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Docker Quick Start-create a docker Image

Docker Quick Start-docker image creation I. dockerfile Script 1. Introduction to dockerfile script Dockerfile is a text file that contains an instruction. Each instruction creates a layer. Therefore, the content of each instruction describes how to build the layer.Dockerfile example: # Dockerfile format # This dockerfi

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operations

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operationsWhat is Docker? One of the first questions I encountered about docker is what can docker do? What is docker? Here, le

Docker Quick Start-common docker commands

events based on conditions;-- Since: displays all events after the specified timestamp;-- Until: the running time is displayed until the specified time;Docker events -- since = "1467302400"Displays all events of docker after July 15, July 1, 2016.docker events -f "image"="mysql:5.6" --since="1467302400"Show events rel

Docker Quick Start series (2): container concepts and related operations, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (2): container concepts and related operations, docker Quick StartWhat is container To put it simply, an image requires a carrier, which is a container. As mentioned in the previous article, an additional writable file layer will be started after the container loads the image.Let's take the VM

Docker Quick Start series (4): Concepts and operations of data volumes and data volume containers, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (4): Concepts and operations of data volumes and data volume containers, docker Quick StartIntroduction Sometimes, some logs are generated when our services are running, or we need to back up the data in the container, or even share data between multiple containers, this must involve data management operations on containers. There are tw

GitLab construction and maintenance (based on Docker image sameersbn/docker-gitlab)

variables. 3.2. Install GitLab3.2.1. Introduction Official Website: In versions earlier than 7.4.3, the image contains all components. In 7.4.3, the image only contains core components: nginx, sshd, ruby on rails, and sidekiq. 3.2.2. Architecture Diagram 3.2.3. Download the image

Docker Quick Start: Write a book with Docker + Gitbook

by Falcon of tinylab.orgTai Xiao Salon Phase II @ 2015/04/26Preparing Gitbook environment to install Docker Take Ubuntu as an example$ echo deb docker main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 36A1D7869245C8950F966E92D8576A8BA88D21E9$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install -y lxc-

Docker-image container Basic operations-common commands

rmi [image] docker rmi training/sinatra Note: This tag is used by default when the tag name is not specified in the image latest. However, the meaning of latest is not the same as the head of the VCS, it is not the latest image, just the image that represents

Docker Quick Start series (5): basic network configuration and communication during storage, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (5): basic network configuration and communication during storage, docker Quick StartIntroduction Two major functional modules that are essential for a web service to run: business processing, data services, and large web services require more components, which usually requires multiple containers, however, we also need to allow network

Start Docker and go to Docker

CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES [root@i-k11xnd1o ~]# Docker ps-a CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 4c7a7f772b51 Hello-world "/hello" Seconds ago Exited (0) seconds ago Hello afffac98fb68 blockchain101/ethereum-geth:1.6.5 "Bash-c"./rungeth.s "Hours ago

Image that is downloaded without a Docker registry share (Docker image local migration)

One of the most frequently encountered problems in learning Docker recently is that, when downloading Docker image, because of a well-known network failure, there are many solutions on the web, such as the use of a domestic mirroring service like the Docker Hub Mirror, But for personal reasons (lucky to have a foreign

Docker Tutorial: Docker Image Export and migration Directory AnalysisinstallationDocker, the default installation location is/var/lib/docker. $sudo ls/var/lib/docker/Aufs Containers Graph Init linkgraph.db repositories-aufsTMP Trust volumesREPOSITORIES-AUFS: A JSON file that records the image name and the corresponding IDGraph: The metadata for the dow

Build a docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error

Build a Docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error applies To: Docker 1.8 Environment: Centos7 Each version of the Docker modification configuration content is different, please be optimistic about the installation of the

Basic Docker Image

Basic Docker ImageWhat is Docker? Docker is an improved container technology. The specific "improvement" is embodied in the fact that Docker introduces an image to the container, so that the container can be created from a pre-defined template (images), and the template is s

Three docker components: Image and docker

Three docker components: Image and docker1. Images of Docker's three major components. A corresponding image must exist locally before Docker runs the container. If the image does not exist locally, Docker downloads the

Pursuit of Minimalism: The Evolution History of Docker image construction

" "Net/http" ) func main () { fmt. Println ("http daemon start") FMT. Println (" -> Listen on port:8080") http. Listenandserve (": 8080", nil) } Next, we'll write the dockerfile for building the target mirror: Dockerfile from ubuntu:14.04 RUN apt-get update \ apt-get install-y Software-properties-common \ add-apt-repository ppa:gophers/archive apt-get Update \ apt-get install-y golang-1.9

To play a Docker image

, that is, after configuring mirror, you can still enter docker pull ubuntu to pull the Docker hub image, in addition to the speed is faster, and no difference before.Docking the Docker hub ecosystem in a more convenient way, using registry mirror naturally became my first choice. Next I'll take a look at Docker's proc

Docker----Start (2)----Install the latest version of Docker CE on Ubuntu

Previously wrote an article about Docker installation blog, when recently used again, in the official Docker document found the latest version of the Docker (V18.03) installation method and a little bit different, some commands found to be useless. (really is a day do not study, will be beaten AH). Specific and before the same command or place, I'll mark it as Re

Docker Learning Notes (3) How to delete a-docker warehouse image

Docker is becoming more and more popular, and if your team is ready to start using Docker, then a private repository is essential, first of all to help you speed up the pull image from the server, and, second, to help you store a private image. This article is about how to o

Dockerfile configuration tutorial generates Docker image and implements Docker deployment

Docker there's a dockerfile, why should we use him?To put it simply: we used to Docker run to create a Docker container that sometimes comes with a lot of parameters.Like what: The code is as follows Copy Code Docker run-d-P 22-p 8080:8080 Ruifengyun/ubunt-redis "Redis-server redis.conf /us

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