yum list | grep XXX. rpm xxx. Run Yum install XXX. RPM to install the package. /Var/Cache/yum is the place where the file is downloaded. You can modify/etc/yum. conf to change the folder location. Method 2: Upgra

Linux PXE network installed unattended

] ~]# CD myiso/isolinux/[[email protected] isolinux]# grub.conf isolinux.bin memtest TRANS. TBL VmlinuzBoot.msg initrd.img isolinux.cfg splash.jpg VESAMENU.C32[email protected] isolinux]# cat isolinux.cfg >/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default (the isolinux.cfg of this directory is covered in/TFTP Under[[email protected] tftpboot]# mkdir redhat (Create Rehat folder)[[email protected] tftpboot]#

How to Set up a Samba server and share it with users]

Windows Server with win03. Enter the user name and password. The next time we log on to view the password, we no longer need to enter the user name and password. This is in Win2000. If it is in Win98, because the system only prompts the password. If the user name and password cannot match the win02 or win03 user on the Linux server, there is no way to log in. Of course, Windows 98 user win02 wants to view the content of the Windows 02 folder on the L

Solution to Chinese garbled characters in redhat5.4

; system-> Management-> language to change to Chinese (PRC). I didn't use this method. Instead, I used to log out and select a language to enter, I think this should be safe. Install the Chinese Input Method, Find the following file (also in the/Server folder ): Scim-libs-1.4.4-41.el5.i386.rpm Scim-1.4.4-41.el5.i386.rpm Scim-chinese-standard-0.0.2-1.el5.i386.rpm Scim-tables-0.5.6-7.i386.rpm Scim-tables-chinese-0.5.6-7.i386.rpm Scim-p

Study with me in linux 15

Learn linux with me 15-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. We will continue to learn the content of Lesson 14. Sorry, it's really slow to update things recently, but I won't be a eunuch. I decided to write this tutorial and despise the eunuch who did not reply to the post. 1. I would like to remind you that the root user cannot receive or send emails, and sendmail is a listener. At port 25 2. Create a user to receive and s

"Go" VirtualBox Install the enhanced package and configure shared folders

tool to install, where applies to the 32 system, is for 64-bit systems. Execute the following command to install the SH ./ virtual machine automatically install the enhanced function, restart the VM, the mouse will never have to switch back and forth manually! It is said that the "NAT" mode of network connection, all virtual machine network connection content, all need to go through the host network, so there may

customizing RPM packages and adding internal yum Server

+ umask 022 + Cd/usr/src/redhat/build + CD haproxy-1.4.22 + ' ['/var/tmp/haproxy-1.4.22-root '!= '/'] ' +/bin/rm-rf/var/tmp/haproxy-1.4.22-root + Exit 0 #注意输出status为0 Create process error 7, test RPM package 7.1 use mocks and Koji to test RPM packages see Fedora new software maintainers Guide 7.2 list file information in RPM software package # rpm-qpl/usr/src/redhat/rpms/x86_64/haproxy-1.4.22-20130106_he

Samsung Ativ Book 9 reviews

addition, the visual angle of the screen is still excellent, three people at the same time see no problem. We use this machine to play the 1080P resolution of the movie trailer, dark black and yellow restore effect is good, but some scenes will appear noise, which affect the video sharpness and tonal accuracy. In addition, there are some problems with the red color of the screen, such as Blood red looks closer to pink, maroon is more like brown. In terms of brightness, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 t

Rhel-server 5.5 Mounting ORACLE10

Tags: 1.2 cal GNU file system exists for port network Uil methodVMWARE + REDHAT + ORA10 Let's talk about the environment, the operating system is Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and the virtual machine VMware Workstation Version 7.1.2 build-301548 is installed, and the virtual machine is selected to be installed on the Redhat Enterprise Linux 5. 1: Install Virtual machine tools: The virtual machine tool is

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