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Python Full Stack learning Note (ii) Subnetting of Network Foundation

Read Catalogue I. IP Address Basics 1.1 IP Address structure and classification 1.2 special IP address 1.3 subnet mask 1.4 IP address request two. subnetting 2.1 subnetting Concept 2.2 Class C sub-network Division 2.3 subnetting Step 2.4 subnetting Case 2.5 sub-division Network considerations 2.6 Why

Subnetting subnets with subnet masks

IP addresses are classified into five categories--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------the meaning of the subnet mask and subnetting according to the subnet maskThe subnet mask is used to divide subnets. For example, a Class A network can hold 16777214 hosts. However, in practice, it is impossible to use a class A network only f

Two examples of subnetting

addresses: ","Broadcast address: ""quickly divide subnets to determine IPLet's take example 2 for example:The topic requires that we divide the network address into subnets that can accommodate 101/54/2 hosts. Therefore, we need to determine the host location, and then determine the network bit based on the host bit, and finally determine the detailed IP address.① determining the host bitSet the number of hosts that you need to be

CCNA Cisco subnetting (compute and assign addresses using VLSM)

LAN.WANThe last network segment is a WAN connection and requires 2 host addresses. Support WAN links with just 2 primary seats. 2^2-2 = 2.This leaves 8 bits to define the local subnet address. The next available address block is representation:10101100.00010000.0000010.11000000Mask: 30 bits in binary:11111111.11111111.1111111.11111100The IPV4 host address range provided is: to, broadcast address is 17

"IP layer Packet Forwarding process" in the case of subnetting, packet forwarding algorithm.

First, a sample from a Shehiren teacher's book is referenced:Host H1 the process of sending packets to H2:First, with the subnet mask in the subnet: and target host H2 IP address: and get network number: Obviously this does not match the network number of Subnet 1: datagram is then forwarded by the default route R1 Subnet 1. At this point, R1 will look for its own routing table. Think of the host address and subnet mask of the H2, and whe

Network configuration management and subnetting of 9.2_linux network management

11111111Example of subnetting:1, a company to apply to a class C IP address, but to connect 6 subsidiaries, the largest one sub-The company has 26 computers, each subsidiary in a network segment, the subnet mask should be set to?A: Assume that the C network address is,6 subsidiary, namely Divide 8 subnets, two not, each subnet can hold 30 IP192.168.0.0-

IP address partitioning type and subnetting

application, a company applied for a public network, such as, but the company has two groups, a group of the number of hosts is 6, the number of hosts in the other group is 4, and do not want the two groups of hosts to communicate with each other, if you apply for a public network , the cost is too high, so it is necessary to divide this network into multiple subnets. The subnet is divided by the first m bits in the host bit in the network address and the network address bits as th

Subnetting with CIDR (slash plus number representation vs. IP) (improved)

mask calculation. Network ID Results We all know that the network ID part is unchanged, the host ID portion becomes 0, then in the calculation of the network ID, first look at how many bits in the subnet mask to represent the network, corresponding to the IP address conversion to binary only the previous few, such as 19, the network ID altogether 19 bits, then the network ID the first two bytes is 192.168.x.0 to change the third byte. So how do you quickly calculate the value o

Understanding of computer network address, host address, subnet mask, network segment, subnetting

subnets will need to occupy 1 bits of the original host identity bit. At this point the network number bit becomes 22 bits and the host label becomes 7 bits. Similarly borrowing 2 host bits can divide a class C network into 4 subnets ... How did the computer know if the network was divided into subnets? This can be seen from the subnet mask. The subnet mask is as 32bit as the IP address, and the subnet mask is determined by using "1" for all corresponding bits that identify the network number i

Lass and Sass

LASS1. Import: filename of the file where the @import is located2. Variable: @ name: value attribute name: @ name;3. Mix:. Name {multiple attribute: value}. Name;4. Mixed with parameters:. Name (@ name {property}). Name (value)5. Multi-parameter

[Go] Subnet mask and subnet division

A summary of the concept and function of two-subnet mask how to use subnet mask four how to get network/host address by subnet mask classification of five subnet masks six subnet addressing technology seven how to divide subnets and determine subnet mask eight correlation judgment method A tutorial on subnet mask and subnetting, learn  This tutorial requires a certain foundation (except the Master of course), it is recommended to read the previous tu

