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Improve the Win XP run Speed 100% nine big tips

In the use of XP over the process, the system will run faster and slower over time, some friends may think of reloading the system, but after reloading, so many applications to reinstall, how to install the system without the premise to improve the operating speed XP?   As long as you do the following nine aspects of operation, I believe that your

Four ways to speed up win XP boot up

cancel the disk scan, or even disable the scan of a disk partition. Start → run, enter "chkntfs/t:0", you can set the disk scan wait time to 0, if you want to ignore scanning a partition when the computer starts, such as C disk, you can enter the "CHKNTFS/XC:" command, if you want to restore the scan to C, you can use the "CHKNTFS/DC:" command, you can restore all chkntfs defaults In addition to the countdown to automatic file checking. One hardware that has a significant impact on Windows

How does win XP directly upgrade WIN10? Win XP free upgrade WIN10 Tutorial

How does win XP directly upgrade WIN10? WIN10 official version is coming, many XP users are very concerned about their system can be directly upgraded to WIN10, the following small series for everyone to bring win XP free upgrade Win10 tutorials, friends of interest to see i

Solve the win 7&win XP and other systems can not be installed or boot with USB stick

At present, the production of boot USB is usually used UltraISO, but due to a variety of hardware equipment and system updates, resulting in the current installation of the system will appear various errors.In the UltraISO made with the boot drive, installed XP, you may not find the boot key, install Win7, you may be prompted "Windows cannot create a new partition", as for the Win7 of this problem, it is said that the flash drive, the BIOS will assume

How to speed up the running of xp computers | how to speed up the computer

In the process of using XP, the system will run slowly over time. Some friends may think of reinstalling the system, but after reinstalling, so many applications need to be re-installed. How can we speed up XP without installing the system? As long as you perform the following nine operations, I believe your XP will ru

Create a faster Win XP for Old Machines

Create a faster Win XP for Old Machines For friends who are still using the CPU usage MHz, this can save memory and speed up the boot:1. Disable the compressed folder FunctionIf you open a zip file using WinZip or WinRAR software, the following optimization is a pretty good one. Windows XP has built-in ZIP fi

[Registry] Three play Win XP registry _ registration Form

Previous: Play to win XP Registry performance optimizationMicrosoft has been publishing Windows XP for a long time and I'm sure many friends have upgraded their operating systems to XP. This is known as the most powerful operating system so far, the functionality and interface is certainly much better than the previous

How to speed up XP startup speed

Often hear computer users have such a complaint: How I open the computer since the test screen has been black, to have a Half-day XP interface appears? Why does my computer get into the system so slowly? The scroll bars are turned more than 10 laps and cannot enter the system. Why does my XP click on any program in a few minutes after the desktop has no response? These problems can all boil down to the slow

5 latest Win XP application tips

Set a dedicated folder for important files in Win XP If there are many users in Win XP, we can set some folders as private folders for security purposes, and others cannot view or change the content in private folders. However, before using this function, your drive partition format must be NTFS. Open "my computer", do

7 reasons to give up Win7 for a win XP system

Unknowingly the author used Windows7 has been 1 years, feel it very useful but there are some very strange feelings of conflict in mind, that it still lacks some of what, so today I still maintain the Windows XP and Windows7 dual system. Often switch to use suddenly feel that the actual win XP is not so bad. At least the mother who is ignorant of the computer is

October domestic Operating system market share: Win XP share reduced to 50.06%

IDC Commentary Network ( November 06 reported: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in October domestic operating system market share 5 strong war, win XP to 50.06% of the share won the championship, the chain last month, reduced by 1.79%. In the following Win 7, its share continues to increase, rising to 40.52%, the chain increa

WIN XP blue Screen code Daquan

From: Langfang Normal University information technology accelerated--- Han Zhenyang XP BSOD code Daquan win XP blue screen code Daquan the meaning1. Fault Check InformationSTOP 0x0000001E (0XC0000005,0XFDE38AF9,0X0000001,0X7E8B0EB4)KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED * * * The first part of the error is the stop code (stop code), whic

All about Win XP's optimization tips

Collect all the optimization tips on Win xp Windows XP is known by Microsoft as the most perfect operating system in its history, with all the features and faster speeds that dazzle you, and of course all of this puts a higher demand on the hardware of your computer, if you want Windows XP to be able to take up as lit

XP and Win 7 dual system installation instructions and precautions

diagram:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------Special Reminders: if the dual system does not want to use, but also want to restore to the single System XP state, the simple uninstall method Everyone knows, is the XP system directly quickly formatted Windows 7 disk, but Windows 7 startup items in the C drive can no

February domestic Operating system market share: XP share unexpectedly rose Win 7 fell

IDC Commentary Network ( March 05: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in February, operating system win XP in the domestic still occupy the largest market share, the chain last month, unexpectedly increased by 0.19% to 46.29%. The subsequent win 7, the share of the decline, fell to 42.15%, the decline of 0.82%. Thus, the compet

November domestic Operating system market share: Win XP share below 50%

IDC Commentary Network ( December 02 reported: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in November, Win XP, although the fall below 50%, but still 48.79% defeated many domestic operating systems to win the championship, compared with the last month fell 1.27%, the decline decreased. In addition, the domestic operating system market

XP only needs a protocol-xp secret weapon to increase network speed

To increase the network speed of XP, you only need one Protocol-a secret weapon of xp. IPv6 is short for "Internet Protocol Version 6" and is also called the next-generation Internet Protocol, it is a new IP protocol designed by IETF to represent the current IPv4 protocol for It can perform Package acceptance and transfer faster than ip4. This Is Wh

Create win xp/2003 Universal Ghost

Remember win 98 and win me era, a listen to friends said to reload the operating system, I always offered to help. And in the past few years to install Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 friends gradually increased, the author has no such a good mood to helping others. What's the reason? This is not because I have changed, but because Windows

Bridge in Win XP

Bridge in Win XP The term bridge sounds familiar and unfamiliar. What is it? In fact, a bridge is a cheap and convenient way to connect LAN segments. To understand how bridges work, you must first understand the LAN segments. A lan segment is a single part of the network media that connects to a computer. For example, assume that you have three computers: computer A, computer B, and computer C. Computer A h

Teach you how to fly your Win XP

installation, because this installation can control the location of files and file metadata on the disk to a greater extent. That is to say, during Windows XP installation, You can dynamically determine the code and data required for startup based on the computer configuration, and optimize the storage location of these files on the disk. When a computer is started, Windows XP can send a large number of I/

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