how to solve dns issues

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Why is DNS-based global load balancing (GSLB) not working?

Why DNS Based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) doesn ' t work Pete Tenereillo 3/11/04 Copyright Tenereillo, Inc. 2004 PrefaceFred: Joe, I'm going to catch a flight, how long does it take from Hollywood to

DNS Literacy Series 3: Smart DNS (BIND + VIEW)

DNS Literacy Series 3: Smart DNS (BIND + VIEW) preface: Smart DNS is the function implementation of BIND + VIEW. In China, the first thing we put smart DNS into the market was even (how can we feel unmodest ). I think the introduction of the VIEW

DNS Literacy Series III: About Smart DNS (Bind+view)

Intelligent DNS is the function realization of bind+view. At home, the first smart DNS into the market is a I (how to give people not humble feeling it). I think bind9.x introduced view (view) function is not for China, but this function just can

Kubernetes How to implement service discovery with Kube-dns

Outline: ? How to discover services in Kubernetes ? How to discover the services provided by pod ? How to use service discovery Services ? How to use the Kube-dns discovery service ? Kube-dns principle ? Composition ?

Win2012+powershell+win DNS addresses Web site load Balancing

With Windows PowerShell, Windows-plus DNS servers. From the point of view of adjusting DNS server to resolve IP time period, solve the problem of load balance of website.WIN2012R2, a list of commands for managing DNS servers with PowerShellPS

Resolve DNS hijacking and DNS pollution at the same time through open source programs

We know that some network operators for some purposes, some of the DNS operation, resulting in the use of the ISP's normal Internet settings cannot obtain the correct IP address through the domain name. Common means are: DNS hijacking and DNS

How to ensure your DNS server is protected from hijacking

Too many DNS servers are hijacked by malicious people and used to implement DDoS attacks. In today's article, we will explore how to ensure that we are protected from such malicious behavior.Although it now seems to be old, but just about 20 years

Parsing MS09-008: DNS and WINS server security patches

Peter Pan After the security patch MS09-008 was released, many people said the WPAD (CVE-2009-0093) in the update was not effective, but it was actually a very important update and users had to fix it as soon as possible. This article explains how

DNS Spoofing)

Author: Article Source: Release date: Click: 5717 Font family: [small, medium, and large] DNS Spoofing is a very complex attack method. However, it is easier to use than IP spoofing, so it is also common. The most recent case of

The importance of DNS parsing from AppStore downtime

March 11, shortly after Apple's happy release of AppleWatch, its Web site was brutally global, downtime lasted up to 11 hours, during which Apple Internet services such as the App Store, ITunes store, and icloud were inaccessible. Such a large-scale,

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