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The first chapter of SEO system teaching: Let the Master and novice start from zero

Do SEO friends are many because the work requires direct access to technology, and did not do a systematic SEO teaching, for these friends will usually have a problem, that is, there is no systematic learning in the brain only operating concepts, this is not conducive to SEO optimization experience growth, So this time we have to have a systematic teaching to imp

How to start learning Data Analysis Overview and case study of SEO

seen such data. But this data is only through the analysis of the site's original log to come to the conclusion, and Google Analytics such a very low sampling rate of the statistical system can not see such data. Even if you can skillfully use GA seo is very few, so the truth of SEO traffic is almost never seen. So, sometimes listen to people say "SEO has died"

Semfly: How to learn how to start SEO Novice

As the saying goes, the teacher leads the door practice in the individual, this sentence is not false, especially this sentence in the SEO novice embodiment of more real, now SEO everybody knows is one of the network promotion method, is also the best promotion method, do SEO people are using search engine rankings to attract popular customers, and search engines

On the five key points that must be mastered by the novice to start SEO

that as long as we find a little reason to attract us, we can make more study. With the continuous deepening, gradually found that there are a lot of things you just interested in the inside, just a start to ignore, or said did not see, like just know a person, generally from the appearance of a simple judgment, not a very accurate analysis, so often will come to a wrong conclusion. Interest can make your site better, or you insist on doing the reaso

Do SEO need to start from what aspects

fever, is the interests of jealousy or real interest! Do SEO can not aimlessly to do, to have a fixed mode of thinking, orderly start work. I believe many people know that no matter what you do must make a good work plan, step-by-step implementation. If aimless to do tend to be less, this is what I want to say, no matter what work has its own fixed mode of thinking, methodical work to be able to complete

Novice Contact SEO should start from the unpopular words

Always have friends ask me, net earn and SEO can still survive how long. SEO is not easy to learn. I give the answer is: As long as the search engine still exists, net earn and SEO will not die. As for the second question, do not know what is the reason, some SEO "experts" on those involved in

Start Seo Optimization in sanshi0815

I started my SEO Optimization on sanshi0815. I am afraid that I will be shot dead by the bricks of the ox. By sanshi As the company has been doing seo optimization recently, but cannot find a suitable person, I have used some SEO knowledge I know before, but I always think this is not a solution,Let's learn it by yourself. If I can't use it that day, I just read

SEO Network Promotion Industry New start to fertilizer who people's field

2012 China Network promotion industry search engine market growth of 76.6%, compared to 2010 12.5%, the overall market size of 20.3 billion yuan. Search engine market Baidu occupies 79.1% of the share, up 3.3% from last year, meanwhile, Sogou and search market share than 2010, 2011 has a significant increase, respectively, 2.3, 2.6% and 1.4, 1.7%, the Chinese search engine market competition pattern more diverse.   2012 China search engine market affected by seasonal, stable development 2012

Grassroots webmaster start SEO Journey Preparation for the second step---how to choose space

do not have the opportunity to let alone make money. So the upfront investment also need to be divided clearly, see later development how. There are two issues to consider, according to the spatial broadband performance according to the industry to estimate their own flow, cost to buy, can be upgraded later. There is also a need for us to test the speed of the space, you can find several belong to the space service providers are testing the speed of the site. The most basic way to ping test

Seo within a breath of practice from our own start

Martial arts people are very fastidious "inside practice breath, outside practice bones skin", this is equally important to us seoer. Here's my personal experience to talk about how to do "Breathe in". Website optimization is no more than two aspects, one is the external promotion of the website, one is the site itself optimization. So how do we create an SEO-friendly inside that? First of all, we should start

Starting from seo, php1 in the first PHP community teaches you where to start

Speaking of seo, seo has now evolved into a technology that is closely related to people with websites. So how do you do seo for your own website? We will learn more about it later. Speaking of seo, seo has now evolved into a technology that is closely related to people with

The road to SEO success from the boring machine Labor found fun to start

"It's tiring to do one thing at a repetition every day." A webmaster friend in my blog on this message said, I believe this must also be a lot of webmaster and seoer voice.    It 's tiring to do one thing at a repetition every day. I think this is precisely the present many seoer, webmaster (including myself) SEO Business Research Less and more, SEO blog update speed is more and more slow the

The optimization of website SEO should start from the new station planning period

Although many websites are closed every year, but this year seems to be more violent, according to the statistics found that early this year, the number of Internet practitioners, there has been a net outflow of the phenomenon, that is, the number of enterprises engaged in the internet has become less, which shows that many of the site's collapse faster than the speed of the new station construction! Even a lot of people according to this phenomenon, think the new round of the Internet winter is

SEO optimization in the long tail keyword gold should start

In the process of SEO optimization, those hot keyword contest has already entered the white-hot state, not only the use of a variety of optimization "tricks" to rank the competition, but also because of the large number of interests behind the rankings driven by many businesses choose to "burn money" Baidu promotion, is to get a better ranking. In the face of keyword optimization This increasingly competitive financial strength of the situation, ther

SEO career start need to understand 12345 win the support of the senior

SEO in large or medium-sized enterprises want to develop, without high-level support, it must not be. Wuhan SEO market is the same. As long as there is a certain scale of enterprises, SEO personnel are generally not the final implementation of this optimization department. The report needs to go through a lot of departments, such as the technical Department of th

Website ranking SEO optimization "Details from the content to start"

In the site optimization, the author has been pursuing progress, but in the process of learning, like many webmasters, will blindly pursue the so-called "method", often the most overlooked in the site SEO optimization of the most critical details, the final final always fail. I think we all know, for search engines in particular, Baidu, for a site is a lot of webmaster SEO as a technology, and then constant

Youth 2: Must start learning SEO from the principle of search engine

Hello everybody, I am Jianjiang, last article "to Youth: to the Novice seo some words" since the publication, the recent land has continued to have many friends added my qq:793030022. After writing this article I found too much content, time limit can not write more detailed, write an article sometimes typing to play nearly two hours, but also please understand. Recently, I have received some advice from friends, especially those who intend to contac

Google searches for new "Penguin" algorithms to start cleaning up "overly SEO" sites

   Google last February launched a new algorithm called "Panda", which aims to crack down on "content farm" sites with low quality information. And recently they are on the line of a new algorithm known as "Penguin", whose goal is to improve the rankings by way of overly SEO. In fact, between the pandas and penguins, they also have targeted the line over an algorithm to combat the text in front of a large number of advertising sites, but the up

SEO is defective art appropriate SEO flaws to tolerate

(frequent revision may be seriously concerned about the search engine or even down the right) , and it is unrealistic to ask the boss for a revised version of the money. What's more, so the revision is in fact the 3 months before the site is responsible for the revision of the work of the total negation, if I did not bring actual SEO benefits, then I can imagine the outcome of the company-any company can not take the money to do

You are for SEO and seo or for the site rankings do SEO

search this sentence will also be sure to search this Pizhou buy net. 3, do outside chain. At the time of the outer chain. I also want to use the SEO thinking to do. For example, I this PEI group net is Pizhou a Pizhou group purchase website. When we were releasing the soft text. Also publish some articles related to the website. For example, how about Pizhou group buying net? Pizhou Group Buy NET is how to make money. How to join Pizhou group buy

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