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Mina websocket sticky bag, broken bag, (packet loss) to solve the experience

By the 3 (in fact, 2) the problem of the pit miserable, there is no problem of missing packets, previously thought that the problem of packet loss is not present.The case of sticky and broken packets is present, these two problems are not afraid, as long as the sending received packet order is not disrupted upside down, everything is good.Easy-to-drop pits: Accep

Example: solve the serious packet loss problem of the Cisco Router

This article mainly uses an example to explain in detail how to solve the packet loss problem caused by CISCO router faults? The following article gives me a detailed answer. Recently, some people in my department (Department A) reported that they could not access the network of the higher-level department (Department B. I use the ping command from the computer A

Solve the packet loss problem caused by repeated aix routes

Solve the packet loss problem caused by repeated aix routes # netstat-rn Routing tablesDestination Gateway Flags Refs Use If Exp GroupsRoute Tree for Protocol Family 2 (Internet ): default UG 0 980 en1--=> default *. *. 2.254 UGS 3 160261 en0 --*. *. 2.0 *. *. 2.21 UHSb 0 0 en0--=> *. *. 2.0 *. *. 2.23 UHSb 0 0 en6--=> *. *. 2/24 *. *

How to solve the Packet Loss Rate

Summary Packet loss occurs when we use ping to check whether a system can run normally. packet loss occurs in the channel for various reasons. Ping uses ICMP send-back request and send-back response packets. An ICMP return request message is a request sent from a host or router to a specific target host. The machine

Use the Ethtool command to solve the Linux NIC packet loss __linux

Production of a Linux device concurrency is relatively large, droped packet more, especially in the running game packets, there is a serious loss of packet phenomenon, suspected network card performance, in the replacement of equipment before the solution through the software method, through some data on the internet to show that this phenomenon, Also may be the

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