Network Learning DAY04_VLSM, sub-network division

IP Subnet Partitioning First, before we learn about subnetting, let's review the knowledge of IP addresses and learn about public and private IP addresses: There are millions of hosts on the Internet, in order to differentiate these hosts, each host is assigned a dedicated address, called an IP address. The Internet IP address is unified by the NIC (Internet Network information Center) for the planning and management of global addresses, while I

How to plan and design IP addresses (ii)

the SubnetID field to x=4,2 4 times=16, which is larger than the maximum number of subnets that may be used 10, meets the requirements.2) Select the length value y of the HostID field, and ask for the Y-order of the Nhost≤2。 For example, if the number of subnet hosts is nhost to 12, select the length value of the HostID field to y=4,2 4 times=16, which is larger than the maximum number of possible hosts 12, meets the requirements.Note: A value of 0 for the HostID field indicates that the Netid,

TCP/IP Basics

This article is a computer class of high-quality pre-sale recommendation >>>>"TCP/IP Fundamentals"Editor's recommendationThis book is an educational training and certification exam material for network engineers, as well as a textbook or reference book for courses related to undergraduate and higher vocational colleges, and is also available to network technicians and managers as well as network enthusiasts.Content IntroductionThis book is the 4th Book of the Network Engineers ' Education series

Two methods of Oracle rename data files ____oracle

/user0100.dbf ' to '/opt/ora10g/oradata/orcl/userrename2.dbf ', '/opt/ora10g/oradata/orcl/usERRENAME1.DBF '; Database altered. sql> ALTER DATABASE open; Database altered. Also attached is a batch modification of the data file name statement Set pagesize 999 set linesize 999 select ' ALTER DATABASE rename file ' | | member| | ' | | | Chr (39) | | Replace (member, '/paic/hq/bk/restore/data/oradata/lass/', '/paic/z4ah8020/stg/

Two methods of Oracle rename data files

open; Alter database open * ERROR at line 1: Ora-01113:file 106 Needs Media recovery Ora-01110:data file 106: '/opt/ora10g/oradata/orcl/user099.dbf ' --This cannot open because just shut down the database wrote userrename2.dbf and userrename1.dbf the SCN of the two data files, while USER099.DBF and user0100.dbf SCN or offline time, so control the file header and data text The database cannot be opened because the header is inconsistent. sql> alter database rename file

[Ccna]-04-ip address and subnet mask in detail (mainly introduced IPv4)

IntroductionThis article describes what the IP address and its function and IP address composition, IP address classification, IP subnet partition, subnet mask, public address, private address,VLSM (variable eldest son netmask), CIDR (Non-class inter-domain routing) and other CCNA basics.Article Directory0x1. What is an IP addressthe role of the 0X2.IP address0x3.ipv4 Address Composition0x4.ipv4 Address CategoriesA. Reserved IP addressB. Private IP addressc. Special IP address0x5.ip Sub-network

2016.7.8 Review Essentials of Computer network The fourth chapter divides the subnets and constructs the network

1. From level two IP address to level three IP address:* * Level Two IP address design unreasonable:The utilization of ①IP address space is sometimes very low;② assigns a network number to each physical network, which causes the routing table to become too large and thus causes the network performance to become worse;③ level Two IP address is not flexible;2. subnetting: Since 1985 a "Subnet Number field" has been added to the IP address so that the le

IP addressing and sub-network partitioning

: C: Address: IP address, used in an IP network, the only identification of a device, the IP address consists of 32-bit 2 binary number, this 32-bit binary number can be divided into the network and the host two parts of the subnet mask. These 32-bit binary numbers are divided into 4 bytes (one byte equals 8 bits)10.1. 23.19 (10 binary)00001010 00000001 00010111 00010011 (2 binary)The decimal number for each byte is 0-255, or binary 00000000-11111111Addre

Ccna notes: subnet division and vlsm

IP subnetting and variable length subnet masks (vlsm) Subnetting Basics Advantages of subnetting: 1. reduce network traffic 2. Improve Network Performance 3. simplified management 4. Easy to expand geographic scope How to creat subnets How do I divide subnets? First, you must note that the power of 2: The power of 2 0 to the power of 9 are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

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